Weekend: Meet Alfons Mucha up close

Famous artist's artwork in Slovakia, fun biking and beloved classics in the philharmonic. Here's what to do during the weekend of May 26-28.

The Mucha Trail connects all places close to Alfons Mucha.The Mucha Trail connects all places close to Alfons Mucha. (Source: Lukáš Grinaj, TASR)


Alfons Mucha

Alfons Mucha is now closer than before. The iconic artwork of Alfons Mucha depicting portraits, nature and elaborate scenes in the art nouveau style is well known. Subtle touches on flowers, tender details around faces and the soft overall look have placed his work in the hearts of art lovers. Art nouveau enthusiasts can now find his work in Piešťany, Trnava region.

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While traveling the world, the Czech artist often visited Slovakia, too. Specifically, he loved to stop by, rest and regain strength in the spa town of Piešťany. You can find the collection of his artwork in Napoleon’s Spa, situated on the spa island near the art nouveau hotel Thermia. The exhibition “Kvetinové svety” (Flower Worlds) is part of the The Mucha Trail project that brings together places and municipalities joined in shared history of the artist’s visits. The trail showcases more than a hundred pieces of Mucha’s artwork from 11.5.2023 until 31.10.2023.

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An exhibition in an unexpected place

When night and light meet, art happens. The exhibition of yet to be known artist Pavel Baghy “Night Light” invites visitors to gaze upon scenes and figures illuminated by the light of the night. Two creative cycles “Digital Ruin” and “Artificial Landscape”, together with the smaller painting Iceberg, meet to deliver a complex commentary on current events.

The exhibition takes places in an unexpected space. You’ll be able to find it in the exhibition section of the National Bank of Slovakia. The bank has already hosted many exhibitions, a number of them belonging to graduates of the fine arts academy. Here’s where to find the gallery.

TIP: When in Trnava, get a closer look on Skulpturpark, curated and administrated by the Ján Koniarik Gallery. You’ll find a new permanent exhibition dedicated to sculptures there.
TIP: The art of nature lures in many. Jelenia Hora resembles stunning views from Croatia, almost taking you away from Slovak nature. Read our story on Jelenia Hora and its unique atmosphere.

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Music & Art

To pieces

Two genres will meet in Schaubmar Mill, Pezinok. The Pezinok branch of the Slovak National Gallery is opening the exhibition season with the project “Na Kusy” (To Pieces) capturing the power of moving history, present times, and fragmentation of time. It showcases the growth of a body, birth and decay, absence and moments that will inspire your imagination. The exhibition will be joined by Čavalenky, Vojtik, IAmNøt and Kasha Potrohosh concerts.

The opening of the exhibition starts at 15:00, followed by concerts that start at 17:30. Children will be able to have their fun too with an accompanying program.

Both new and classy

Pushkin’s literature does not need any introduction. Timeless pieces are still relevant to this day, which is shown through the interest of artists adapting Pushkin’s work. The writer’s poem Ruslan and Lyudmila was adapted into an opera, which will be conducted by Michail Ivanovich Glinka. You’ll be able to catch the piece in the Slovak Philharmonic’s concert space on May 26, at 19:00. Get your tickets on the Philharmonic’s website here.

For those that are into something new, young artists Timea, Noira and Bali G, known from festivals Pohoda, FLAAM and United Islands, will have their own indie, neo-soul sets of concerts in Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava. The young adults mix groove storytelling, old-school and alternative soul genres with a carnival atmosphere. Get your tickets for the Slovak-Hungarian concerts here.

TIP: Get a taste of upcoming concerts by listening to artists such as Čavalenky, Vojtik, IAmNøt, Kasha Potrohosh, Timea, Noira and Bali G first.


Route of many lakes

This week’s travel section belongs to cycling. These easy to access cycling trails are not hard to tackle but are still lengthy. You’ll be able to access the first one from Košice’s Old Town district. The route will take you to the Slovak-Hungarian border, then you’ll cycle along the Hornád river and pass many spacious lakes with nature flourishing around them.

When you make it to the municipality of Ždaňa from Košice Old Town, you can either continue the original route or turn into the municipalities Nižná Myšľa and Vyšná Mišľa, which host an archaeology site, an open-air archaeology museum and a place to view the surrounding nature from above the trees. You’ll need to walk up a flight of stairs, so don’t forget to lock up your bicycle nearby.

If you decide to continue along the route and not take the turn, from Žďaňa you’ll get to the border. The route then continues into Hungary. This way, you’ll be able to visit another country while on a bike.

Alone on a bike

The next route can be reached from either Piešťany or Trenčín, depending on your stamina. The cycling route Hrádok will lead you through silent nature. The trail is 20 kilometres with a slight uphill climb, so you might consider taking your mountain bike.

If you want to reach Hrádok from Piešťany, the cycle route is 14 kilometres long. The Váh river will accompany you along the way. The route is much longer from Trenčín, adding up to 38 kilometres. From that side, you’ll see not only the Váh river, but the peak Inovec as well. Both routes from Piešťany and Trenčín have stops to rest and a few tools to help you if your bicycle misbehaves.

The route Hrádok itself can be customisable depending on your stamina, too. You’ll be cycling on a cycling route the whole time, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. The route is about 20 kilometres long. Take plenty of water!

TIP: Child-like joy and a great hike. Tourists now can enjoy the view of Malá Tatra from a swing. Learn how to get to it.
TIP: When visiting Liptovská Mara, you'll be closer to nature now. With cars out of the way and coast being properly cared for, the location is now more beautiful than ever.


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That's it for this week. Take care, and have a restful weekend!

Do you have any tips? You can reach Mária at maria.jurikova@spectator.sk

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