Germany to move its Patriot battery, offers air space protection

Czech and Polish jets currently guard Slovak skies.

"Patriot" anti-aircraft missile systems "Patriot" anti-aircraft missile systems (Source: TASR)

Germany has offered to strengthen Slovak air defence after it withdraws its Patriot air defence systems from the country.

The systems were transferred to Slovakia last March, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but are to be used at the July NATO summit in Lithuania, and will not return to Slovakia.

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"Germany additionally offered to support the guarding of Slovak airspace with its air force," the German Ministry of Defence Boris Pistorius said.

Since last September, Czech and Polish fighter jets have been ensuring the security of Slovak skies.

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Germany will also soon hand over two MANTIS anti-aircraft systems to Slovakia, which will be used to protect the latter's eastern border. Mantis is a fully automated weapons system designed to protect ground objects from rockets, artillery fire, mortar fire and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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