Inspired by British king, ex-Slovak president launches fashion brand

Read a selection of short positive stories from Slovakia.

Former Slovak president Andrej Kiska and British monarch Charles III.Former Slovak president Andrej Kiska and British monarch Charles III. (Source: Facebook/Andrej Kiska)

Every week The Slovak Spectator will bring you a selection of three short stories from across Slovakia in which pessimism and negativity are absent.

1) Back to roots

Despite ADHD syndrome, Michal Lorenčík, 23, from Kráľova Lehota, central Slovakia, has become proof that if there's a will there's a way.

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The young man has many hobbies, one of which is spending time sitting by 100-year-old looms. Discovering the looms at home, he creates traditional woven products - carpets and tablecloths. With his work, he shows the whole world that even difficult circumstances do not necessarily mean the end of all one's dreams.

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Some of his works have already been presented to the first lady of the Czech Republic, Ivana Zemanová.

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2) Teacher of the year

Graduating pupils from the eight-year secondary school in Sečovce, eastern Slovakia, prepared a big surprise for their class teacher Marek Marjov, 46, on their last day of school before they plunged into studying for their final exams: a thank-you billboard. They wanted to thank him for eight years of work and support.

Marjov, who teaches history and civic education, was pleasantly surprised by the billboard.

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3) Fashion by Slovak ex-president

The former president of Slovakia, Andrej Kiska, has launched the Romade fashion brand. The uniqueness of this project lies in the Roma women working on it. The former president wants to address the Roma unemployment problem and present the extraordinary Roma clothing style to others.

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Kiska was inspired by the story of a Roma mother who could not find a job, despite attending about 20 job interviews. As the former president revealed on social media, he was also inspired by King Charles III. The king tackles a similar issue in Scotland through his Prince’s Trust.

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Funny meme for this week: New defence minister

Last week, President Zuzana Čaputová appointed a new government of technocrats. Because of the ongoing World Ice Hockey Championship, which is taking place in Finland and Latvia these days, Slovaks decided to propose their own candidate for the post of defence minsiter on social media.

However, the actual Slovak defence minister is called Martin Sklenár.

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