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Balíkobox parcel drop boxes in Petržalka will in part make up for the loss of services at the post offices.
Part of services taken over by parcel drop boxes. 13. Jan 2023, at 15:04
Marián Kotleba in Michalovce on January 8, 2022.
Airbus announces a subsidiary in Slovakia, a new Liptov sauna. 12. Jan 2023, at 18:25
People in Michalovce commemorate the death of nurse Erika on January 8, 2023.
In eastern Slovakia, a nurse's murder led to a face-off between the Roma and Marian Kotleba. 12. Jan 2023, at 18:10
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But the most pressing concern is the same for all EU inhabitants. 12. Jan 2023, at 13:40
Igor Matovič
Members condemn his ongoing attacks on president and LGBT+ community. 12. Jan 2023, at 10:27
Unexpectedly warm weather in Slovakia to continue, Vlhová gets first win. Learn more in today's digest. 11. Jan 2023, at 17:28
The Patriot air defence missile system at the Sliač military airport, central Slovakia, on April 27, 2022.
One hundred US soldiers to also leave. 11. Jan 2023, at 16:52
Health Minister Marek Krajčí (left) and PM Igor Matovič (both OĽaNO) welcome the first Sputnik vaccine doses in Slovakia.
More than 20,000 lives could have been saved, study suggests. 11. Jan 2023, at 11:43
Some doctors' offices have introduced a disputable fee to cover their increased energy costs.
A trip to a waterfall and a change that can help foreign workers. 10. Jan 2023, at 18:31
A doctor demonstrates a model treatment of a broken arm during the opening ceremony of the new A&E department at the Prievidza Hospital located in Bojnice on October 3, 2022.
The Health Ministry claims it is seeking a solution. 10. Jan 2023, at 18:25
The hydrogen bus in Trnava.
Town included in demonstration event. 10. Jan 2023, at 11:38
Štrbské pleso resort on December 31, 2022.
Štrbské Pleso is almost without snow. 10. Jan 2023, at 11:34
Police warn against a mobilisation hoax, Ukrainian doctors tired of fighting bureaucracy, and more retail parks will emerge in 2023. 9. Jan 2023, at 17:55
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Doctors have been waiting months to have their diplomas recognised. 9. Jan 2023, at 15:13
PM Eduard Heger (OĽaNO) arrives at the parliament before the vote on the motion of no confidence in the government in Bratislava on Thursday, December 15, 2022.
Political parties are subsumed by the possibility of a snap election, while President Zuzana Čaputová prepares to announce if she will run for re-election. 9. Jan 2023, at 6:30
The fireball captured by the Global Fireball Observatory camera at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Alberta.
Comenius University operated system important for study. 6. Jan 2023, at 12:37
A selection of this year's changes in tax and insurance legislation. Plus, a new duty for home beer makers. 5. Jan 2023, at 18:19
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Charges for disrupting the peace could send the guilty to jail. 5. Jan 2023, at 11:27
Why cybersecurity giant Eset could leave Slovakia. Learn more in today's digest. 4. Jan 2023, at 17:44
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Covid measures partly behind more infections, experts believe. 4. Jan 2023, at 17:26
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