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Tourism and travel in Slovakia

Regularly updated information on travelling in Slovakia, including tips on the newest attractions and the traditional must-see sights. More information about travel in Slovakia can be found in our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide.

Pieniny National Park celebrates a special anniversaryVideo

The smallest national park in Slovakia was officially opened in 1967. Compiled by Spectator staff ,21. Nov 2017, at 13:56

Traditional rafting on the Dunajec river is a tourist attraction in Pieniny National Park.
The Curious Dutchman

Blog: Slovakia’s time to shine is now

People may be able to recognise Slovakia’s neighbouring countries through associations with food, drinks, beautiful cities or well-known political events. But Slovakia remains very much "hidden".Boudewijn Dekker20. Nov 2017, at 16:05

Bratislava Castle

The Dolina Čergova micro-region invests in religious tourism

Slovak-Polish cooperation will lead to a micro-museum with dozens of wooden church replicas. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Nov 2017, at 13:55

Basilica Minor in Ľutina

Blog: Four things that cannot be missed in the High Tatras this winterPhoto

Ready for snow and ice? Here are some tips that will make your winter trip to the Slovak mountains the coolest yet.Erik Ševčík19. Nov 2017, at 10:10

Visit wine cellars

The tour around Small Carpathian cellars offers not only wine tasting, but also a rich additional programme. Compiled by Spectator staff ,16. Nov 2017, at 13:48

Wine cellar

Artificial snowmaking has been begun in several areas in SlovakiaPhoto

Several ski resorts have already started artificial snowmaking in mid-November although the real start of ski season is expected by mid-December. Compiled by Spectator staff ,15. Nov 2017, at 14:02

Snowmaking at Štrbské Pleso

Liptovský Mikuláš voted Slovakia’s best town

The town in northern Slovakia, close to the Low Tatras, won the ninth edition of a competition in which the public votes for the best village or town. Compiled by Spectator staff ,14. Nov 2017, at 13:32

Liptovský Mikuláš, aerial view

Bus station Mlynské Nivy is gradually disappearingPhoto

Lots of material will be reused Jana Liptáková ,10. Nov 2017, at 8:18

Demolition of the Mlynské Nivy bus station.

St Martin’s festival to perk up Bratislava’s Old Town at weekend

The festival will offer the best of this year’s wines from the boroughs of Rača, Nové Mesto, Vajnory and Devín Compiled by Spectator staff ,9. Nov 2017, at 22:20

Tasting of wine during previous St Martin's Days

Bratislava has starred in several films playing Vienna, Sarajevo or New York

A tour will show which parts of Bratislava have served as film locations9. Nov 2017, at 7:06

The scene from the film Wilsonov in which Bratislava, the then-Wilsonov prepares for signing an agreement about joining the city with the USA.

In Belianske Tatry ski resort new chairlift is testedPhoto

A new four-chair ski lift will hopefully help increase the number of visitors. Compiled by Spectator staff ,8. Nov 2017, at 12:05

Strachan Ski Centrum prepares a new ski lift.

Via ferrata in the Kyseľ gorge closes for winterPhoto

The difficult hike for connoisseurs and experienced tourists will re-open in mid-June. Compiled by Spectator staff ,7. Nov 2017, at 13:40

Kyseľ gorge in Slovenský Raj

Gallery offers insight into functions of religious art in English

Gothic and Baroque art pieces will tell the story of the mystical lives of various saints and their significance Compiled by Spectator staff ,2. Nov 2017, at 20:47

The lecturer will be assistant of the Collection of Old Art Barbora Mistríková.

Walking in the sky in BratislavaPhoto

Those courageous enough can try walking a narrow window board around the SNP bridge's UFO restaurant at a height of 82 metres Jana Liptáková ,2. Nov 2017, at 11:17

Walking outside the UFO restaurant 82 metres above the ground.

What secrets do the Petržalka bunkers hide?Photo

The new cycling route offers an insight into the former military fortification close to the capital. Compiled by Spectator staff ,1. Nov 2017, at 5:43

Mikulášsky cemetery is an oasis of peacePhoto

People still come to lit candles for their deceased at the cemetery Jana Liptáková ,31. Oct 2017, at 15:00

Mikulášsky cemetery

New video meant to lure tourists captures attractions in Prešov RegionVideo

The tourism blooming in eastern Slovakia's Prešov Region in the first half of 2017; video shot to lure more tourists. Compiled by Spectator staff ,31. Oct 2017, at 14:18

Traditional-style rafting on the Dunajec river is popular.

The Bojnice Castle received prestigious certificatePhoto

TripAdvisor certificate is granted based on travellers’ evaluation. Compiled by Spectator staff ,30. Oct 2017, at 13:32

Bojnice Castle

Bratislava attracts visitors to its parks and greenery

Inflow of tourists into Bratislava grows; a new record of 1.5 million tourists is in sight Compiled by Spectator staff ,26. Oct 2017, at 23:53

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