News digest: Prejudice against middle-aged Slovak managers over their 'communist luggage'

Generous meal vouchers, free things to do in Bratislava, chemical waste dump remains a problem in the Slovak capital.

Good evening. Here is the Thursday, June 1 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Swedish Radio CEO: Brave politicians allow independent media outlets do their job

"Sweden has always been a country where it's common knowledge that freedom of expression and press freedom are extremely important for a well-functioning democracy," Swedish Radio CEO Cilla Benkö told The Slovak Spectator.

But even in this Nordic country, just like in Slovakia, journalists are verbally attacked by people and politicians, particularly in the online space.

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Moreover, it appears that Swedes and Slovaks might be equally ambivalent about democracy and the need to preserve media freedom, even though both have deeper roots in Sweden than in Slovakia. While many Swedes do not object to pausing democracy, many Slovaks would be okay with an authoritarian ruler.

More stories from The Slovak Spectator website

  • Football: A legendary Slovak footballer has announced retirement.
  • Food: The value of a meal voucher increases starting today.
  • Environment: A leaking chemical waste dump in Bratislava, one of the biggest environmental burdens from the communist regime, remains unsolved.
  • Labour market: Many countries have started to change and consider people above 55 or even ask retired people to come back [to work]. But this is much less the case in Slovakia, says Target Executive Search CEE CEO Klemens Wersonig.
  • Travel: Two romanesque rotundas stand a stone's throw in the Gemer region.
  • Energy: The Nafta company plans to open an exploratory well to verify the reserves of natural gas in western Slovakia.

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Have fun, spend no money, and hike

Here are 3 recommendations for what to do in Bratislava in the coming days for free.


Lipa turns 80, celebrates with new music

The popular Slovak jazz artist Peter Lipa, 80, spent some time in New Orleans last year to work on his new album, NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana). There are five English and five Slovak songs on the record.

Recently, he also released a new version of his older song "Balada O Štyroch Koňoch" (A Ballad About Four Horses), which is now called "4 Kone v Nola".

In other news

  • The seven millionth car was produced at the Volkswagen Slovakia plant in Bratislava. The factory is celebrating 32 years of operation in Slovakia.
  • Moody's agency has confirmed Slovakia's rating at A2 with a negative outlook. The reason for the rating is the high level of dependence on gas imports, geopolitical risks in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and concerns about the rule of law and the fight against corruption.
  • The banking sector reported a net profit of €328.8 million in the first four months of this year. According to the National Bank of Slovakia, it is a y-o-y increase of 51 percent.
  • On Thursday, June 1, the court map is launched, one of key reforms within the recovery plan. For example, four city courts open in Bratislava and three administrative courts also open across Slovakia.
  • The A&E department at Malacky Hospital, western Slovakia, will not close down, said the Health Ministry. It was supposed to close on June 1 due to lack of staff. The department should remain open to patients until September, when such a department will open at Bory Hospital in Bratislava.

WEATHER FOR FRIDAY: More clouds, storms and showers in eastern Slovakia. The highest daytime temperature will reach 31°C. Light air. (SHMÚ)

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