New traffic sign targets ignorant drivers in Bratislava

Police plan to install it in other cities of Slovakia, too.

The new traffic sign has been installed at the intersection of 29. Augusta and Cukrová Streets in Bratislava.The new traffic sign has been installed at the intersection of 29. Augusta and Cukrová Streets in Bratislava. (Source: FB Police of the Bratislava Region)

The traffic light is green, but cars are waiting in a queue and blocking the intersection. This is a quite frequent scenario also in Bratislava.

The Road Traffic Act valid in Slovakia addresses this situation as well. It specifies that ‘a driver shall not enter an intersection if the situation does not allow him or her to continue driving beyond the intersection, so that he or she would be forced to stop the vehicle at the intersection’. This rule does not apply if the driver has to stop the vehicle at the intersection for the purpose of giving way to pedestrians crossing the carriageway or when turning left, the Sme daily recalls.

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A new sign will remind the drivers who have forgotten some of these rules. It shows the traffic situation and reads: “Do not enter unless you can proceed!”

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The sign first appeared as part of road repairs in Bratislava on 29. Augusta Street, where traffic is alternately allowed in one lane, and disregarding the portable traffic light would mean chaos and complete blockage of the street.

The police plans to install the sign in other cities in Slovakia.

“As part of preventive-educational measures, the police will gradually place temporary traffic signs in front of intersections where traffic density is increased, urging drivers not to enter the intersection unless they can continue driving smoothly,” police from the Bratislava Region wrote on Facebook.

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