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The first Slovak skyscraper, the Eurovea Tower (right).
Prices of flats were not disclosed. and 1 more13. Mar 2023, at 15:47
Environment Minister Ján Budaj.
Conditions will change from late March. 13. Mar 2023, at 11:55
Big real estate projects are to change the face of Bratislava.
These big real estate projects are being prepared in the capital. 9. Mar 2023, at 19:29
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Trend unlikely to change soon, say experts. and 1 more8. Mar 2023, at 17:07
A visualisation of the Marina Complex apartment.
Several flats in Bratislava could be bought for the price of the most expensive one. 28. Feb 2023, at 22:35
Čerešne residential project in Bratislava.
A developer in the Slovak capital is offering a try-before-you-buy concept. 23. Feb 2023, at 18:39
Lands where the former temporary bus station stood will probably change owners.
The HB Reavis Group is selling land. 16. Feb 2023, at 17:58
Some of the high-rise buildings in Bratislava.
Plans include reconstruction of old power plant. 8. Feb 2023, at 16:10
Visualisation of the Ister Tower project.
The Ister Tower project is slated to start construction next year. 9. Jan 2023, at 11:30
The East Tower project with the 250-metre tall tower.
The new landmark is planned for the site near Apollo Bridge. 27. Dec 2022, at 16:49
Own space at a good address. 28. Nov 2022, at 5:35
The Čatlošova vila building has been abandoned for a long time.
The former sanatorium was built between 1943 and 1945. 8. Nov 2022, at 11:39
Illustrative photo.
The decrease comes on the heels of rising interest rates and inflation. Tomáš Vašuta17. Oct 2022, at 18:02
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Slovakia's central bank has adjusted the rules for loans based on age. 14. Sep 2022, at 16:52
People in Bratislava earned the most in the first quarter of  2022, the Statistics Office announced.
The developer received an important zoning decision. 30. Aug 2022, at 14:43
New residential and office projects change the skyline of Bratislava.
The ranking of the biggest developers may change this year. and 1 more1. Aug 2022, at 18:05
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Warning mortgages may become unaffordable for low-income groups. 27. Jul 2022, at 10:49
the steeply increasing prices of residential real estate are making returns on such investments ever more distant in Bratislava.
The main reason? The steep increase in residential real estate prices. 26. Jul 2022, at 6:55
Prices of residential real estate keep rising in Bratislava.
Absolute prices of flats may hit the limit of what people can afford. 4. Jul 2022, at 7:30
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