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Renaissance, baroque, and current anniversaries – Konvergencie 2018Video

The festival of chamber music this time around offers a musical wander across Renaissance and Baroque Italy and England, and commemorates the establishment of Czechoslovakia, all while bringing a host of renowned…Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 14. Sep 2018, at 21:11

Konvergencie: Alehouse Session

Where does the world (music) unite? In BratislavaPhoto

The September feast of world music strives to both bring global representatives of music to Bratislava - from Ghana to Israel - and to “showcase” Slovak gems.Zuzana Vilikovská, 14. Sep 2018, at 14:46

Gádžo Expres to be staged on Sunday, September 16.

Kempelen invented much more than just the Turk, a chess-playing automatonPhoto

The exhibition reveals the secret of the Turk and it was not the legless chess player hidden inside.Jana Liptáková, 14. Sep 2018, at 11:21

Andrej Groll with the model of the Turk - chess-playing automaton.

Eminem in Prešov? Sorry, it’s hoax

Most people understood the prank and turned the discussion into a joke.Compiled by Spectator staff, 14. Sep 2018, at 6:27


Famous Slovak wafer came about by accident

Horalky Wafers are popular for their peanut filling.Compiled by Spectator staff, 14. Sep 2018, at 5:53

Spectacular Slovakia #2: Running and sightseeing in BratislavaAudio

Where to go for a run in Bratislava? Anna Fay shares her tips with active travellers.Michaela TerenzaniAnna Fay, 12. Sep 2018, at 16:25

Valley in Liptov region hid soldiers and Jews in the pastPhoto

The significant valley from Slovak history has been unknown to many tourists.Compiled by Spectator staff, 12. Sep 2018, at 13:48

Foreigners: Top 10 events in BratislavaVideo

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between September 14 and September 23, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Sep 2018, at 20:40

Look at the beauty of the mountain lake chaletPhoto

It belongs among the most popular Tatra destinations.Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Sep 2018, at 13:27

The empty bench without the Napoleonic soldier

Vavrinec, the stork with a walkie-talkie, is in Asia

The stork is following his migration route to Africa.Compiled by Spectator staff, 10. Sep 2018, at 14:10

Illustrative Stock Photo

Folk costume Day in central Slovakia draws thousandsPhoto

Several Slovak folk ensembles took part in the three-hour programme.Compiled by Spectator staff, 10. Sep 2018, at 13:36

The first Slovak Day of Folk Costume was part of the Radvaň annual fair in Banská Bystrica, September 8.
The Great Return

Blog: Slovak film maker gained a critical lens overseas

Zuzana Limova’s documentary ‘Before I Met You’ examines the state of maternity wards in Slovakia.Zuzana Palovic8. Sep 2018, at 10:00

Zuzana Limova

Do you know where to find a spectacular manor house?Photo

Many people visit only a nearby castle, missing all the beauties of the surrounding villages.Compiled by Spectator staff, 8. Sep 2018, at 9:30

A time of grape harvesting festivitiesPhoto

Let’s taste the local specialty, burčiak, a slightly fermented grape juice at vinobranie.Jana Liptáková, 7. Sep 2018, at 10:59

Vinobranie in Pezinok

Picnic to open renewed park in Bratislava’s Old TownPhoto

Landerer’s Park now has less asphalt and more greenery.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Sep 2018, at 23:48

New look of Landerer's Park in Bratislava's Old Town

More than one third of Slovaks have never taken a holiday by the sea

Most Slovaks prefer to relax by the water during their holiday.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Sep 2018, at 23:30

Bid farewell to the summer with a visit to a craterPhoto

As the summer heat starts to wain take a trip to the countryside and visit one of the top 3 thermal pools in Slovakia.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Sep 2018, at 23:24

White water centre not just for professionalsPhoto

Visitors can enjoy kayaking, rafting and as well as surfing near BratislavaJana Liptáková, 6. Sep 2018, at 10:40

Surfing on the man-made wave in Divoká Voda resort in Čunovo.

Spectacular Slovakia #1: Bratislava vs. ViennaAudio

Listen to the first episode of our travel podcast, with tips on how to make the best of your trip to Bratislava.Michaela Terenzani, 6. Sep 2018, at 8:48