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Second shift to be added in mid-May as production gradually resumes. 5. máj5. May 2020, at 13:21
Car parts awaiting assembly at the Kia Motors plant in Žilina, central Slovakia.
It is the first automotive plant to re-open. Strict hygiene measures will remain in place. 31. mar31. Mar 2020, at 21:03
Volkswagen Slovakia has already interrupted production.
Extent of damage will depend on how long restrictions last. Some companies might benefit from the crisis. 19. mar19. Mar 2020, at 18:02
The suspension will last two weeks. 19. mar19. Mar 2020, at 13:13
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Peugeot 208 awarded for three various drives, rich equipment, technical solutions and good drive qualities. 11. mar11. Mar 2020, at 13:51
Volkswagen Slovakia has already interrupted production.
Economists evaluate wage costs, labour productivity as well as investments in R&D. 13. feb13. Feb 2020, at 23:41
Practical information from Investment Advisory Guide 9. feb9. Feb 2020, at 8:05
An employee works on a car model at the PSA Groupe Slovakia car plant in Trnava, western Slovakia, on April 4, 2019.
Slovakia is the world’s largest car producer per capita. 16. jan16. Jan 2020, at 12:37
Groupe PSA Slovakia plant in Trnava.
Automotive industry calls for measures to keep it internationally competitive. 16. jan16. Jan 2020, at 7:49
Automotive industry calls for action to keep the sector competitive. 13. jan13. Jan 2020, at 13:32
Electric car produced by Groupe PSA Slovakia in Trnava.
But the country still needs more investments into research and development. 27. dec27. Dec 2019, at 14:15
The Economy Ministry has come up with several ideas to support electromobility in Slovakia.
668 applicants registered for subsidies for the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid cars. 17. dec17. Dec 2019, at 13:48
Groupe PSA Slovakia plant in Trnava.
The more complex a country’s economy is, the more it is able to face trade wars and crises affecting individual sectors. 17. dec17. Dec 2019, at 13:19
Nearly 28 percent of attacks are aimed at taking control of the vehicle.
Even an individual plant worker can cause a cyber threat. 16. dec16. Dec 2019, at 15:59
Some leave the car to charge and go shopping.
They increased the total amount of support through subsidies by €1 million citing enormous demand. New registrations to open next week. 11. dec11. Dec 2019, at 21:25
Thee models of electric cars produced in the Bratislava plant of Volkswagen.
The Bratislava factory will manufacture the Škoda Karoq 11. dec11. Dec 2019, at 13:08
Jozef Uhrík was a member of the top management of Volkswagen Slovakia between 1991 and 2005.
Jozef Uhrík was instrumental in building the automotive industry in Slovakia. 2. dec2. Dec 2019, at 12:53
Škoda car
Nearly 9,500 new passenger vehicles registered in October. 28. nov28. Nov 2019, at 12:18
Carmakers in Slovakia also produce electric battery and hybrid car models.
But the question is how the change will affect employees in the automotive sector. and 1 more 27. nov27. Nov 2019, at 11:45