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Last Week in Slovakia

Slovakia orders a curfew and embarks on its COVID experiment

High turnout in testing in four northern districts, decision awaited on extending the project to the nation. Prison for a prominent prosecutor and parliament's speaker injured.Michaela Terenzani, 26. Oct 2020, at 12:24

Waiting for the results of COVID tests during the pilot phase of the nationwide testing in the town of Nižná in Orava, northern Slovakia.

Volunteering in developing countries is an adventure from beginning to end

Slovak Jozef Baňás spent 12 months volunteering in Georgia.ADRA Slovakia26. Oct 2020, at 12:04

Jozef Baňás
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Pity the nation

Americans’ choice of president on November 3 will affect Slovaks too.James Thomson, 26. Oct 2020, at 10:37

The second US presidential debate.
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First steps towards renewing public trust in the judiciary

In an in-depth interview, Minister of Justice Mária Kolíková outlines her ambitious plan to renew public trust in the judiciary.Connection team20. Oct 2020, at 12:00

Mária Kolíková
Last Week in Slovakia

PM wants to test everyone, Kotleba already positive in neo-Nazism

Nationwide testing is less utopian than the blackout but it is driven by the same ambition.Michaela Terenzani, 19. Oct 2020, at 11:45

PM Igor Matovič shows the antigen testing kit that should be used in the nationwide testing project in Slovakia.
Last Week in Slovakia

Last chance before lockdown or Bergamo, government says

The government tightened up measures again, coalition leaders clashed over them. Foreign policy keeps going strong as Belarussian freedom fighter visits.Michaela Terenzani, 12. Oct 2020, at 12:23

Masks will be compulsory out in the streets. The government hopes to contain the rising second wave of the coronavirus pandemic with its latest measures.
Last Week in Slovakia

On inconsistencies and national emergency (which is not a lockdown)

Ruling the country is all about containing the pandemic once again. Health minister says he no longer feels fully up to the task.Michaela Terenzani, 5. Oct 2020, at 12:34

Health Minister Marek Krajčí (right) says he is only staying as minister because he feels the trust of PM Matovič (left) and the public.

Taking pleasure in Trump's suffering would mean his cruel worldview won

There is only one way out of this mess.Benjamin Cunningham, 2. Oct 2020, at 18:17

US Presidential debate.
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Prešov wants to be the capital of culture. What's its vision?

First Deputy Mayor of Prešov Vladimír Feľbaba explains the vision and the passion behind Prešov's quest to become The European Capital of Culture in 2026 and what it would mean for the city.Vladimír Feľbaba28. Sep 2020, at 12:00

Centre of Prešov is localised often.
Last Week in Slovakia

PM Matovič continues to test negative

The PM steps in as coronavirus numbers steeply rise. It has been a steady week for Slovakia's foreign policy.Michaela Terenzani, 28. Sep 2020, at 10:55

PM Igor Matovič

Trust me, I’m not a politician

Central Europe’s finest populist practices are on display in Slovakia.Michaela Terenzani, 24. Sep 2020, at 19:00

Boris Kollár and Igor Matovič during the coalition talks in March 2020.

We are in the middle of a crisis, acting like nothing's wrong

This is the last generation that can change course.Jakub Filo, 24. Sep 2020, at 14:20

Čaputová addressed the UN General Assembly, called for responsible leadership

She mentioned climate change, but also Belarus and Navalny.23. Sep 2020, at 20:36

President Zuzana Čaputová
Nice driveway! An occasional column on life in Slovakia

Congratulations, you’ve won a thousand euros!

Slovakia will get about €7.5 billion – but for what?James Thomson, 23. Sep 2020, at 7:00

The switch to the euro has helped upgrade Slovakia's ratings.
Last Week in Slovakia

Czechia neither red nor green, and leaks all over

Situation in Slovakia is getting worse, authorities start taking measures, albeit reluctantly. Next Generation EU plan leaks.Michaela Terenzani, 21. Sep 2020, at 12:47

Entering Slovakia from the Czech Republic through the border crossing in Holíč, western Slovakia.

From resigned observers to truth-demanders. How Slovaks have changed in one decade

It's not just the president; sometimes it seems even the supermarket workers are cut from a different cloth than before.Andrew L. Giarelli16. Sep 2020, at 7:00

On New Year’s Eve, Czech and Slovak hikers meet at the Veľká Javorina peak on the border of the two states, to celebrate the Czecho-Slovak friendship.
Last Week in Slovakia

Slovakia might have squandered its moment to take a breath

The fall brings stricter measures yet authorities are determined to keep borders and economy as open as possible.Michaela Terenzani, 14. Sep 2020, at 12:27

Late summer days in Bratislava will be marked by stricter anti-COVID measures as cases surge in the capital.
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Slovakia has an historic chance within reach. Despite the crisis

A concise summary of EU's efforts to help the member countries pull through the economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis by Ľudmila Majláthová (Representation of the European Commission).Ľudmila Majláthová14. Sep 2020, at 12:00

European Union leaders during a round table meeting at an EU summit in Brussels on July 17, 2020.

Quo vadis – Rule of Law Initiative?

An overview of the business community’s efforts in improving the rule of law in Slovakia.Michal Krčméry11. Sep 2020, at 7:05

AmCham has organised several events focusing on the improvement of rule of law.

My encounter with the heart of Slovaks

I am moved beyond words by the beautiful spirit Slovaks possess, says foreigner Oscar Mathews following a hospital stay in Žilina.Oscar Mathews8. Sep 2020, at 9:00

"My krásna manželka (beautiful wife) and I."