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Postcard and a moka pot
The most frequently asked question they have to answer is: Why on Earth would anyone choose Slovakia over Italy? 7. Oct 2021, at 7:55
Alan Craig
Alan Craig’s diverse skillset and hankering for adventure have led him down interesting paths in Slovakia and beyond. 5. Oct 2021, at 7:00
Ukrainian tattoo artist Olesia Paskarenko (centre) came to Slovakia when she was 17 years old.
Many know her as Les, which means forest in Slovak. Olesia Paskarenko planned on becoming a landscape architect. Her plans changed a few years ago. 29. Sep 2021, at 7:02
Most Slovak believe that “we” should also include foreigners, although they are quick to point out that efforts to integrate should be undertaken mainly by the foreigners themselves.
Bratislava’s mayor is right that integration is a two-way street, but even the capital still has some way to go to see foreigners as residents rather than just visitors. 27. Sep 2021, at 14:26
No single list of foreigners who are entitled to vote in Slovakia exists.
The million-dollar question the state and towns can hardly answer. 24. Sep 2021, at 11:34
On the Spectator College podcast, Briton Addy Akram, who serves as a councillor in eastern Slovakia, talks about his journey into Slovak local politics.
Addy Akram speaks about how he became a local politician in eastern Slovakia and why foreigners should vote in Slovakia. 24. Sep 2021, at 11:17
Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo speaks to foreigners at [fjúžn] festival's "Ask the Mayor" event.
Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo addressed the questions and concerns of foreigners in Bratislava during a special Q&A. 23. Sep 2021, at 16:35
The latest Focus poll has found that 57.7 percent of Slovaks think the government should not be lenient when it comes to taking refugees in.
The latest Focus poll unveils how an ideal foreigner looks to Slovaks, and if Slovakia can ever become a home to foreigners. 20. Sep 2021, at 19:00
Finding a new home in Slovakia. 19. Sep 2021, at 12:40
Iranian comedian Nastaran "Nasi" Alaghmandan Motlagh is one of the faces of the fjúžn festival, which will kick off in Bratislava on September 16, 2021.
In addition to reciting Sohrab Sepehri, stand-up comedian Nastaran "Nasi" Alaghmandan Motlagh speaks about the fjúžn festival and the period in her life when her family left Iran and moved to Slovakia. 14. Sep 2021, at 11:19
Most foreign workers come from Ukraine. 23. Aug 2021, at 11:36
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The Slovak Spectator brings you the set of the most frequently asked questions with regard to buying and selling real estate in Slovakia. 22. Aug 2021, at 13:35
The Slovak Spectator brings you the set of the most frequently asked questions with regard to renting an apartment in Slovakia. 20. Aug 2021, at 13:40
Queen Elizabeth II, President Ivan Gašparovič and some participants from the British Council project Dreams and Teams, October 2008.
The organisation’s mission had not changed over the decades, says current head. 27. Jul 2021, at 7:00
In front of the Foreigners' Police in Bratislava
The majority of foreigners who came to work in Slovakia have a different profession, a recent IOM survey suggests. 13. Jul 2021, at 17:45
Sarah Hinlicky Wilson and her friend Peter picking cherries in Svätý Jur.
A new memoir recounts an American teenager’s year of romance and heartbreak in Slovakia during the country’s fledgling independence. 29. Jun 2021, at 14:30
Sputnik V vaccination in Slovakia
On June 14 the ministry expanded the group of people entitled for vaccination. 14. Jun 2021, at 17:42
Children often help improve mixed couples' relationship with their relatives. 1. Jun 2021, at 9:00
IOM’s Migration Information Centre, which also offers free Slovak language courses to migrants, celebrates 15 years. 27. May 2021, at 15:26
In front of the Foreigners' Police in Bratislava
The pandemic also affects foreigners and the services provided by the IOM migration centre. 5. May 2021, at 11:59
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