News digest: Rain causes flooding and driving difficulties in Bratislava. Slovakia under storm warning

A drunk driver gets a prison sentence, free events in Bratislava, and a corporate volunteering event returns.

Good evening. Here is the Thursday, June 8 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Rain paralyses Bratislava traffic

Several roads in Bratislava have ended up under water after heavy rains on Thursday afternoon.

The police named the following streets: Bajkalská, Prievozská, Račianska, Vajnorská, Tomášikova, and Malokrasňanská. As a result, public transport and car drivers have faced difficulties until the evening hours.

Warm and sunny weather prevailed in the capital for most of Thursday, which made the air overheat and created fantastic conditions for strong storms, wrote the website. A phenomenon known as backbuilding also occurs in Bratislava. This term refers to the event when new storm cells are formed at the rear of storms. This is currently happening over the Little Carpathians, the website added.

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Scroll down for the Friday weather forecast.

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  • Politics: A drunk driver who killed five people last October gets a prison sentence, apologises to people affected by the fatal car accident.
  • Business: A popular corporate volunteering event will take place in Slovakia on Friday.
  • Bratislava: Three things that you can do for free in the Slovak capital.
  • Shopping: The Tommy Hilfiger brand have closed in some of the Bratislava and Nitra shopping centres.

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A mansion that survived multiple catastrophes

The Bernolákovo mansion was lucky throughout history, although it did not go completely unscathed. Read on what disasters it has survived to date.



How can memory help us exist and resist?

During the Par Coeur (by heart) performance, ten members of the audience are invited on stage to memorise and recite Shakespeare's sonnets, accompanied and led by a team of actresses. Elements of personal history and historical events into this moment of learning are added up.

The performance, which is described as a poetic experience of a collective struggle against time and oblivion, is presented by a French-speaking group known as THEATRAbratislava.

Language: French

Information: here

In other news

  • Germany will donate two short-range Mantis air defence systems to Slovakia. The donation agreement was signed on Thursday by the defence ministries of both countries. The first of the systems will be delivered within a few weeks. The systems will strengthen the protection of the Slovak border with Ukraine.
  • In Slovakia, only 33 percent of people perceive the independence of judges positively. Slovaks and Slovak companies consider pressure from politicians, the government and business and interest groups to be the main causes. (Eurobarometer)
  • The expulsion of Russian embassy workers in Slovakia and the decision to reduce the number of embassy employees temporarily dampened the activities of Russian intelligence services in Slovakia, a 2022 security report reads. Last March, Slovakia first expelled three employees of the Russian embassy. Subsequently, Slovakia decided to reduce the number of employees of the Russian embassy by 35 persons. (ČTK)

WEATHER FOR FRIDAY: Cloudy skies, showers and rain, and storms. The highest daytime temperature will rise to 24°C. Light breeze. First-level storm warnings are in place. (SHMÚ)

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