Rules for cooperation between the advertising company and the publishing house when creating a native advertisement

It is important that the rules are transparent and clear to our editors, advertisers and especially our readers.

For the creation of a native advertisement we offer our advertisers a type of cooperation where the native article uses the graphic features used in editorial articles. The native article is categorised as one of the following: news, business, culture & society, travel, and sport. There is a section above the title labelled ADVERTORIAL. In this case, the article is checked by the advertiser and the article topic is approved by the publishing house ahead of time. The advertiser is responsible for the creation of this article submission. They must not breach the valid legislation. The submission is not a part of editorial content and the publishing house is not responsible for its content. However, the publishing house can prepare a tailor-made article, which will have a larger potential to address more readers.  

The article was created with help 

The other type of cooperation is in the form of texts created in partnership with the advertiser. These correlate with all the standards of the editorial just like our regular submissions.

This content is the responsibility of the editorial board, which also gets the last word when selecting, approving and handling the content. 

Within the partnership, the advertiser can propose topics regarding the native advertisement. The editorial may process them; however, those topics are not binding. The editorial holds the right to refuse a topic or refuse the advertiser’s support. Given that the approval of a topic falls under the responsibility of the editorial, every topic supported by the advertiser has to have editorial value for our readers. 

Advertising companies use this form of financial partnership for the support of article creation, so they clearly show interest in specific topics. They also declare that they are familiar with the terms and conditions of the editorial. These conditions include impartiality, balance, objectivity, truthfulness and proper factual checking. 

It will be noted clearly in the article that it was created with the support of the advertiser. 

The aim of this partnership is to gain more resources for the creation of quality and independent journalistic content in Slovakia. 

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