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A new Slovnaft filling station near Nitra on June 17, 2022.
Exemption from sanctions to last until next December. 21. Dec 2022, at 17:27
Scott Stonham presents the topic of sustainability to about 600 employees at an internal company event at the ICC in Birmingham.
Idea for website promoting sustainable tech came to Brit Scott Stonham while on holiday in Turčianske Teplice. 21. Dec 2022, at 9:15
National Bank of Slovakia Governor Peter Kažimír.
Slovakia's central bank has published its winter 2022 economic and monetary forecast. 20. Dec 2022, at 18:33
PM Eduard Heger announces on October 24 how his cabinet is going to help firms affected by the energy crisis in 2023.
Without a state budget, the government may not be able to provide aid to households and companies with increased energy bills. 20. Dec 2022, at 10:14
Kuna loses its validity with the year 2023.
Croatian kuna will no longer be valid. 19. Dec 2022, at 12:03
L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice photographed on December 15, 2022.
The worst teaching hospital in Košice, the latest INEKO ranking shows. 15. Dec 2022, at 21:36
InoBat battery
Competition with Poland, Czech Republic for battery gigafactory. 15. Dec 2022, at 15:15
Production of Kia cars near Žilina, Slovakia
Industry hit by new problems after making Covid recovery. 15. Dec 2022, at 11:22
Illustrative photo.
Authorities promise to boost highway investments. 15. Dec 2022, at 10:32
Illustrative photo.
Local farmers have been forced to shut down production. 12. Dec 2022, at 17:21
Several reasons why resolving construction disputes in arbitration proceedings is much more convenient.
12. Dec 2022, at 6:00
CTPark Žilina
Interview with Stanislav Pagáč, Country Head of CTP Slovakia.
12. Dec 2022, at 5:35
Comprehensive data from hundred of companies. and 2 more10. Dec 2022, at 16:22
The ski resort in Tatranská Lomnica.
Too late too little, say operators. 8. Dec 2022, at 17:21
The Trnava city centre.
The most dangerous roads are in Žilina. 8. Dec 2022, at 7:05
A view of a sign on a fuel pump at a petrol station reading 'Dear Costumers! You can purchase only 2 litres of fuel at the regulated price!' in Martonvasar, Hungary, on December 1, 2022.
Fuel price cap behind supply problems in Hungary. 7. Dec 2022, at 17:36
A picture from the Sponge Festival - Festival of Good Education, an event for children, parents and teachers.
Towns critical of plan. 7. Dec 2022, at 17:24
A biomethane station in Jelšava in the Banská Bystrica Region.
Plants and suppliers slapped with 90 per cent levy. 7. Dec 2022, at 11:05
Cut only temporary. 7. Dec 2022, at 10:46
Slovenská Pošta asks customers to not send Christmas parcels and letters to their loved ones at the last minute.
More eyes on shipments from Ukraine. 6. Dec 2022, at 17:29
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