Protest planned for the birthday of murdered journalist postponed

Several civic initiatives calling for early elections have organised another protest, which was originally to take place in Námestie Slobody Square on May 17 but was postponed to May 25 and mvoed to SNP Square.Compiled by Spectator staff, 17. May 2018, at 13:00

The protest 'For a decent Slovakia' in SNP Square, Bratislava, March 16.

AZR and KDH ask government not to legalise marriage, adoptions for same-sex couples

THE ALLIANCE for Family (AZR) civic association has expressed concern regarding the gradual steps of the ruling Smer party which are leading to the introduction of registered same-sex partnerships which are…Compiled by Spectator staff, 15. Oct 2015, at 14:19

Justice Minister Tomáš Borec

Homophobe of the Year is Anton Chromík

THE WINNER of the third year of the anti-poll Homophobic of the Year has become the spokesman of the Alliance for Family (AZR) organisation supporting the traditional family and organiser of the failed February…Compiled by Spectator staff, 15. Jul 2015, at 14:19

Anton Chromík

Priest allegedly did not spread hate speech

THE HOMILY of Greek Catholic priest Rastislav Baka which he served before the February referendum on family was not hateful and did not violate any laws.  Compiled by Spectator staff, 13. May 2015, at 13:36

l-r: Greek Catholic Priest Rastislav Baka, Archbishop Ján Babjak, spokesperson for the Prešov Archbishopric Ľubomír Petrík

RTVS reporter in Alliance for Family ad, now KDH's spokeswoman

FORMER public-service Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS) anchor Natália Žembová is set to become new spokeswoman forthe Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) as of February 20. Compiled by Spectator staff, 20. Feb 2015, at 13:44

Christian Democratic Movement session

A plebiscite of true national importance

Interior Minister Kaliňák was right to refuse to reduce the success quorum on referenda, but the real problem is too many unsatisfied political egos. Tom Nicholson, 16. Feb 2015, at 7:20

Low turnout expected.

Kiska: Debt towards LGBTI minority increases after referendum

THE DISCUSSION leading up to the ‘referendum on the family’ showed how many people fail to understand what is troubling the LGBTI minority, what the minority wants and how it lives, President Andrej Kiska said in a…Compiled by Spectator staff, 10. Feb 2015, at 9:05

Referendum was not about helping families

Slovaks have rejected the controversial referendum which stirred negative emotions and divided the society from its very inception.  Beata Balogová, 8. Feb 2015, at 13:25

UPDATED: 8. FEB 2015, AT 17:45

Referendum is invalid

Turnout lower than expected. Radka Minarechová, 7. Feb 2015, at 22:02

Polls for referendum open

VOTERS in Slovakia will attend the eighth referendum in the history of independent Slovakia, focused on the protection of the traditional family.  Compiled by Spectator staff, 7. Feb 2015, at 7:01

Illustrative stock photo

S&D group of EU parliament slams Slovak referendum

THE SOCIALISTS and Democrats political group in the European Parliament, which included the ruling Smer party, is criticising the February 7 referendum that targets the country's LGBTI minority. Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Feb 2015, at 13:31

Pope Francis encourages Slovaks to protect families

POPE Francis has again encouraged Slovaks to continue their efforts to protect the family as a life-giving unit of society, the press office of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (KBS) informed.  Compiled by Spectator staff, 5. Feb 2015, at 9:57


Slovaks are most tolerant of sexual education question

OF 35 percent of voters who would attend the February 7 referendum on the protection of traditional family, only 5 percent would say no to all three questions.  Compiled by Spectator staff, 3. Feb 2015, at 13:35

Priests will call on believers to vote in referendum

SLOVAK bishops are mobilising believers to take part in the referendum on the definition of family set for February 7, news website reported January 29. Compiled by Spectator staff, 30. Jan 2015, at 14:00

UPDATEd: 30.Jan 2015, at 14:10

Referendum might be unvalid, poll suggests

LESS than 40 percent of eligible voters will take part in the February 7 referendum on three issues of marriage, adoption, and sex education, according to a Focus polling agency survey ordered by the Sme daily. Compiled by Spectator staff, 29. Jan 2015, at 19:14

Low turnout expected.

Poll: Referendum will fail

LESS than 40 percent of eligible voters will take part in the February 7 referendum on three issues of marriage, adoption, and sex education, according to a Focus polling agency survey ordered by the Sme daily. Compiled by Spectator staff, 29. Jan 2015, at 19:00

Referendum campaign sees controversy

Plebiscite supporters face criticism, while LGBTI advocates reject pre-referendum discussions Radka Minarechová, 29. Jan 2015, at 14:39

Casting a vote

Poll: Only 36 percent Slovaks plan to participate in referendum

Just 36 percent of Slovaks plan to take part in the upcoming referendum on protection of the family, according to a poll by the  Trenčín-based Alexander Dubček University. This would render it unvalid as referendum…Compiled by Spectator staff, 29. Jan 2015, at 14:00

Low turnout expected.

Legal expert breaks down referendum issues

In an interview for the Sme daily, constitutional law expert Marián Giba, a lecturer at the Law School of the Comenius University in Bratislava, offered his professional insight concerning the upcoming nationwide…Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská, 29. Jan 2015, at 13:15

Lawyer Marián Giba gives a thought on referendum.

The transcript of refused homily published

THE website published a transcript of the controversial sermon of Greek Catholic priest Rastislav Baka which the regional Radio Regina refused to broadcast as it, in its opinion, violated the rules for…Compiled by Spectator staff, 28. Jan 2015, at 14:00