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Employment news from Slovakia

Shortfall of qualified workers depresses the Slovak labour market

Experts find a way out by reshaping the education scheme.Jana Liptáková, 12. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Automation – an opportunity or a threat?

The search is underway for talent to fill jobs that do not even exist today.Igor Šulík and Michal Lukáč9. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Average wage is expected to increase to above €1,000 in 2018

Lack of qualified labour drives up wages.Jana Liptáková, 7. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Lack of labour force: Is employing people over 50 an answer?

Older people can bring added value to a job.Dana Blechová2. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Why do people want to change jobs? The survey gives an answer

A poll finds that the number of people dissatisfied with their jobs has been increasing, often quitting and finding new work.Compiled by Spectator staff, 30. Jan 2018, at 13:59

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Who are the top employers of 2017?

This year respondents changed priorities when choosing the most attractive employers.Compiled by Spectator staff, 29. Jan 2018, at 21:09

Women receive lower pensions

But the differences are still lower than in most EU countries.Radka Minarechová, 20. Nov 2017, at 6:30

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Valorisation mechanism changes

But not everybody is satisfied with some of the latest changes.Radka Minarechová, 20. Nov 2017, at 6:30

Unfair practices or a market advantage?

Slovak companies see lower local wages to be one of a few competitive advantages.Jana Liptáková, 13. Nov 2017, at 6:30

The number of workers sent from Slovakia to other EU countries is increasing.

Less money and missing links await expats upon return

Though life as a stranger in a foreign country is not easy, the return home also presents expats with certain obstacles, says Andrea Sadloňová, a returnee to Slovakia, in an interview.Peter Adamovsky, 7. Nov 2017, at 6:30

Andrea Sadloňová

Migration finally reverses

Slovaks return home due to fixed travel time, family interests, sentimentality, but also to utilize experience gained from abroad.Peter Adamovsky, 7. Nov 2017, at 6:30

There are several factors behind the decisions of Slovaks to come back from abroad.

Minimum wage in Slovakia to rise from January

The minimum wage in Slovakia will be hiked to €480, from the beginning of next year.Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Oct 2017, at 23:42

Disputes surround the minimum wage discussion

Slovak jobseekers have better English than Czechs and Hungarians

A study by a job-procuring website found that Slovaks beat their neighbours in knowledge of English.Compiled by Spectator staff, 3. Oct 2017, at 23:22

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Rules for illegal labour will be less strict

The change is considered a welcomed compromise.Compiled by Spectator staff, 27. Jun 2017, at 14:22

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Government to attract people back from the UK

It expects that dozens of thousands of people may return, but experts have doubts about the plan.Compiled by Spectator staff, 27. Jun 2017, at 5:59

Flags displayed on a tourist stall, backdropped by the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower containing the bell know as Big Ben, in London.
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Blog: Millennials through the eyes of leaders

What motivates millennials and what are their strengths and weaknesses?Lenka Bábelová19. Jun 2017, at 8:30

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The Interior Ministry wants to tighten labour restrictions for foreigners

Ministry says some non-EU citizens enroll in language course to work here.Compiled by Spectator staff, 7. Jun 2017, at 14:36

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák during the session of the no-confidence vote.

Dual education still ironing out the bugs

Cooperation between companies and schools should help diminish the lack of qualified workforce in key industries.Erik Rédli, 16. May 2017, at 6:35

Labour offices register graduates for less than six months

The most unemployed graduates were in Prešov Region, followed by Košice and Žilina.Compiled by Spectator staff, 16. May 2017, at 6:30

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Robots are coming to Slovak industry

There are already more than 1 million robots registered throughout the world.Peter Adamovsky, 15. May 2017, at 6:35

Robots assemble vehicles in the carmaker Kia Motors Slovakia.