Press, a.s.rss_contact_email Events in Bratislava2017-02-22T13:00:00ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between February 24 and March 5, including concerts, workshops, paintball battle, trade show, exhibitions and more. books on totalitarianism popular in Slovakia too2017-02-21T13:01:47ZInternet bookstores have recorded an increased interest in books exploring totalitarian regimes, including demanding theoretical works. film won Crystal Bear at Berlinale2017-02-20T14:08:30ZThe film Little Harbour that won the Generation Kplus section – beating movies from many other countries - is the work of (mostly) Slovak women. street of national monuments2017-02-20T08:59:03ZIn the past, the area between the modern-day Slavín monument and Palisády neighbourhood was composed of vast vineyards. rooms accessible in Orava castle2017-02-19T07:55:00ZThe Oravský Castle was the most visited castle in 2016. made hard mining work more efficient2017-02-18T07:55:00ZGunpowder was used to blow up the rock for the first time in the Upper Bieber adit for the first time 390 years ago. Zoo will have new wolf breeding station2017-02-17T07:50:00ZOne of most significant investments of the Bratislava Zoo in the year 2017 will be the building of a new wolf breeding station. Events around Slovakia2017-02-16T12:23:34ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between February 17 and February 26, including a race on old wooden sleighs, an operetta premiere, a lot of jazz, classical and rock music, and more. Events in Bratislava2017-02-15T13:35:01ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between February 17 and 26, including party, chamber music festival, premiere of opera, wine evening, exhibitions and more. of Slovak baroque in Poland2017-02-14T11:25:00ZVisitors to the exhibition of Slovak baroque in Krakow, Poland, will not just be able to view famous works of art but will have a chance to study rare pieces hardly ever presented before. again „Prešporok“ resounds to the music of Bartók2017-02-13T14:13:05ZOne of the most original and influential composers of the 20th century, Béla Bartók, has significant connections with the Slovak capital. Cave open to public2017-02-12T07:05:00ZDomica Cave in the district Rožňava opened for the public in the beginning of February as the first of six caves in the Košický region. 19,000 visitors to ice statues in High Tatras2017-02-11T06:55:00ZThe fifth unofficial Championship in ice carving took place at Hrebienok. map shows industrial past of Bratislava2017-02-10T11:36:59ZThe first edition of the Slovak-English map of industrial monuments in Bratislava was sold out within two weeks.’s Old Town wants replicas of historical mail boxes2017-02-09T19:19:59ZNow it is searching for mail box designs. Events around Slovakia2017-02-09T18:58:13ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between February 10 and February 19, including opera, many concerts, film music, a multi-genre festival, a snow festival, championship in male striptease and more. camp under Lomnický Peak2017-02-09T06:50:00ZTourists can camp at an altitude of 1,751 metres above sea level. Events in Bratislava2017-02-08T14:17:49ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between February 10 and 19, including party, chamber music festival, fair, stand-up comedy, quiz night, weekend of cynology, exhibitions and more. in threes2017-02-07T14:00:00ZAll mediaeval towns saw a similar story: during their path to independence and autonomy, they clashed with the implacable stance of their lords. The town of Kežmaork, lying in the Spiš region, thus clashed with István II. Thököly, owner of the Kežmarok Castle. gets smart benches2017-02-07T07:01:41ZOne smart bench is at Primaciálne námestie and the second one at Kramáre. films to be screened at Berlinale, Rotterdam IFF2017-02-06T12:20:00ZIt seems that Slovak (or Slovak coproduction) films are much in demand now: after it has been announced that the Czech-Slovak film Masaryk will be shown at Berlinale 2017, two more Slovak movies are slated for foreign festival screenings. belongs to Top 10 cities for freelancers2017-02-05T07:15:00ZThe capital of Slovakia is the eighth best city for freelancers to live in. factory history presented in museum2017-02-04T07:05:00ZTeeth implants and helmets for the Bulgarian army belong to portfolio of production plant Sandrik in Dolné Hámre. expelled several water birds2017-02-03T06:35:00ZOrnithologists counted less water birds in January compared to the last few years. Events around Slovakia2017-02-02T20:02:26ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between February 3 and February 12, including an ice-hockey match, concerts, theatre, a gastronomy festival, a film screening, an ice cathedral in the mountains, and more. Events in Bratislava2017-02-01T15:52:48ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between February 3 and 12, including party, concerts, swing evening, screening, recitation, vegan dinner, exhibitions and more. A dream come true2017-01-31T17:00:00ZBratislava's Poetry Slam returns with a second edition if Zuzana Hlávková really had become a ballet dancer?2017-01-31T15:51:13ZA photography student portrays people who speak out and bring positive changes to society, among them whistleblower Zuzana Hlávková and poet and activist Mirka Ábelová. gallery offers free admission, ancient and modern exhibitions2017-01-31T14:05:00ZIt seems that the proverb saying that quality is more crucial than quantity is true also for the Slovak National Gallery. of Lúčnica folk troupe turns 902017-01-30T16:15:36ZLúčnica is a successful Slovak folklore ensemble that performs both at home and abroad, cooperating with various artists and performers and has been evolving through the decades into its current modern form. Wing awards for 2016 went to 12 Slovak celebrities2017-01-30T14:15:36ZTwelve Slovaks received the annual award for their feats in the year 2016, while two more celebrities got a lifelong contribution award in the 20th year of Crystal Wings. archaeologists examined Maya pyramids in Guatemala2017-01-29T07:05:00ZScientists from the Archaeological Institute in Nitra examined remains of Mayan civilization in the rain forest of Guatemala. has 15,000 kilometres of marked hiking routes2017-01-28T06:00:00ZA tourist in Slovakia can hike on 15,000 kilometres worth of marked hiking routes. we spoke in Bratislava2017-01-27T07:59:26ZGermanist Jozef Tancer wrote a book, Untangled Tongues, about the phenomenon of multilingualism in historical Bratislava. Events around Slovakia2017-01-26T17:08:07ZTips for for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between January 27 and February 5, including concerts, opera dernieres, an architecture exhibition, and more. by young Roma records testimonies of their Elders2017-01-25T23:46:49ZChildren from Slovakia and the Czech city of Brno make a documentary mapping the Roma Holocaust and communist times in their community. Events in Bratislava2017-01-25T14:14:13ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between January 29 and February 5, including parties, concert, classical music, film festival, bazaar, screening, recitation, exhibitions and more. movie Masaryk at Berlinale 20172017-01-25T12:16:03ZThe new co-production film to be screened in Slovakia beginning in March has been selected for the Berlinale main programme – from among 6,000 other movies. world championship welcomed 74 teams of dogs2017-01-24T14:07:19Z74 racers from seven countries met in the Orava village museum for the World Cup WSA and Grand Prix Zuberec 2017. now teaches fashion2017-01-24T06:30:00ZA recently opened school helps build links between fashion and business. and Austrians meet at a ball in Bratislava2017-01-23T22:21:38ZSlovaks make up a significant portion of the population in Austrian villages near the border. mystery of too serious card players2017-01-23T11:25:18ZWhen and where this fascinating photo was made is a mystery - the only lead the image of three card players fascinated by a bottle of wine reveals is its publisher. car to Lomnický štít is 75-year-old2017-01-22T07:15:00ZCable car workers commemorate cable car anniversary with stories, guided tours, and events. at Spiš2017-01-21T07:40:00ZThe waterfall Šikľavá rock located near Spišská Nová Ves changes during the winter to an icefall. at Žilinská saved, at least for next four years2017-01-19T22:12:44ZThe Old Town would like to obtain the plot on which the market stands. Events around Slovakia2017-01-19T18:32:03ZTips for for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between January 20 and January 29, including various concerts, parties, modern dance performances, opera and more. to get information also in English at city transport2017-01-19T13:37:35ZTo help the ever more tourists that come to Bratislava, names of crucial stops – e.g. terminal stops or those in and around city centre – will be announced in two languages. 120,000 kids got a letter from Ježiško this year2017-01-19T08:30:00ZThe eighteenth year of Christmas mail became the second most successful in the history of Christmas mail. Events in Bratislava2017-01-18T13:05:00ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between January 20 and 29, including party, concert, film festival, bazaar, exhibitions and more. composer Godár: Grants are killing artist’s self-esteem2017-01-16T17:11:47ZIt is a mistake if musicians and filmmakers do not make things they believe in, says one of the most significant Slovak composers. capsule placed in Handlová church2017-01-15T09:35:00ZA time capsule was made during reconstruction of the tower of Saint Katarína’s Church, the oldest historical-cultural monument in Handlová, central Slovakia. Slovaks‘ New Year Resolutions2017-01-14T09:25:00ZSlovaks Want to Be Healthier and Have More Family Time in 2017. is the best country for book lovers2017-01-12T22:49:45ZSlovakia has the biggest number of libraries per citizen, according to University of New York research. Events around Slovakia2017-01-12T16:40:06ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between January 13 and January 22, including a planetarium visit, an Indian evening, a lot of classical, rock and folk music, exhibitions and more. Nativity in High Tatras2017-01-12T12:20:32ZNear Rainer’s Cottage in the High Tatras stands a Nativity scene made from snow. on Danube suspended due to ice floes2017-01-11T23:15:22ZNavigation halted on the evening of January 11 from Bratislava to the Hungarian border. Events in Bratislava2017-01-11T15:20:19ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between January 13 and 22, including concerts, classical music, dance, competition, quiz, exhibition and more. Sunday admission to Slovak museums continues in 20172017-01-10T11:35:21ZThe big national cultural institutions operated by the Culture Ministry will be open to the public for free every first Sunday in the month. takes care of dumped Christmas trees in Bratislava2017-01-10T01:06:07ZThe waste disposal company will generate electricity from the trees at its incineration plant. Events around Slovakia2017-01-05T15:43:47ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between January 6 and January 15, including New Year’s concerts, a disco party, modern dance performance, workshop, exhibitions, and more. winter will arrive to Slovakia on Epiphany2017-01-05T13:47:24ZOn the Epiphany – January 6 – the first arctic day of this winter season is expected by meteorologists., or Three Kings’ Day is one of the oldest Christian holidays2017-01-04T22:55:41ZChristians all over the world, have commemorated the holiday of the Apparition of Lord – Three Kings’ Day, since the 3rd century. Thus, it is one of the oldest Christian holidays in Slovakia. Events in Bratislava2017-01-04T20:49:31ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between January 6 and 15, including concerts, classical music, ballet, meditation, course of Slovak language and more. Bratislava: New Year wraps city in an icy mantle2017-01-02T22:26:27ZBratislava looked like a kingdom of ice in the first days of 2017, thanks to special weather conditions, freezing fog. Take a look at some well-known tourist spots as well as hidden corners, frosted white.’s annual New Year’s Eve run again international2017-01-02T11:10:54ZThe 28th edition of the traditional end-of-year run across Bratislava’s bridges attracted a record number of runners. People love Christmas, hate commercialisation and stress2016-12-30T12:41:41ZAlmost all Slovaks celebrate Christmas; but almost half of them do mind the commercialisation and stress connected with the holiday. top stories: Is kissing with Slovaks really a challenge?2016-12-30T07:00:00ZForeigners in Slovakia do not always have it easy. And Slovak people may not be as poor as they claim. Peter Sagan and Donald Trump also feature among The Slovak Spectator’s most popular stories in 2016. Events in Bratislava2016-12-29T11:00:08ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between December 30 and January 8, including concerts, party, swing evening, classical music, market, meditation, exhibitions and more. Foreigners: Events around Slovakia2016-12-29T01:17:26ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between December 30 and January 8, including New Year’s concerts, parties, exhibitions, etc. old year farewell, welcoming 20172016-12-29T00:55:54ZUnlike the three days of Christmas, of which especially the first two are more low-key and family occasions, New Year’s Eve means going out, socialising and enjoying memorable parties.“Facebook” is the most searched word2016-12-28T12:36:08ZAmong the jumpers are ice hockey championship or Marian Kotleba. pyrotechnics prohibited in Bratislava, also on New Year’s Eve2016-12-28T12:26:16ZWhile it is possible to buy amateur pyrotechnics, people using them risk a fine in the capital. in Bratislava will be smart2016-12-28T12:07:56ZThis year the New Year’s Eve festivities will be centralised on Hviezdoslavovo Square. swimmers braved the ice-cold Váh on St. Stephen's Day2016-12-27T13:21:29ZThe traditional swim took place in water of 2.5 degrees Celcius. wartime state in modern art2016-12-27T06:25:00ZIn the current wave of extremist moods throughout Europe, as well as the radicalisation of politics in Slovakia, the exhibition at Kunsthalle Bratislava is presenting the works of contemporary artists inspired by the wartime Slovak State, which shows that history may repeat itself.’ Kremnica2016-12-26T06:55:00ZHiking trails in High Tatras could tell tales on how advantageous it was in the past to lie close to main railway lines; thanks to this fact, they thrived and got rich thanks to regular and abundant visits by moneyed clients from Budapest or Vienna. are the most popular names in Slovakia for babies2016-12-25T08:10:00ZThe most popular names for babies in 2016 are Ema and Jakub, same as last year. overwinter in Bratislava2016-12-24T08:55:00ZThe presence of falcons in the cities means that winter is coming. is the most affordable Christmas destination2016-12-22T22:58:19ZAn online travel agency compared 90 cities around the world and set the 2016 Christmas Price Index Events around Slovakia2016-12-22T16:42:20ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between December 23 and January 1, including Christmas and New Year’s concerts, parties, a festive zoo, exhibitions, and more. offers plenty of places for skating2016-12-22T15:08:18ZOpen skating rinks are in Old Town; it is also possible to skate in ice stadiums. carols from Slovakia sounded in Bethlehem2016-12-22T15:08:04ZGet in the mood of Christmas in Slovakia with Christmas carols in English that the Technik Choir sang in Bethlehem. is exceptional – even on a postage stamp2016-12-22T01:05:48Z2016 brought a special postage stamp to Slovakia: Instead of a historical personality, it features an athletic star, Peter Sagan. Spirit 2016 awards handed out2016-12-22T00:28:26ZThe Roma Spirit awards were given – for the eighth time – to people who help fight prejudice and ignore barriers connected with ethnicity, religion or social status. transport schedule changes from Friday2016-12-22T00:04:41ZDuring the whole Christmas season, the schedule for city transport in Bratislava will be changed; other Slovak cities tend to change it, too. Events in Bratislava2016-12-21T23:50:59ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between December 23 and January 1, including concerts, swing evening, classical music, ballet performance, exhibitions and more. you write to Ježiško?2016-12-21T14:53:38ZThe postal address 999 99 Ježiško (Baby Jesus) worked also this year. spend Christmas mostly at home2016-12-21T13:55:13ZPeople would like to have a non-traditional Christmas, but often do not go anywhere. celebrates fourth anniversary, starts new app2016-12-20T12:02:57ZThere are a host of museums and galleries in the Slovak capital, and one of the most prominent private ones is Nedbalka in the historical centre. across Slovakia: Day 362016-12-20T06:30:00ZNo tents, no sleeping rough, two teenagers and two adults, 900km, 4 rucksacks and some maps, a lot of maps: this is going to be fun. days of Christmas2016-12-19T06:20:00ZThis Christmas card dates, with all probability, to the 1930s. Although the writing it contains is in Slovak, the architecture of the village buildings shows that the artist who made this painting was probably Czech. Nordic walking tracks in Slovenský raj2016-12-18T08:50:00ZFour touristic circuits designated for Nordic walkers from four to 12.6 kilometres have been added up in Spiš and Slovenský raj surroundings. across Slovakia: Day 352016-12-17T09:00:00ZNo tents, no sleeping rough, two teenagers and two adults, 900km, 4 rucksacks and some maps, a lot of maps: this is going to be fun. movie wins award in Bulgaria2016-12-17T08:40:00ZAward from Bulgarian movie festival goes to Slovakia. Events in Slovakia2016-12-16T09:32:15ZTips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between December 16 and 30, including a lot of Christmas concerts, a winter fairy tale at a castle, modern dance and an attempt at the mass ice-skating record. for Pavol Demitra2016-12-16T08:20:00ZLegendary Slovak hockey player Pavol Demitra has his own memorial in Trenčín. In the shape of a hockey stick, it is located in front of the ice rink named after him. events wind up the Slovak presidency2016-12-16T06:50:00ZSlovakia's presidency over the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2016, has brought with it a host of political, economic, security and cultural events, offering more international prominence to the country. unveils altered second phase of Petržalka tram line2016-12-16T02:03:28ZNew variant of the project already works with some comments from the public. Events in Bratislava2016-12-14T20:10:35ZTips for performances and other events in the capital between December 16 and 25, including parties, concerts, classical music, Christmas markets, ballet, exhibitions and more. across Slovakia: Day 342016-12-14T06:30:00ZNo tents, no sleeping rough, two teenagers and two adults, 900km, 4 rucksacks and some maps, a lot of maps: this is going to be fun.