Cookies on our websites

The Rock and Petit Press use the following types of cookies on their websites (cookies are short text files that are saved by the browser in a computer or in a device):

  • ·         temporary cookies serve for example after logging on to a service to identify the user when he is logged on. ´Without these cookies, some of our services may not work at all or their functionality may be limited. Temporary cookies are deleted automatically after the browser is turned off,
  • ·        permanent cookies remain preserved in the browser also after the computer is switched off. In these cookies, user’s settings are commonly included, and they thus serve to increase user comfort when utilising our services, or for statistics or advertising purposes.  

The user gives consent to the use of cookies files by clicking on the due box in the upper bar which is shown on our sites. By changing the setting of the web browser, the user can anytime simply ban the use of cookies files even after he had allowed it (including cookies of third parties). In case the use of cookies in a browser is banned, some parts of websites may not work properly, however. 
We use cookies to adapt the content and advertisement to users. They also serve for analyses and statistic evaluation of the usage of services, content and advertisement.
We afford the information collected thanks to cookies also to our partners from social media, advertising and analyses.
One of these partners is also Google company. You can learn how Google uses the data we render here. Our company uses the service of the Google company called Google Analytics, within which we have so far not implemented advertising features.
A user can simply deactivate the advertising features of the Google Analytics service. You can find the currently available possibilities of cancelling the Google Analytics for web also HERE
Within the service of the Google AdWords company, we use these features: remarketing, audience according to interests, own audience according to interests, audience according to shopping intentions, similar segments of audience, demographic and geographic targeting.
We use remarketing or the feature Similar audiences within online advertising, especially to promote own content and services.
Suppliers of a third party (including the Google company) display our ads on internet websites.
Suppliers of a third party (including the Google company) use cookie files to display advertisements based on previous visits of the user on our websites.  Users can cancel the use of cookie files of the Google company when they visit the website of the Google company Advertisement Presets. Users can de-activate cookie files of suppliers of a third party also by visiting the website of the Network Advertising Initiative to deactivate the cookie files.
A user can deactivate the use of cookie files DoubleClick by visiting the website of deactivating the cookie files DoubleClick or the website of the Network Advertising Initiative to deactivate the cookie files.

More information to our policy you can find here.

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