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Bratislava M.R. Štefánik airport
26 percent more passengers passed through M.R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava compared to last year. 18. Jul 2018, at 22:33
Košice airport
The low-cost air carrier will fly from Košice to London Southend starting next April – in time for the ice-hockey World Championship. 18. Jun 2018, at 13:58
A Eurowings plane, illustrative stock photo.
After “winning” a connection to Düsseldorf in an online poll, the eastern-Slovak airport will also operate a regular line to Munich. 7. May 2018, at 13:33
Košice airport
The German airline will operate its first regular line in Slovakia since October. 30. Apr 2018, at 14:56
Bratislava airport
BTS processed 19 percent more people compared to the same period last year. 11. Apr 2018, at 13:54
Košice airport
2018 is the second best beginning in the history of Košice airport, its CEO said. 4. Apr 2018, at 13:48
A Flydubai plane in Bratislava, illustrative stock photo
The line from Slovak capital to Dubai, introduced in 2014, will see flights four times a week instead of the current three times. 3. Apr 2018, at 13:19
Two new connections were added as of March 27, while two more will expand the offers from June 2018. 28. Mar 2018, at 0:06
Košice airport
The Košice-Germany route won the popular vote in an poll among six destinations. 13. Mar 2018, at 22:18
Bratislava Airport
The Bratislava-based airport will offer more flights to the Moscow-Vnukovo airport in the summer 2018 season. 12. Feb 2018, at 13:49
Illustrative stock photo
The Hungarian low-cost airline will fly only one route to London from there. 8. Feb 2018, at 21:03
Bratislava airport
The number of passengers at airports around Europe went up – with the Bratislava airport marking a double-digit growth. 7. Feb 2018, at 13:53
On February 3, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 landed in Bratislava.
The Czech company Travel Service is one of the first airlines worldwide to purchase and operate this latest type of plane. 5. Feb 2018, at 13:45
Illustrative stock photo
The airport in Vienna, only about 60 kilometres from the Slovak capital, gains 17 new low-cost airliner flights. 16. Jan 2018, at 14:03
Airport Košice
The airport in southeast Slovakia calls the year 2017 the most successful in connecting this part of the country with other regions and countries, also thanks to new lines. 10. Jan 2018, at 13:33
Bratislava Airport
The M.R. Štefánik airport in Bratislava transported more than 1.9 million passengers last year but still has more to offer. 4. Jan 2018, at 20:49
Ryanair plane, illustrative stock photo
Passengers describe the panic that erupted on the Bratislava to London-Stansted flight when a man proclaimed he had a bomb. 4. Dec 2017, at 13:25
The company will introduce several changes to speed up boarding and eliminate flight delays. 24. Oct 2017, at 22:52
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