Updates on production, innovation and investment in Slovakia's largest industry: automobile manufacturing

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The number of electric cars driving Slovak roads remains low.
Purchasing electric cars is closely linked to the annual net income of people, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association found out. 10. May 2023, at 6:21
Volkswagen Slovakia plant in Bratislava will produce all-electric SUV Porsche Cayenne.
The future Porsche Cayenne will be the first all-electric SUV to be manufactured there. 24. Mar 2023, at 6:00
The Gyrocopter Calidus is equipped to fly, and to drive on public roads.
The 'driving plane' is licensed to use public roads. 20. Mar 2023, at 7:20
Trend Technologies plant in Martin, central Slovakia.
New Trend Technologies hall under construction in Martin. 7. Mar 2023, at 18:26
Jozef Kabaň.
Jozef Kabaň's designs did not meet expectations. 23. Jan 2023, at 11:43
Carmakers in Slovakia have to halt car production due to a lack of microchips, too.
Expert warns of 'European Cuba' threat over petrol and diesel phase out 18. Jan 2023, at 11:07
Valaliky, the locality where Volvo will build its brand new car plant.
New plant puts country on global investor maps, says expert. 2. Jan 2023, at 10:00
InoBat battery
Competition with Poland, Czech Republic for battery gigafactory. 15. Dec 2022, at 15:15
Production of Kia cars near Žilina, Slovakia
Industry hit by new problems after making Covid recovery. 15. Dec 2022, at 11:22
InoBat battery.
InoBat plans to open 2,000 job positions. 20. Oct 2022, at 11:33
One of two Aero 50 Dynamik cars in the world.
The car spent 15 years in the desert. Peter Kálmán6. Sep 2022, at 12:32
Car registartion fees will change as of July 1, 2023.
The average age of cars in Slovakia keeps increasing. 1. Feb 2022, at 20:25
Jaguar Land Rover reveals the new Defender model, which will be produced in its Nitra plant, Slovakia.
Calls for country to catch up with other states. 27. Jan 2022, at 9:45
The automotive industry contributed to good industrial production numbers.
Most of them are working in standard operation, but the situation remains unstable. 25. Jan 2022, at 11:23
MH2 concept car exhibited at teh Expo 2020 in Dubai.
The government has adopted a national strategy and is designing its action plan to cover many walks of life. 10. Dec 2021, at 9:46
Car poduction in Kia Slovakai in Teplička Nad Váhom
Slovakia remains the world’s biggest car manufacturer per 1000 inhabitants. 6. Dec 2021, at 11:02
Employee in the Hella production hall.
The German concern Hella built four industrial parks in Slovakia. Jozef Tvardzík24. Oct 2021, at 19:57
One of the new models added to the Voltia e-van fleet.
Voltia is partnering with Stellantis to expand its e-vans and adapt them for urban delivery. 22. Oct 2021, at 14:02
Martin Hojsík
Gazprom is tightening the taps and gas prices are rising, claims MEP Martin Hojsík. Eva Frantová21. Oct 2021, at 11:45
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