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In the video, the presenter talked about the futility of wearing face masks and vaccination.
The mobile operator O2 Slovakia won its second Via Bona award in the Fair Market Player category. 30. Jun 2022, at 16:56
Slovak Telekom helps children and students not only to consume digital technologies but also to create new things with them.
Companies helping Ukrainian refugees, interview with an expert in volunteering, shortlisted companies for Via Bona awards and more regarding corporate social responsibility. 10. May 2022, at 12:00
The pandemic has worsened domestic violence in Slovakia.
Finalists of the Via Bona award in the category Outstanding Employer for 2021 10. May 2022, at 7:20
Lívia Gaľová
A communication specialist dealing with CSR talks about strategy, volunteering and the activities planned for this year.
9. May 2022, at 5:45
Slovak Telekom helps children and students not only to consume digital technologies but also to create new things with them.
Three companies are nominated for the Good Partner of the Community category. 2. May 2022, at 14:34
Zuzana Vinklerová
The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have urged two unprecedented waves of volunteering in Slovakia. 28. Apr 2022, at 15:00
Reusable packaging creates less waste.
Three finalists have been chosen for the Via Bona award in the Green Company category for 2021. 25. Apr 2022, at 15:54
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Consumers expect their love brands to motivate them towards more climate-friendly behaviour. 11. Nov 2021, at 9:41
The Via Bona Slovakia awards, granted to companies for their responsible and fair business, were distributed in nine categories.
This is the 21st year of the Via Bona awards. 8. Sep 2021, at 22:05
Tesco donates unsold food and organises food collections.
The retailer received the Via Bona award for a Responsible Large Corporation. Jana Hvozdovičová8. Sep 2021, at 22:05
Ares produces several devices to help the disabled.
Ares received the Via Bona award for Responsible Small/Middle-Sized Company. Jana Hambálková8. Sep 2021, at 22:05
Sewing and distributing face masks was one of the most frequent volunteering activities during the first wave of the pandemic.
Corporate social responsibility and volunteering during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as waste sorting are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus. 23. Apr 2021, at 18:03
The Via Bona awards are granted to companies that help their neighbourhood, employees or the business environment.
The Via Bona awards were granted for the 20th time. 10. Nov 2020, at 21:30
Ivana Vagaská, executive director of the Business Leaders Forum (BLF)
Companies should be actively engaged in environmental protection. 2. Mar 2020, at 11:14
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What are the specifics of the Slovak labour market that foreigners might find surprising? 3. Jan 2020, at 15:05
Gib Bulloch speaking at 2019 BLF CSR Summit in Bratislava.
Martina Kolesárová describes how the business mindset of the 21st century goes beyond profit, perceiving social impact as a goal and also as a potential business opportunity. Martina Kolesárová10. Dec 2019, at 16:05
A higher scope of recycling and the elimination of old, toxic environmental burdens are on Slovakia’s reform agenda.
More than one half of Slovaks still can't think of specific companies doing responsible business. 14. Nov 2019, at 12:22
Life does not end with a wheelchair.
Company Letmo SK wants to empower people with disabilities. Jana Hvozdovičová2. Apr 2019, at 22:05
People can also relax in a café.
Accenture thinks about its employees as well as the community. Jana Hvozdovičová2. Apr 2019, at 22:04
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