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Slovakia’s middle class is the richest in the world

The number of Slovaks owning property is higher than anywhere else.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Nov 2018, at 13:53

Clients should no longer serve as delivery service for state offices

New rules to fight bureaucracy expected to save more than €13 million and 600,000 hours spent waiting in queues, though entrepreneurs say more still needs to be done.Radka Minarechová, 6. Nov 2018, at 9:44

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Use of payment cards at post offices to be extended

The company also plans to launch a mobile app in 2019.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Nov 2018, at 6:09

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Minimum wage to exceed €500

The government is ready to continue in negotiations over the minimum wage increase in the future.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Nov 2018, at 3:41

PM Peter Pellegrini

Doing business in Georgia is easier than in Slovakia

The country dropped in the latest competitiveness report.Compiled by Spectator staff, 5. Nov 2018, at 13:54

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Alexander Matušek: The automotive industry will undergo revolutionary changes

The Slovak Spectator spoke with the new president of the Slovak Automotive Industry Association (ZAP) Alexander Matušek about the challenges the Slovak automotive industry faces and more.Jana Liptáková, 5. Nov 2018, at 13:40

President of the Slovak Automotive Industry Association (ZAP) Alexander Matušek.

Automotive industry gets a boost but also faces challenges

The biggest challenges the automotive industry in Slovakia faces are the ability to remain competitive, the availability of a quality labour force and regulations.Jana Liptáková, 5. Nov 2018, at 13:40

New plant of Jaguar Land Rover in Nitra

Slovak glass scientist succeeded in EU schemes

No one invested a cent in scientific infrastructure between 1989 and when EU funds arrived, says Dušan Galusek.Peter Adamovsky, 2. Nov 2018, at 12:30

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Bratislava’s Aupark shopping centre plans to add a new block

No details about future brands to be sold in the extension for now.Compiled by Spectator staff, 1. Nov 2018, at 9:38

Bratislava’s Aupark shopping centre.

West has run Slovakia economically for over 100 years

Slovakia is now catching up with the Czech Republic.Compiled by Spectator staff, 31. Oct 2018, at 13:32

Slovakia has not caught up with the West yet economically.
UPDATED: 31 Oct 2018, at 10:47

Coworking spaces spring up like mushrooms in SlovakiaPhoto

Every regional capital in Slovakia has a coworking space. Lately, they also started appearing in smaller towns.Nina Francelová, 31. Oct 2018, at 10:50

New confederation wants to return to original meaning of trade unions

Five trade unions are launching a new umbrella organisation.Compiled by Spectator staff, 30. Oct 2018, at 7:35

Representatives of the founding organisations: Monika Kavecká, Vojtech Klučarovsky, Ľudovít Sebelédi, Martin Mikula and Marián Kalman, from left

Slovakia will try to rent out Bratislava Airport

Transport Minister Árpád Érsek has filed the draft project for inter-departmental review.Compiled by Spectator staff, 29. Oct 2018, at 14:18

Bratislava airport

Machine Learning is not new, ESET has been using it for years

Artificial intelligence or Machine Learning have been frequently used terms recently.29. Oct 2018, at 6:00


Adventure and convenience in the Tatras

There are countless reasons visitors should spend their holidays in the smallest grand mountains of the word.29. Oct 2018, at 6:00

New rules for employing immigrants to be adopted

The Slovak labour market needs foreign workers, however, there are still problems to overcome.Nina Francelová, 28. Oct 2018, at 14:45

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Green buildings make up almost one quarter of new real estate in Slovakia

Architects and developers are being steered towards designing and building ecological real estate.Compiled by Spectator staff, 26. Oct 2018, at 6:10

Torrential rain caused floods in Bratislava in September.

The carmaker Jaguar Land Rover ceremonially opens its €1.4 billion brand new facility in SlovakiaPhoto

The British-Indian carmaker Jaguar Land Rover ceremonially opens its €1.4 billion brand new facility in Slovakia.Compiled by Spectator staff, 25. Oct 2018, at 23:27

The Jaguar Land Rover plant in Nitra ceremonially started production on October 25.

Slovak companies are worst at making payments on time

Slovakia took bottom place among the 17 European countries included in the latest European Payment Practices survey.Compiled by Spectator staff, 24. Oct 2018, at 23:27

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Be ready for closed shops this week

Some shops will open on Tuesday, Oct 30, while they will all be closed on Thursday, Nov 1.Compiled by Spectator staff, 24. Oct 2018, at 12:59

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