Press, a.s.rss_contact_email services bring new ideas2017-04-28T12:00:00ZSpecialised agencies can better adjust a company’s image, taking into consideration the emotions of a particular end user. shared centres should go to the regions2017-04-28T11:55:00ZThe government adopted a concept to support the business service centres in July 2016, introducing 21 specific measures in three main areas. car rolls off Slovak production lines2017-04-27T22:56:15ZSlovakia keeps the lead position for the number of manufactured cars per citizen.’s new model has European premiere in Bratislava2017-04-27T14:01:05ZFrom April 27-30, car enthusiasts can view new models at the Autosalón show. introduces new measures to fight tax fraud2017-04-27T07:53:50ZThey should address the new forms of tax evasions. investor to create 500 jobs in Nitra2017-04-27T07:33:52ZA company following the Jaguar Land Rover carmaker to Nitra plans to create 500 new jobs and invest €17 million. SNS seeks mandatory 13th salary2017-04-26T20:48:57ZThe business sector claims that such a step would lead to speculation and slow the growth of wages.é-based company faces bankruptcy2017-04-26T14:26:09ZThe restructuring process is complicated by one of the creditors. discipline in Slovakia improves2017-04-26T14:04:24ZThe improvement in the services sector may bring several positive impacts. travel to Košice via south to return2017-04-26T13:52:15ZThe Transport Ministry will restore the operation of fast trains on the southern route as of June. turn down complaint against Uber2017-04-26T06:49:19ZTaxi drivers plan a protest drive in Bratislava on April 26. will protest against new rules for hiring foreigners2017-04-25T13:44:20ZThey claim that foreign workers do not have the same conditions as their Slovak colleagues. AeroMobil starts taking pre-orders for its flying car2017-04-25T07:14:38ZThe company is losing a key figure – inventor Štefan Klein. continues consolidation of public finances2017-04-24T22:23:31ZThe general government deficit of Slovakia dropped below 1.7 percent last year. in Bratislava should prepare for worse traffic2017-04-24T22:09:48ZDissatisfied taxi drivers will go on a protest ride from Petržalka to Lamač on Wednesday. More than 200 % companies vanished since start of crisis2017-04-24T14:43:53ZThe year 2016 was second worst in numbers of Slovak companies that ceased to exist since the beginning of the financial crisis, an analysis found. firms vie for former hospital grounds2017-04-21T13:53:34ZSoftware company Eset is eyeing the premises for its new R&D centre. complain about quality of business environment2017-04-21T03:46:08ZRÚZ has begun to believe that discussing the minimum wage is a waste of time. growers generate fog, light candles to save crops2017-04-20T13:37:56ZSlovak fruit growers are in for two sleepless nights, as they are set to pull out all the stops in an effort to save their crops from freezing at the end of this week. and Rocky Mountains to continue their twinning cooperation2017-04-20T06:06:29ZSlovak, Polish and US national parks have signed an agreement of cooperation for five more years. Slovak GDP to rise to 3.3 percent2017-04-19T13:38:56ZConsumer prices will rise, while the jobless rate will continue dropping, the latest prognosis shows. in Upper Nitra begin producing food paste2017-04-19T12:58:57ZThe newly launched paste production is related to the breeding of African sharptooth catfish and the cultivation of oyster mushrooms. of digitally skilled applicants dropped2017-04-19T06:30:00ZThe most significant drop was seen in the engineering and technical positions which currently struggle the most to find appropriate staffers. Steel may not lose its premises2017-04-18T23:22:28ZLawyers say the US shell company may not easily become owner of the plots under the steelworks. Amazon centre near Sereď nears completion2017-04-18T13:32:36ZThe construction works are expected to be finished in September 2017. unions at Volkswagen Slovakia threaten general strike2017-04-18T13:24:30ZThe preparations may start after the April 20 meeting. for U.S. Steel Košice going into sale. A shell company is making a grab for its premises2017-04-18T08:30:00ZThe Košice Regional Court retained two thirds of the U.S. Steel premises in Košice-Šaca in favour of a shell company. The steelworks do not comment on lawsuits. of Things is mainly for firms for now2017-04-18T06:30:00ZConnecting objects to the Internet of Things can improve quality and production costs across industries . unions propose to hike minimum wage to €4922017-04-17T21:33:29ZEmployers call for a formula with pre-set indicators for calculating an annual increase of the minimum wage. forces Slovak internet2017-04-17T06:30:00ZOne of the latest threats was a fake clone of the Financial Administration’s website. state bonus: How the young can cut their living costs2017-04-17T06:20:00ZBanks granted more mortgages in 2016, including mortgages with bonus for young home-buyers. fear losing privacy2017-04-16T09:00:00ZThe respondents in most of the countries agreed that the control of their privacy is more important than potential advantages of sharing personal details. app to help online addiction2017-04-15T09:00:00ZThe active time of using the mobile phone, which is represented mostly by using the internet and mobile applications, is measured anonymously. is more digitally competitive2017-04-15T09:00:00ZSlovakia has been advancing significantly in most areas apart from internet connections and the integration of digital technologies. use of e-letterboxes still minimal2017-04-14T12:00:00ZCompanies are obliged to start e-communication as of July, though state authorities are not even fully prepared. invented keyboard for virtual reality2017-04-14T06:30:00ZPunchKeyboard is a virtual keyboard on which users can write thanks to virtual reality drivers without leaving the simulated environment. firm constructing roller coasters for Disney aims high2017-04-14T00:33:35ZStakotra Manufacturing constructs new plant in Pieštany. thrives in Bratislava2017-04-14T00:16:07ZThe German carmaker has invested €1.9 billion in Bratislava over the last five years. minister silently replaces Bratislava airport director2017-04-14T00:09:18ZThe ministry explained the change as a natural exchange of managerial posts. saves more than €194 million overall2017-04-13T15:06:52ZThe Electronic Contracting System is proven to save money - by €194 million so far. law would reform utility regulator2017-04-13T13:59:14ZBut critics fear it’s cover for political interference, and EC hints law may break European rules. taxi drivers envisage more protests unless authorities act2017-04-13T12:25:35ZAlternative taxi services such as Uber, cost taxi drivers 30-40 percent of their fares in Bratislava last year. rankings offer necessary feedback2017-04-13T09:20:31ZPatients’ satisfaction levels indicate the quality of health care, but data may be distorted by the number of respondents. wages increased in February, mostly in the gastronomic industries2017-04-12T23:41:33ZIn February, nominal wages increased year-on-year in most branches of business and industry, with the biggest difference in restaurants and pubs. There were some exceptions, though. sector output keeps falling2017-04-12T22:38:52ZBut growth may continue later this year. is less wealthy than statistics show2017-04-12T16:29:27ZThe region of the Slovak capital improves its position, but a closer look at the statistics paints a different picture. uncovered 2,924 illegal workers2017-04-12T13:11:56ZSome illegal workers were foreigners with and without residence permits. and Eustream sign deal on gas transports2017-04-12T12:55:28ZGas transits are now secured until 2050. Compliance Forum – Holding the Helm of the Company is Getting Harder2017-04-12T10:40:00ZFollowing the recently amended law on criminal liability of legal persons, the issue of cost-effectiveness of prevention emerges more and more. buy more before Easter2017-04-12T05:51:23ZPurchases are one-third higher than during an average week. wants to substitute state trains2017-04-12T05:32:19ZTransport Ministry says the carrier will not provide adequate service. SUV Audi Q8 to be produced only in Bratislava2017-04-12T05:14:10ZBratislava plant is being considered as VW's showcase. company Eset gets a chance to buy land for its future R&D Campus2017-04-11T12:17:54ZThe Interior Ministry will hold an auction for premises of the former military hospital in Patrónka.’s Investor service upgrades outlook on Slovakia’s sovereign rating to positive2017-04-10T20:41:50ZSlovak Finance Ministry understands this as a praise from the rating agency. low-cost airline wants to launch domestic flights2017-04-10T20:34:46ZFirst flights are already planned for early May. to help Ukraine2017-04-10T20:28:37ZUkrainian gas companies signed memorandum of understanding with Slovak Eustream and Italian Snam. signed for construction of highway near Prešov2017-04-10T14:01:35ZA very complicated stretch of highway finally gets a contract acceptable to all involved parties. are the workers?, investors ask2017-04-10T07:00:00ZForeign chambers of commerce conducted a regular survey among investors. of the week2017-04-07T06:30:00Z“Imagine a situation when the ÚRSO head is seriously ill or hit by a car. It would be the end of the regulatory office.” confirm raid on several Slovak firms2017-04-06T22:58:02ZAllegedly, Thursday's raids were due to grave economic crimes. investor for Aeromobil2017-04-06T14:43:54ZThe new investor entering the project, the hybrid car-plane, AeroMobil, can make a global change in passenger transport in a few years. company Eset wants a Silicon Valley in Bratislava2017-04-06T14:22:15ZThe Interior Ministry's stance that it's all about the money seems strange compared to the value they want to provide, says Eset. to invest millions of euros into overhaul2017-04-05T23:06:06ZThe Bratislava-based oil refinery plans an investment, citing a general overhaul of production technologies as the main goal. hospital in Bratislava to have two buildings2017-04-05T22:31:29ZHealth Minister Tomáš Drucker wants to announce the competition to find new private manager of the hospital this year. foreigners can test their IT skills2017-04-05T20:39:27ZSchools and the wider public can test their skills through the end of June. competence centre in Žilina recruits new employees2017-04-05T13:38:04ZIncreased automation in rail and underground transport systems around the world means that within three years the facility should double their employees. halts plan for pre-arranged appointments2017-04-05T13:32:37ZHealth Minister Tomáš Drucker will not push through the change, pointing to the failed agreement with doctors. should study transport2017-04-05T06:30:00ZThe event in Vrútky focused on motivating children choose vocational schools focusing on transport occupations. asks Slovak government for stimulus2017-04-04T23:27:28ZTrnava-based PSA Peugeot Citroen applies for a tax holiday amounting to €18.6 million. chamber criticises new hospital project2017-04-04T23:12:30ZThe chamber dislikes several plans concerning the construction of the facility. Our goal is to be a responsible member of the community2017-04-04T22:05:54ZCarmaker Kia Motors Slovakia wins the main award, Via Bona, for a responsible large corporation. awarded for inspirational projects2017-04-04T22:02:07ZThe Pontis Foundation rewarded the companies whose activities are aimed at changing the society for the better for the 17th time. project tagged best of CEE region2017-04-04T13:53:03ZThe investment, which will be realised close to Nitra, beat an opponent from Poland for the award. can now use new €50 banknotes2017-04-04T13:46:46ZThe older series of banknotes will still remain in circulation. to join forces in water transport2017-04-04T06:30:00ZBy 2030, as much as 30 percent of road transport in the European Union should be diversified to include alternative transport possibilities, including waterways. potential of regional airports2017-04-04T06:30:00ZRegional airports rely on charter flights and tourism but regular connections are lacking. opens new pressing plant in Nitra2017-04-03T21:35:27ZThe new plant will also supply products to Land Rover.šice airport now offers direct flights to Cologne2017-04-03T21:05:02ZHungarian Wizz Air will launch the route on June 25. find salmonella-tainted Brazilian meat in Slovakia2017-04-03T14:33:38ZDuring a recent world-wide scandal, Slovak veterinary inspectors found Brazilian meat tainted with salmonella in Bratislava, but without any of the chemical substances that were allegedly used in Brazil to disguise rotten meat. works limit highway near Senec2017-04-03T14:16:43ZConstruction works to extend a road close to Bratislava started on April 1, to last for eight months, and limiting the number of lanes available on the highway. puts more trains on Košice-Prague line2017-04-03T06:30:00ZThe step follows the carrier's decision to leave the main route between Bratislava and Košice. railways, reduce air pollution2017-04-03T06:30:00ZIf state authorities want to shift people from cars to trains, they must dispatch more trains and improve services, experts say. and Russians to make drones2017-04-02T10:00:00ZSlovak company Litech plans to focus on the development and production of energy sources based on hydrogen-air fuel cells for the air industry and chemical hydrogen production. to be displayed in Žilina2017-04-01T09:00:00ZThe plane will soon be put out of service as part of the modernisation process. get used to integrated transport2017-03-31T12:00:00ZMost passengers praise travelling across Bratislava Region on one ticket, but experts still point to some deficiencies. Slovak still opens doors to many jobs for foreigners2017-03-31T06:30:00ZEmployers most frequently fill the more qualified and top positions with people from countries that perform better economically than Slovakia, while less qualified employees come from countries with lower GDP. Foreign investors most upbeat about economy in eight years2017-03-30T22:56:48ZLack of qualified labour increases wage costs.’s borough of Rača opposes Bratislava airport’s development plans2017-03-30T22:51:58ZThe main runway at Bratislava airport needs a complex reconstruction; the airport would like to build a new runway on this occasion. inspectors found thousands of illegal workers last year2017-03-30T13:33:29ZLabour inspectors and controllers of labour offices uncovered a total of 2,924 illegally employed people last year. amends the regulation act2017-03-30T13:19:38ZThe amendment boosting the position of the government in the activities and control of the regulatory authority, with good prospects of being passed soon in parliament.Žilina airport head quits his position2017-03-30T13:15:34ZShortly after Slovak media slammed violation of airport rules by the CEO of Žilina airport, he resigned.šice will be linked to Tel Aviv2017-03-29T21:43:15ZThe flights will be operated twice a week. tag for the new nuclear power plant will be higher2017-03-29T21:35:23ZAlso the new deadlines for the third and fourth block of Mochovce were re-set, to 2018 and 2019, respectively. to the USA by plane is extremely cheap2017-03-29T13:20:23ZThe low prices are impacted mostly by cheap oil and big competition in the market. Groupe in Trnava to start recruiting2017-03-29T13:11:32ZThey will work on new engines whose production is scheduled to start in 2019. firm’s owner can impede generational succession2017-03-29T06:30:00ZSeven key ways to deal with transition of a family business. will be closed on all national holidays2017-03-28T22:59:09ZThe list of days when shops are closed has been expanded to 15-and-a-half days, including Good Friday and Easter Monday. bank: Economy to rise by 3.2 percent2017-03-28T22:21:59ZThe automotive industry should contribute to the economy’s growth. to open labour market to foreigners2017-03-28T14:24:33ZThe current rules for employing non-EU nationals will change in April. considers selling Czech and Slovak divisions2017-03-28T14:18:45ZThe bank has not yet confirmed the rumours.