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Housing and investment in Slovakia

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The pandemic did not affect the construction of new residential real estate in the capital last year. 19. Nov 2021, at 13:55
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Living is the most expensive in modern history of Slovakia in all regions. Tomáš Vašuta3. Nov 2021, at 12:06
People visit shopping centres to go to restaurants, too.
Willingness to innovate and expand their function as places of entertainment makes shopping centres ‘crisis-resistant’. 26. Oct 2021, at 11:30
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Expensive building materials are contributing to the rise in costs. 4. Oct 2021, at 10:58
Behind the decline of the Slovakia's economy is the COVID-19 pandemic.
Laura Dittel of the Carpathian Foundation urges to make the most of the experience of the last year, build resilience and turn it into a new vision for our future. Laura Dittel28. Sep 2021, at 12:05
After Bratislava, Košice is the second-most popular destination for business service centres in Slovakia.
Selected experts share their views on what the key ingredients are for creating a functional innovation ecosystem in Košice. Connection team2. Sep 2021, at 12:00
Nové Domino project visualisation
The approval comes after years of protests and changes. Tomáš Vašuta26. Aug 2021, at 20:29
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The Slovak Spectator brings you the set of the most frequently asked questions with regard to buying and selling real estate in Slovakia. 22. Aug 2021, at 13:35
The Slovak Spectator brings you the set of the most frequently asked questions with regard to renting an apartment in Slovakia. 20. Aug 2021, at 13:40
With favourable labour market developments and schools opening their gates soon, landlords have no reason to decrease rental prices. 18. Aug 2021, at 11:48
Habermayer Palace has been falling apart for decades.
A development company brushed off project for reconstruction. Tomáš Vašuta6. Aug 2021, at 15:23
The skyline of Bratislava
Tibor Lörincz from Tatra Banka takes a closer look at the particular problem Bratislava is facing when it comes to real estate development. Tibor Lörincz3. Aug 2021, at 11:47
The Nivy development
The complex combining a bus station and a shopping centre should open by the end of September. 30. Jul 2021, at 14:07
Higher prices impacted by housing shortage. 14. Jul 2021, at 11:55
The skyline of Bratislava has been changing rapidly.
The largest developers and projects in Slovakia, sustainable construction, and the future of offices post-pandemic are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus. 25. Jun 2021, at 13:31
The skyline of Bratislava is changing.
Selection of large and interesting residential projects under construction in Bratislava. 25. Jun 2021, at 7:00
Prologis Park Bratislava
The sector will continue to be driven by e-commerce, the automotive sector and the global trend of sustainability. 22. Jun 2021, at 16:30
A number of projects are under construction in the capital.
Apartment construction lagging demand as more people move to capital. 17. Jun 2021, at 7:00
Bratislava is experiencing a development boom in the former industrial zone.
Sustainability to play a key role in investors’ decisions. 15. Jun 2021, at 7:00
Marián Hlavačka
Sustainable construction means different things to different cities. 11. Jun 2021, at 7:00
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