Press, a.s.rss_contact_email We can always count on the nerds…2017-04-25T14:40:00ZBrands need to focus on doing good and that this approach is the only option if they want to stay relevant, credible and even profitable, says Thomas Kolster. fake news2017-04-24T17:46:22ZOne of Slovakia’s media schools has invited a well-known conspiracy theorist to an academic conference. What does this say about the state of the Slovak media? Underground economy flourishes in the queues2017-04-24T15:40:00ZA foreigners' real experience at the foreigners’ police department in Bratislava. fightback starts here2017-04-21T07:15:00ZVoters and consumers feel powerless and angry. But sometimes the system does actually work, after a fashion. is not a game, and these are not children2017-04-20T18:25:38ZIf politicians care about the future of the country, they need to offer young protesters with specific demands more than the just same old vague assurances. Tuesday is better than Friday2017-04-19T10:30:00ZA foreigners' real experience at the foreigners’ police department in Bratislava. Automotive sector in Slovakia: a blessing, which might (soon) turn to a curse2017-04-18T06:50:00ZAutomotive industry struggles by lack of labour force and rigid legislature. Find the last person2017-04-16T17:30:00ZA foreigners' real experience at the foreigners’ police department in Bratislava. What I know about "the list"2017-04-10T13:35:26ZA foreigners' real experience at the foreigners’ police department in Bratislava. Generation Z as a factor in shaping the future2017-04-10T06:30:00ZGeneration Z is changing the consumer behavior quite significantly, it may be argued that they are one of the key indicators of what marketing will look like in the next few years.án is busy creating his own migration crisis2017-04-09T21:15:56ZPushing CEU out of Hungary would not only mean fewer smart people from abroad would pass through Budapest, but that bright Hungarian students who would otherwise study at home will now most likely seek higher education elsewhere. are efforts for positive changes in Roma community2017-04-08T08:00:00ZThe many active Slovak citizens we met – of both Roma and non-Roma heritages – give me optimism that future International Roma Days will give us more to celebrate, US envoy writes. Building new identities: communist-era landmarks of Bratislava2017-04-07T12:43:30ZThe era when communism dominated the national political landscape, resulted in dramatic changes in the panorama of Bratislava, contributing to the creation of many of the city’s modern landmarks, including the inverted pyramid. Return to innocence2017-04-07T11:30:00ZNever leave your drink unattended, you never know how fast it can become the perfect medium for disguising a few drops of love potion. place for hoaxes2017-04-06T17:42:11ZFor a newswire to seek to broaden its range of sources is understandable. But to do so with no regard for their accuracy or reliability is not. the world lost the story of old Kóhn2017-04-04T17:37:16ZLet us seek stories in our families too, because one day those who could tell them will no longer be with us. the Mečiar amnesties is similar to the Watergate scandal2017-04-03T09:21:30ZBack in the 1970s, US President Richard Nixon, among other things, ordered a gang of thugs to break into the political opposition’s headquarters and then used the state security services to help cover it up. now, Scots told by UK2017-03-29T16:26:44ZScotland's pro-independence leader may secretly be relieved not to have to stage referendum while Brexit underway How can the international community help national parks in Slovakia?2017-03-29T13:34:08ZThe current system of conservation with rapid habitat losses inside national parks is insufficient to sustain biodiversity and protect our biological heritage. don’t bring me flowers2017-03-24T06:30:00ZAs Mrs Dubovcová has discovered, there is scant political passion when it comes to abuses of human rights – that is, the rights of each and every one of us to fortune2017-03-23T17:10:18ZBritain will trigger Article 50 to leave the EU on 29 March. She and her EU partners could, and should, guarantee the rights of their citizens living abroad – including tens of thousands of Slovaks in the UK. That they have not is a disgrace. cannot cure cancer2017-03-16T20:31:09ZThere is corruption in the highest places after all, general prosecutor admits. verdict could lead to early Slovak spring2017-03-16T06:50:00ZIf parliament upholds cabinet decision and unblocks Kováč Jr. case, more than justice will be served. Visegrad on its way out of Europe?2017-03-15T14:00:00ZThe V4 project has veered from its original purpose, never mind the positive, if idealized, concept of Central Europe. murders were not “the lesser evil”2017-03-14T12:38:16ZPeople who adore Hitler and his ally now sit in the parliament. account long overdue2017-03-09T12:54:06ZScrapping the Mečiar amnesties would go some way towards restoring trust in the system. of hypocrisy2017-03-03T21:53:48ZIt is not Coca-Cola’s fault that Central Europeans — as they often do in politics — passively accept cheap imitations. extremism before it starts2017-02-28T13:29:58ZSchools in Slovakia must do a better job of developing their students’ critical thinking skills from an early age, US envoy says. Exploring 20th century military sites in Bratislava2017-02-24T13:10:24ZIt seems to be the fate of military sites and objects in Bratislava that none of them were ever used for the purposes they were built for - cavernas from WWI, bunkers from WWII, nuclear shelters or the anti-aircraft missile base from the Cold War could never test their prowess. praise of concrete2017-02-24T08:35:00ZIt was once notorious for its drab tower blocks and urban crime, but Petržalka now epitomises modern Slovakia. shallow waters, experts are expendable2017-02-23T17:35:52ZMihál says that it is Sulík, the man whom his political opponents mocked for having a calculator for a brain, who “is pulling the party out of liberal waters and towards somewhere completely different”. exit from the EU will not weaken our links2017-02-22T12:00:00ZThe UK has no intention of undermining the stability of the EU, nor do we want to become more distant to our European neighbours, including those here in Slovakia, the ambassador writes. passion for truth we will enter a dark era2017-02-16T12:53:41ZFake news opens the door to power for populists and fascists. is the real populist?2017-02-13T13:55:53ZThere are two essential elements to defining a populist. In other words, true populists meet both criteria. A potter from Potters' Street2017-02-10T14:55:00ZIgor Macák has been practicing his trade for almost three decades. While, many of his colleagues gave up the trade long ago, others moved into creating a more commercial type of ceramic for interior design. is not the monster you are looking for2017-02-09T17:08:12ZSlovaks should know better than to trifle with religious freedoms, given their history of totalitarian regimes that have divided citizens into ‘worse’ and ‘better’ categories based on their religious beliefs.á spoke out even when they refused to listen2017-02-02T15:34:38ZSlovakia needs someone who will not bend the definition of human rights depending on whom Robert Fico or Richard Sulík want to please. to defeat populism?2017-01-30T06:30:00ZThe recipe for defeating the emotionally driven, but empty, populism now trending in Europe is the same as it has always been: Offer a better idea, actually believe it is better, and then take the time to explain to people why it is. again; and not this time either2017-01-27T18:53:57ZHolocaust anniversary assumes troubling relevance at this moment of political upheaval. to celebrate?2017-01-27T07:55:00ZReligious upheaval, violent revolution or the power of peaceful protest? Take your pick: 2017 offers the opportunity to remember them all. step forward, two steps back2017-01-26T13:18:14ZRoma patrols were one of the few examples that brought actual results for the minority and the majority. But at some point the project was allowed to drown during the change in governments. shame, Mr Gašpar2017-01-24T15:56:57ZPolice president's signature on uncivilized petition signals new low for nation's leadership Bratislava goes post-industrial2017-01-24T15:45:00ZThe nickname 'Manchester' was sometimes used to describe Bratislava by the late 19th and early 20th century because of its rapidly booming industry. back at the Obama presidency2017-01-16T06:30:00ZIn spite of accomplishments, many challenges remain. How/where are you, doctor?2017-01-13T09:00:00ZNot only higher salaries motivate doctors to move abroad. Many are pushed away by the mentality in the Slovak healthcare where being an active and progressive doctor is not always welcome. corruption, no problem2017-01-12T16:20:35ZThe interior minister says there is no corruption in the highest places in Slovakia. How could citizens not feel offended by his words? Kaliňák loses his job but keeps his 1990-style haircut2017-01-01T16:01:48ZIt would be a shame to start the New Year with an entirely negative outlook, so here are some positive predictions. to find out what worries us?2016-12-27T15:49:54ZTo see what worries Americans the most, look at how they interpret images from Europe, and vice versa. wishes in complicated times2016-12-22T07:50:00ZThe rage, the disappointment and the fear linger. How are we to cope with them in the new year? Where is the TV camera?2016-12-20T09:20:00ZWith Christmas fast approaching, the inflation of charitable events has been taking over Slovakia. Yes, it’s that time of the year when I wish people noticed that children’s hospitals have more wards than the “oncology” one. is out of ideas2016-12-19T15:30:00ZWith Slovaks concerned about other, real things, Fico has set about inventing fake problems and enemies. is revolting, again2016-12-16T13:10:00ZWith much of Europe in a funk, Austrian voters’ choice of a civilized candidate for president on December 4 gives some grounds for hope, at the end of what has been a wretched year. Exploring socialist housing estates2016-12-16T09:10:00ZPetržalka, one of the largest prefabricated housing estate areas in Central Europe, became a legend. do not need gala events to make a good name for Slovakia2016-12-08T08:10:00ZWe need to work to be exemplar and excellent, we must become an exemplary country, clearly anchored in values, with clear rules, a community faithful to justice and lawfulness, a paranoia-free society. looking the other way2016-12-02T08:35:00ZWere all these controversies worth it for Lajčák, a man who could have made a career in any top diplomatic body in Europe and beyond, and need never have sullied himself with party politics? vulgar Slovak rules2016-11-29T09:55:00ZPM Fico’s “prostitutes” was intended to demoralize progressive part of country I Am Because We Are2016-11-28T14:00:00ZToday, Slovaks have a lot more power than they had at any other point in history. Perhaps the time has come to look at corruption differently and stop seeing it as something we are passive victims of? lyricist wants to oust Czech President Zeman from the Castle2016-11-28T07:35:00ZThere are many similarities between the Czech presidential candidate Michal Horáček and Slovak President Andrej Kiska. is coming2016-11-25T10:35:00ZAmerica elects Donald Trump, Slovakia’s top sportswoman endorses quack medicine, and the king of ‘New Age conspiracism’ is to visit Bratislava. Are we nearing the end times? prostitution in a post-truth era2016-11-24T16:37:15ZNobody is asking for any profound mutual love between the prime minister and the media. In fact, there is no room in this relationship for any kind of passion; love would be just as dangerous as the hate that burst out at Wednesday’s press conference. The battle of stories: East versus West2016-11-18T13:45:00ZIf Slovakia is to present itself on a global stage, it must learn to communicate its story to people who know nothing about our country. bubble, your bubble, our bubble2016-11-11T14:25:00ZLike in the pre-1989 times, people seem to have returned to their bubbles, seeking a safe place to share their real thoughts and leave the world outside. Pressburg, Pozsony or Post-communism - what is Bratislava?2016-11-11T13:10:00ZThe story of Bratislava is peculiar, but not because of our history connected to Austria-Hungarian empire and Habsburgs but because Bratislava can amaze visitors by its growth and changes it experienced during 20th century. hopes2016-11-10T15:54:34ZTrump is the symbol of a loss of trust in institutions. The fact that he will now sit at the helm of one of the most powerful institutions in the world is a sad paradox.’s embarrassing Trump club2016-11-09T12:45:37ZBoth government and opposition leaders channel support for billionaire American xenophobe is America's reality2016-11-09T08:41:32ZAmerica has nothing to celebrate today, they elected the parody of the American dream. Trump means for Slovakia2016-10-31T07:00:00ZThe vitriolic rhetoric that Donald Trump and his like have been engaging in over the past months is not going to go away once the election booths close, regardless of the result. to recalibrate?2016-10-28T11:10:00ZThe idea that Slovakia is not a rich country is deeply ingrained in the Slovak psyche. But is it true? Panama, Slovak style2016-10-28T07:55:00ZEven if Žitňanská’s law were to cut the plundering by just by a small fraction, we are still talking about some tens of millions of euros. Na Slovensku po slovensky2016-10-24T13:30:00ZSlovaks are a small nation, international languages are a currency they must acquire. Global markets at our doorstep2016-10-18T14:30:00ZIn Slovakia, entrepreneurialism is still stigmatized. Historical legacies frame the entrepreneur as a parasite. Forever greedy, the speculative business owner takes, rather than gives to a vulnerable society. Bratislava be a "24-hour city"?2016-10-16T09:45:00ZThere is good reason for the Slovak capital to think about nightlife as a legitimate contributor to the economic and cultural health of the city. Na zdravie!2016-10-14T14:03:43ZTo have alcohol producers among the sponsors of a health conference organised by the Health Ministry is a faux pas, as the French would say (with or without a glass of champagne in hand). Don’t call me an Eastern European!2016-10-14T11:25:00ZWhat to do with our ‘Eastern Europe’ label? Keep it or ditch it?áč passes, but his struggle continues2016-10-13T15:57:31ZIf we think the ways of the 1990s are behind us we are mistaken. end of a newspaper2016-10-10T10:44:50ZThe downing of Népszabadság is another blow for media freedom in Hungary, where things that are incompatible with democracy have been happening for a long time. Kováč chose courage2016-10-06T08:33:53ZHe said no in the times when it was easier to say yes to the machinery of mečiarism. to medicines: Solutions may not lie where you think2016-10-04T10:35:00ZAccess to healthcare is a fundamental right and yet it is being denied to some EU citizens on an almost daily basis across the bloc. direction2016-09-30T09:00:00ZThe beginning of the end: Even Smer’s greatest strategic asset, unity, is splintered as MEPs openly criticise the party’s direction — or lack thereof.čák a relevant UN candidate with little chance2016-09-29T15:59:12ZThe only thing that Fico could have done for Lajčák in Kremlin is the promise that Russia will not veto him. circles2016-09-28T13:24:41ZAs the ruling party sheds a senior member, the question of what it stands for remains unanswered. International Migration: A Driver of Human Evolution?2016-09-23T12:30:00ZFrom departure to return, we are witnessing the birth of new global Slovakia. One Slovak at a time. Another day with empty streets2016-09-23T09:25:00ZI arrived in Slovakia on January 6, 2000, after a whole night spent in the famous “Dacia” express train from Bucharest to Vienna. The streets were quite empty and most shops were closed. are the last defenders of Europe?2016-09-15T18:00:00ZThe European dream has always been most threatened by politicians who got stuck halfway from autocracy to democracy. there is to know about goodbye sex2016-09-15T14:43:18ZIn Slovak, ‘goodbye sex’ is now what a client-turned-employee of a drug rehabilitation centre does to a 14-year-old girl in his care. instead of protection2016-09-15T11:40:00ZThe suspicions of sexual and mental abuse suggest this was not an isolated case. in Slovakia2016-09-09T09:00:00ZWhite majority remains indifferent to horrific experiences of non-white visitors. ‘The Kiss Of Judas’: Will the heart of Europe be sacrificed once more?2016-09-08T17:42:25ZSlovakia has been recently tipped off as a country to watch by George Friedman, a geopolitical forecaster. a black hole - again2016-09-07T07:15:11ZIt gives no one who loves this country any pleasure to see a Slovak leader lumped together with bug-eyed bigots like Wilders and Trump. are still friends after Brexit2016-09-06T06:30:00ZThe UK will continue to work with its partners overseas to tackle the most important issues of the day. sort of statemanship2016-09-03T17:00:24ZPoliticians from Central Europe led opposition to the quota policy, which was approved at the European Union level, and now like to point to its failure as proof of their own wisdom. In fact their refusal to implement the plan sabotaged it before it began. to nowhere?2016-09-02T10:15:00ZBratislava should be a great place to cycle around, and maybe one day it will be. But for now, there are still a few obstacles for the urban cyclist. not to celebrate the SNP2016-09-01T18:25:08ZThere had been a lot of talk about increased focus on preventing extremism when the current ruling coalition was put together. 1944 thousands of people made a heroic gesture. And today?2016-08-30T10:21:25ZThe Slovak National Uprising was successful morally rather than in military terms. People understood that in a certain moment one can no longer just watch and wait for a satisfactory resolution, that others will do it for us. Slovakia is not easy2016-08-30T07:05:00ZCanadian diplomat leaves Slovakia after five years, sums up her impressions. was a significant moment in history2016-08-29T07:30:00ZThe story of US-Slovak military cooperation began with the Slovak National Uprising. Slniečkars from all Slovakia, unite!2016-08-19T11:30:00Z“How do you translate slniečkar in English?” I ask my Slovak colleague. “Ha! I don’t know what it exactly means in Slovak either.”’s problem2016-08-19T06:30:00ZWhile Slovak politics do not match this larger model exactly, the current apolitical government certainly does and the recent collapse of Sieť is playing into the trend, while fuelling anger at politics generally. Can small Slovak NGOs help solving global challenges?2016-08-17T14:30:00ZA small gesture in the beginning can have a huge impact in the end, especially when workshops and educative tools are used on a weekly basis. from Sieť2016-08-17T13:30:50ZParty's breakup offers textbook example of how not to do things.