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50 years since 1968

Tanks have stripped the regime naked

Communist leaders cared little about the ideology. They only wanted power.Beata Balogová, 20. Aug 2018, at 22:51

Tanks in Bratislava
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Blog: The economy’s need of Shared Service Centers

Shared Service Centers - soon the second biggest employer in Slovakia with over 60 thousand people - how did it get there and where is it heading?Paul Bart20. Aug 2018, at 12:30

Business service centres are expanding outside the capital as well.

Sensible policies would have urged more infrastructure spending in the south

We can not pretend that EU policies addressing southern Europe’s various liquidity and budgetary crises did not contribute to the collapsing infrastructure in southern Europe.Benjamin Cunningham, 19. Aug 2018, at 20:18

The collapsed bridge in Genoa

We will not allow Ján and Martina to be forgotten

Statement from Slovak journalists half a year after the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina KušnírováCompiled by Spectator staff, 17. Aug 2018, at 14:00

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50 years since 1968

Our emigrants’ stories: lessons in humanity

Slovaks who fled the 1968 occupation tell us what it means to be a refugee.Michaela Terenzani, 15. Aug 2018, at 13:01

Pictures from The Gift pantomime show. Milan Sladek wrote it in the Swedish Goteborg in 1969 as a metaphor of Czechoslovakia's cohabitation with the Soviet Union.
50 years since 1968

The memory of emigration will survive in our children's childrenPhoto

Dušan Tóth, a noted figure of the Slovak community in Canada remembers 1968 and his emigration.Dušan Tóth15. Aug 2018, at 10:00

Last days in Austria before departure to the US. Dušan and Valika Tóth, their son Petrík, and the parents, sisters and brother-in-law of Valika Tóth.

America is rolling into a town near you

We want to know what people throughout the country are optimistic about, what concerns them, and how they view the relationship between Slovakia and the United States, US ambassador to Slovakia writes.Adam Sterling13. Aug 2018, at 6:30

US Ambassador to Slovakia Adam Sterling

If we do not resist evil, we go along with it

Gas chambers were preceded by eight or so years of seemingly reasonable people trying to rationalise irrational racism.Benjamin Cunningham, 11. Aug 2018, at 13:00

Donald Trump
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Blog: Need for increased collaboration on human capital challenges

In our fast-changing world, organizations need to reconsider their role in the society to stay relevant.Zuzana Kostiviarová6. Aug 2018, at 12:30

Fico is only stealing. Ideas from Orbán

The former prime minister is just stealing ideas from Orban, joining the ranks of those who destroy democracy.Beata Balogová, 2. Aug 2018, at 16:01

Hungarian PM Orbán with Slovak counterpart, Fico.

United Europe is our best chance for a life of freedom and security

Our success goes hand-in-hand with the advancement of European integration. That is what connects us, Germans and Slovaks, the most, writes German ambassador to Slovakia.Joachim Bleicker2. Aug 2018, at 8:00

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Letter from Canada


You don’t choose them, but you rarely want to change them.Tom Nicholson, 29. Jul 2018, at 14:25

I had very decent neighbours in Svätý Jur, but even there, people responded quizzically to acts of altruism.
Letter from Canada

No thanks for daddy

To the uninitiated, a 10-year-old’s birthday party might seem like a tame way to spend the day. Ha!Tom Nicholson, 24. Jul 2018, at 9:45

Northumberland Picnic Chocolate Cake

Who are the new censors?

Censorship is not the same animal that it was in the seventies. There is no censor waving his stamp and diligently adding disobedient authors to the growing list of state enemies.Beata Balogová, 23. Jul 2018, at 19:43

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Blog: How business mentoring can change our schools for the better

Business mentoring benefits both involved parties and has the potential to change Slovak schools for the better.Caroline Jenner23. Jul 2018, at 12:30

Junior Achievement Slovakia organises various events, including a fair of student companies.

Here is how I measure the speed of integration

Babiš proposes to end war, poverty and religious extremism with a snap of our fingers. Why hasn’t anybody else thought of this?Benjamin Cunningham, 20. Jul 2018, at 17:55

Andrej Babiš, Czech prime minister

Trump plays with the world like a spoiled child

The White House is now broadcasting its most spectacular soap opera, beating and overcoming those of sundry leaders from different continents and different times.Beata Balogová, 19. Jul 2018, at 15:20

Donald Trump

The better it gets, the worse it gets

In countries like Slovakia, we are in danger of ignoring real progress because we are enraged by the flaws that remain, and altering our standards as time goes by.Tom Nicholson, 19. Jul 2018, at 13:30

More reasons to stay

Excluding people doesn’t just affect those who choose to leave.Michaela Terenzani, 18. Jul 2018, at 9:39

Letter from Canada

Begin afresh

I’m not sure if there is a typical Canadian way to get married.Tom Nicholson, 16. Jul 2018, at 13:27