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The Slovak Spectator has special offers for your school and your students:
• A subscription to The Slovak Spectator bi-weekly at a discount from 40 to 75%
• Copies of our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide at a discount of 67 to 80%(at a discounted price of just €1-€2, including VAT)
The Slovak Spectator is also offering, in cooperation with Sugarbooks, an English-language teaching programme for high schools called “Bringing the World to the Classroom”. 

The Slovak Spectator bi-weekly (40 – 75% discount)

Slovakia’s only English-language newspaper provides up-to-date information on business, politics and culture in Slovakia. We are offering a discount from 40 to 75% for schools that subscribe. Upon request, the weekly newspaper will not be delivered during Christmas and summer school holidays.

The Slovak Spectator is:
• A great, ongoing tool for teaching the English language
• A invaluable resource for extending your students’ vocabulary 
• A timely source for current discussion topics related to everyday life in Slovakia 
• Edited by native English speakers and that is why articles in The Slovak Spectator are of the highest-quality for teachers and students

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Spectacular Slovakia

(an English travel guide about Slovakia – with a little different view) 
Our travel guides presents and describes Slovakia through the eyes of foreign journalists. Spectacular Slovakia is a full-colour, up to 160-page, publication with stunning photos and interesting articles. It is: 
• A useful tool for students to learn English terminology about places they already know
• Helpful supplementary material for students preparing for their MATURITA exam 
• A great gift for international visitors interested in learning more about Slovakia

Spectacular Slovakia has many stories about our beautiful country and covers numerous places of historical and cultural interest as well as monuments, towns and other attractions, all in English. Through this special offer for schools you can order older issues of Spectacular Slovakia at a discount between 67 and 82% – only €1-€2 per copy, including VAT. Postage is free when ordering 25 or more copies. Our special offer is valid while copies remain. 
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Bringing the World to the Classroom

This programme  focuses on bringing variety, knowledge and understanding of other cultures and on developing students’ English-language communication skills. The programme includes organising discussions in selected schools with important individuals from the international community living in Slovakia (diplomats, CEOs, foreign journalists and others). Schools which are subscribers to The Slovak Spectator or those which use supplementary materials and methods for teaching English at their schools are eligible to participate in these special discussion forums

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