Five reasons to read The Slovak Spectator

Let The Slovak Spectator magazine inspire you.

Let The Slovak Spectator magazine inspire you.Let The Slovak Spectator magazine inspire you. (Source: Unsplash)

Here are five ways to get the most out of The Slovak Spectator – and a short description of some parts of our output that may not (yet!) be aware of.

1) FAQ

Get answers to many frequently asked questions:

... much more can be found in our FAQ: Life in Slovakia.

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2) Tips

Read regular tips on what to do in Slovakia with our weekly overview of the top 10 events in Bratislava and 3 things you can do for free. We also share a range of local recipes and, thanks to Slovak Matters, help you to improve your Slovak language skills.

3) Foreigners’ stories

Read the inspirational stories of people who have decided to live in Slovakia or have some close or unusual connection to the country. Scientists, artists, teachers and many others share their experiences and some of them blog in our Opinion section.

4) Travel

Travel stories published in our Spectacular Slovakia guides also appear online. We share various topics related to Slovakia, present podcasts, and publish a regular travel newsletter as well as columns with updates about tourism in Slovakia. Our History Talks feature takes a historical view across the country.

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5) News

News updates, and our daily and weekly overviews of the most important happenings are covered by our columns Today in Slovakia and Last Week in Slovakia, which you can get via email by signing up for them as part of our newsletter service. For more in-depth coverage you can always find more in our News and Business sections.

You can find the latest about the Slovak capital in our Bratislava section.

The best way to support our work is to become a Slovak Spectator subscriber.

And in order to pay special attention to the needs of you, our reader, we have a community manager who is ready to listen and respond to your comments.

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