Press, a.s.rss_contact_email registered a record number of visitors2017-02-22T13:46:42ZThe increase was impacted by the security situation in the world and as well as the Slovak EU presidency. negotiations stuck2017-02-22T13:37:42ZTrade unions have asked for a higher increase in salaries and are ready to strike. of experts challenges ICT sector2017-02-22T09:21:57ZTo maintain the competitiveness, the Slovak government must support digitising the economy and take a positive stance towards the ICT sector, according to experts. Slovaks own their residence2017-02-22T05:30:00ZSlovaks consider having their property one of the biggest certainties. regulator’s head to have limited powers2017-02-21T21:57:52ZThe ruling coalition will also confirm plans to create an energy holding. will distribute cars from Nitra’s JRL plant2017-02-21T21:46:03ZThe state-run freight carrier Cargo did not succeed in its bid, but is still discussing the distribution of suborders with the German firm. new jobs to be created2017-02-21T13:46:34ZFour companies want to invest altogether €88.5 million in Slovakia. to focus on firms with foreign staff2017-02-21T13:43:18ZScrutiny follows media report by Serbian journalist concerning conditions in a Galanta-based plant. space expected to grow2017-02-21T05:30:00ZThe growing economy and falling unemployment rate create a good environment for the growth of companies already established in Slovakia, but also for the arrival of new ones. record year for investment properties2017-02-21T05:30:00ZThe region is in the focus of big real estate firms, which may contribute to an increase in foreign investments in near future. rate keeps decreasing2017-02-20T22:07:34ZPositive development of Slovakia’s economy seen behind the decrease. Investment Bank supported Slovakia with €918 million in 20162017-02-20T21:54:50Z2016 was a successful year for the EIB Group in Slovakia, said EIB Vice-President Vazil Hudák. oil transporter plans to build new oil tanks2017-02-20T21:46:42ZTranspetrol wants to invest €40 million into two new tanks. highway stalled due to missing money2017-02-20T13:44:13ZMoney is missing to finish the section of highway between Žilina and Poland, stopping the completion of the D3 highway project. insulation falls behind expectations, ministry widens support2017-02-20T06:30:00ZOnly 134 homeowners in the first round and 62 in the second applied for a subsidy via the insulation programme. has a negative impact2017-02-20T05:30:00ZPractice shows that municipalities will require investors to pay the fee for development from their own budgets and at the same time to also cover the so-called induced investments. for €4.5bn launched in 20162017-02-20T05:30:00ZSlovakia witnessed the lowest number of launched public competitions and expected investments since 2012. sector continues struggling2017-02-17T06:30:00ZRoad infrastructure has the biggest impact on building activities. launch on-line shopping in Slovakia2017-02-16T22:16:20ZLong-expected service now arrived. after the first few months of construction works2017-02-16T22:02:13ZThe works officially started in September 2016. people can keep €10,000 for housing, cabinet approved2017-02-16T14:12:36ZEvery debtor who resorts to personal bankruptcy will be able to retain €10,000 for so-called housing expenses, according to an approved bill.Érsek made concession to Kažimír in Prešov bypass2017-02-16T13:59:19ZAfter wrangling within the Slovak cabinet, the transport minister yielded to pressure from the finance minister and changed the project of the northern bypass of the city of Prešov; the state will not spend €900 million as it had originally planned. food really is better in Austria, study finds2017-02-16T13:26:10ZEC says its role is to monitor safety, not quality – but Slovaks want the same as Austrians, says minister. investment to create 500 jobs2017-02-15T23:59:13ZA producer of plastic components may become the third biggest employer in the region. adds two new flights from Bratislava airport2017-02-15T23:52:09ZIn autumn 2017, new flights to Bologna and Thessaloniki will be added. boosted by demand2017-02-15T16:03:55ZGDP grew slightly less than in 2015, mostly due to lower use of EU funds. Bane mines may end2017-02-15T13:55:13ZDespite environmental studies at the EU level, the Slovak state wants to continue subsidising brown coal mining. continues rising2017-02-15T13:43:48ZConsumer prices were impacted by food and fuels, but also by changes to regulated energies. agriculture faces changes2017-02-14T13:58:05ZWhile self-sufficient in milk, beef, poultry, eggs and sugar, sector lags in pork, fruits and vegetables. to have new environmental strategy2017-02-14T13:30:23ZThe newly prepared strategy, aimed to replace the 25-year-old document, is a new approach to the new challenges Slovakia faces. members meet with U.S. Steel Košice representatives2017-02-14T13:25:48ZThey discussed the plans for selling the eastern Slovak plant. of D1 Bratislava-Košice highway still far away2017-02-14T07:10:00ZFuture financing of highway construction remains in question. downgrades its growth prediction2017-02-13T22:50:28ZThe change is caused mostly by falling investments. Prešov bypass project will not change2017-02-13T22:47:34ZThe Transport Ministry does not consider it advantageous. output up in December2017-02-13T14:02:08ZSlovakia’s industrial output went up in December 2016, statistics show, with the energy sector and automotive industry strengthening output, while some other branches weakened it. believes in the power of Slovak economy2017-02-13T13:52:39ZSlovakia seems to have a good rating, with a stable outlook and several criteria in its favour, the international rating agency found recently. just developing but managing warehouses too2017-02-13T07:35:00ZAs a small country, Slovakia should focus on projects that go beyond its borders . carmaker PSA gets new head as of March2017-02-09T21:30:47ZPrevious general director goes to the carmaker's headquarters in Paris. year’s Tax Freedom Day to fall on June 62017-02-09T21:26:00ZThis year Slovaks need to work eight days longer compared with previous year. of ex-SNS head Móric to supply railways with carriages2017-02-09T14:19:35ZThe company whose carriages were unreliable in the past will supply them, again, to the state-owned railway company. to donate vineyard to tycoon Rozin2017-02-09T14:11:11ZA business tycoon who was investigated – though not convicted – in a case of fraud concerning acquisition of a vineyard ten years ago will now rent a neighbouring vineyard for a symbolic euro per year. between unions at Volkswagen hits stalemate2017-02-09T00:02:21ZThe management refuses to comment on the situation. trade recorded negative balance in December2017-02-08T13:54:19ZStatistics were impacted mostly by weaker production and Christmas sales. needs 389 years to catch up with Norwegian salaries2017-02-08T13:47:53ZThough salaries are growing, Slovakia is unable to catch up with more developed countries. startups receive aid2017-02-08T05:30:00ZThe main objective of the project is to strengthen business models and business stability of craftspeople and artists. needs to recycle more2017-02-07T22:35:21ZThe air quality in Slovakia remains poor, the European Commission warns. share of Slovak groceries is low2017-02-07T22:07:49ZRetailers say they do not discriminate against Slovak food producers. land protection moved to second reading2017-02-07T13:40:45ZSNS wants to protect land from speculative purchases. downgrades growth forecast for this year2017-02-07T13:32:44ZBut in following years, the economy should accelerate, mostly thanks to car production, state analysts say. contain part of their creators2017-02-07T06:30:00ZSlovaks become more curious about the work of craftspeople, says Manik, organiser of events focusing on handmade work. Energy prices to return to 2016 levels across Slovakia2017-02-07T06:07:09ZHead of the regulatory office to resign officially on Tuesday. heritage expands2017-02-07T05:30:00ZTraditional blueprint and multipart singing of Horehronie were inscribed to Slovak intangible cultural heritage. habits or lack of opportunities?2017-02-06T13:47:40ZIt pays to spend some time looking for a good job - it might determine the person’s career for the rest of their life, expert says. expectations for first job2017-02-06T13:43:34ZEmployers usually want to hire ready-made employees, but employees see it differently. Érsek scraps tender on trains, set to announce new one2017-02-06T13:43:28ZPointing to several discrepancies, the transport minister ultimately cancelled a tender for trains to operate between the cities of Bratislava and Banská Bystrica, arranged by his predecessor. Bad habits or lack of opportunities?2017-02-06T13:42:12ZSpectator College provides readers of The Slovak Spectator who are trying to improve their English with glossaries of useful and frequently used words and expressions from stories published as part of the Spectator College as well as in the rest of the newspaper. Jobs (Exercise)2017-02-06T13:40:31ZIn exercise for this topic we focus on skill: Presentations enjoys handmade revival2017-02-06T06:30:00ZHandmade is about more than just products. It connects people with ideas and creativity, who together form a community. innovators showed their work2017-02-06T05:30:00ZThe works were displayed as part of the Digital Assembly conference. robot decorates the eggs2017-02-06T05:30:00ZThe pattern is pre-prepared in a graphic editor and then translated by a special programme into a code which then instructs the device. FAQ from foreign clients2017-02-03T08:00:00ZExperts from law firms in Slovakia answer the most frequent questions of their clients concerning business in Slovakia. FAQ from Slovak clients2017-02-03T08:00:00ZExperts from law firms in Slovakia answer the most frequent questions of their clients concerning business in Slovakia. in Slovakia, sold to the world2017-02-03T06:30:00ZCrotchet swimwear by Anna Kosturová worn by American and Canadian celebrities, and a furry bag from the workroom of Nikoleta Rajnáková owned by the CEO of Instagram are but two examples of Slovak handmade products that have made it big. But the map of Slovak handmade products consists of much more than that. Era of record-low interest rates on mortgages is ending2017-02-02T22:56:20ZBoom in mortgages has pushed up prices of residential real estate.čík resigned as ÚRSO head, avoiding parliamentary session2017-02-02T14:33:22ZThe head of energy regulatory office resigned, angering the speaker of parliament. Slovak growth stable; aging population a risk2017-02-02T13:41:22ZAfter a mission in Slovakia, an international committee concludes that economic growth is stable but adds that the country faces several risks, caused by the international as well as domestic situation. Steel: Will they stay or will they go?2017-02-02T11:31:40ZMinsters confirm talks over possible sale of Košice plant. open for business2017-02-02T08:00:00ZBiggest challenges: investments, human resources and expansion into new markets.'s appointments possible from 20182017-02-01T23:24:42ZHowever, such appointments will have to be paid for and will only be available after 14:00. lose trains between Bratislava and Košice2017-02-01T14:23:12ZNow only state-run ZSSK operates the route. fraud biggest problem of Slovak economy2017-02-01T14:15:54ZSlovak managers call for the simplification of taxes and a re-introduction of flat income tax, and fear the lack of qualified staffers. predicts an accelerating rise in employment2017-02-01T06:19:14ZIn an updated prognosis, the central bank expects no changes for GDP growth, but improves the forecast for labour market. test of the third block in Mochovce plant is a milestone2017-02-01T05:59:36ZThe successful test of the pressurising of the primary circuit of the third block in the Mochovce nuclear power plant (AE) is a crucial milestone in the finalising and completing the construction.’ trade unions want higher salaries2017-01-31T14:29:38ZTrade unionists in Volkswagen and Kia are negotiating for a rise in salaries. care improving but slowly2017-01-31T14:12:18ZThe Slovak health-care sector outperforms Hungary and Poland, but lags behind the Czech Republic. health insurer terminates contracts with specialists to cut costs2017-01-30T21:42:55ZVšZP faces estimated loss of €200-210 million. agency forecasts reducing the debt for Slovakia2017-01-30T14:05:44ZThe rating agency expects economic growth for Slovakia in the next three years – at the level of about three percent annually. don’t have to take back unwanted gifts2017-01-30T06:10:00ZWhile current legislation guarantees consumers the right to purchase goods without mistakes, it does not require stores to give a refund simply because the product is no longer liked or the wrong size. affect online buying2017-01-30T06:10:00ZPublishing reviews takes time, but it also shows the quality of the product or service and help other customers make the right choice. It is not the only factor in the decision to buy, however. Shopping and Services (Exercise)2017-01-30T06:00:00ZIn exercise for this topic we focus on skill: Feedback Reviews affect online buying2017-01-30T06:00:00ZSpectator College provides readers of The Slovak Spectator who are trying to improve their English with glossaries of useful and frequently used words and expressions from stories published as part of the Spectator College as well as in the rest of the newspaper. to replace RegioJet on the Bratislava-Košice route2017-01-26T22:16:57ZThe carrier prepares for the departure of RegioJet from the route; there will be less trains. company, He Steel, set to buy U.S. Steel Košice2017-01-26T22:05:46ZThe US owners of the Košice plant and the Chinese have signed a memorandum of understanding. in utility tariffs cause backlash2017-01-26T18:50:15ZIndependence of regulator questioned after PM’s overtly ‘political’ intervention. Slovakiatour a Danubius Gastro fairs begin in Incheba, Bratislava2017-01-26T14:22:07ZThe two biggest fairs focused on tourism and gastronomy have begun in the Incheba fair-ground in the Slovak capital. Steel seems to be departing2017-01-26T14:11:55ZWhat many have already anticipated for several months is becoming reality, the Slovak media writes. Slovakia is 44th in performance2017-01-26T14:02:16ZSlovakia declined four places against last year in the Variables for Sustainable Growth Index 2016. for Piešťany airport runs out in February2017-01-25T23:26:05ZThe plague of the small airport in western Slovakia continues, it needs a private investor or an intervention by its current shareholders. extends flight frequency between Košice and Warsaw2017-01-25T14:04:56ZThe company is adding an afternoon flight operating three times a week. don’t expect improvement2017-01-25T14:01:56ZA high number of entrepreneurs expect conditions for doing business to worsen this year. of D3 highway near Čadca has started2017-01-24T22:49:08ZThe road costing €239 million is expected to help both the town and the region. grew the most in 6 years2017-01-24T13:29:04ZQualified workers as well as supporting staff and qualified technical workers witnessed the highest rise in 2016. rate keeps falling2017-01-23T22:27:54ZEmployers complain about the lack of a qualified labour force. Energy prices to return to last year’s levels2017-01-23T21:59:06ZOpposition doubts indebtedness of the regulatory authority and calls for the resignation of its head. is luring U.S. Steel from Košice back to the States2017-01-23T14:05:59ZRumours have circulated for some time that the Košice plant of the U.S. Steel corporation could change owners. Now, the initiative of new US President, Donald Trump, makes these rumours even more acute. food producers still show little interest in Slovakia2017-01-23T06:30:00ZThe French are known for their food, but not in Slovakia. attracts Slovak contractors2017-01-23T06:00:00ZFrance has implemented a number of reforms in the fields of public finances, competitiveness, reducing bureaucracy and the labour market opens new plant in Slovakia2017-01-23T06:00:00ZAltogether 1,300 people are expected to find jobs in the new production hall. growth for Real estate taxes in Slovakia since 20132017-01-19T22:01:49ZTowns and villages increase real estate taxes by 2.33 percent on average in 2017. Hard Brexit may slow down Slovakia’s economic growth by 0.5 percent2017-01-19T21:52:41ZImpact on Slovakia will be indirect via its main trade partners, especially Germany