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Let's protect Slovak waters together - that's how Lidl appeals to consumers. 29. mar29. Mar 2021, at 11:39
Petr Kellner
His company had assets in Slovakia, too. 29. mar29. Mar 2021, at 11:22
Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď
The primary subcontractor will be the state-owned aircraft repair company Letecké Opravovne Trenčín (LOT). 25. mar25. Mar 2021, at 17:26
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The processor should help data centres improve their performance and energy consumption. 25. mar25. Mar 2021, at 17:15
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Slovakia's GDP is expected to grow by 3.3 percent this year, according to Finance Ministry analysts. 25. mar25. Mar 2021, at 11:25
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Most foreigner workers come from Ukraine. 24. mar24. Mar 2021, at 11:43
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Taxpayers may request postponement individually. 23. mar23. Mar 2021, at 11:13
The Technical University of Košice held its graduation ceremony at an untraditional place - a stadium.
The pandemic and anti-coronavirus measures inspire innovative education. 22. mar22. Mar 2021, at 9:32
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The ministry is not planning to scrap the scheme after that, though. 18. mar18. Mar 2021, at 17:51
Registration of cars should become easier. 18. mar18. Mar 2021, at 17:42
People in Slovakia were allowed to go shopping before Christmas lockdown.
One reason might be the more moderate pandemic in the country last spring. 18. mar18. Mar 2021, at 15:56
Companies have adopted strict hygienis measures to prevent spreading of the coronavirus.
Employers join virologists to elaborate recommendations to prevent coronavirus from spreading in firms. 18. mar18. Mar 2021, at 11:07
Finance Minister Eduard Heger
The government needs solid political capital to put the €6 billion package from the EU to good use. 17. mar17. Mar 2021, at 19:38
They fear the absolute collapse of winegrowing. 16. mar16. Mar 2021, at 11:13
The automotive industry contributed to good industrial production numbers.
Other carmakers not reporting any problems for now. 15. mar15. Mar 2021, at 17:55
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About half of graduates do not work in the field they studied. 13. mar13. Mar 2021, at 9:00
The 3D model of Bratislava's Blue Church by Capturing Reality.
3D scanning experts bought by Epic Games. 11. mar11. Mar 2021, at 17:11
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A Romanian with minimum wage can buy more goods and services than a Slovak, analysts say. 11. mar11. Mar 2021, at 11:22
The emptied streets of Bratislava in late October when the curfew was applied.
Bratislava Region Tourism has addressed both the state and people. 10. mar10. Mar 2021, at 17:46
They originally wanted to produce a vaccine. 10. mar10. Mar 2021, at 11:41