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Six Roma boys were reportedly bullied by police officers in Košice in March 2009
Abuse case dates back to 2009. 31. May 2023, at 16:03
Ladislav Rácz.
The case first landed in court in 2017. 11. May 2023, at 17:17
The Sendrei family band during the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows premiere in London.
Recording with famous film composer helped make musicians’ international name. 4. May 2023, at 14:16
Two Roma sisters and their father look out the window in the town of Vranov nad Topľou, eastern Slovakia, on August 22, 2020.
Steps taken to deal with problem deemed insufficient. 19. Apr 2023, at 16:51
March in support of LGBT+ community in Bratislava on Friday, October 14, 2022.
Commission assesses implementation of recommendations by Slovakia. 13. Mar 2023, at 15:32
The Supreme Court has ruled that Roma children attending a primary school in Stará Ľubovňa - Podsadek are segregated.
A historic ruling, says the Centre for Civil and Human Rights that filed a lawsuit against state and local government. 14. Feb 2023, at 17:26
People in Michalovce commemorate the death of nurse Erika on January 8, 2023.
In eastern Slovakia, a nurse's murder led to a face-off between the Roma and Marian Kotleba. 12. Jan 2023, at 18:10
A community house which is part of the Building Hope project in Košice, eastern Slovakia.
Majority needs to recognise societal and economic injustice. 21. Nov 2022, at 15:59
Two Roma sisters and their father look out the window in the town of Vranov nad Topľou, eastern Slovakia, on August 22, 2020.
In some areas, language no longer used by young generation. 5. Nov 2022, at 7:00
Euro Commissar for Equality, Helena Dalli in Sečovce.
EU Commissioner Dalli visited poverty-stricken marginalised communities, highlighting the situation of local children. 22. Sep 2022, at 12:07
Illustrative photo, march against discrimination.
Right-wing and ultranationalist groups threaten the safety of minorities. 19. Sep 2022, at 17:32
Illustrative photo, workplace.
Anton Marcinčin and Ábel Ravasz join forces to discuss the demographic time-bomb which is already ticking in Slovakia and a possible solution at least for its Eastern part. Ábel Ravasz and 1 more8. Sep 2022, at 10:43
President Zuzana Čaputová meets with Adela Maková whose family fell victim to the Roma Holocaust.
August 2 is Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. 2. Aug 2022, at 18:34
A Roma woman in the settlement in the village of Petrovce nad Laborcom.
Committee says lack of prospects for minority is "absolute scandal". 14. Jul 2022, at 16:18
One of the Roma settlements closed due to the coronavirus is Bystrany.
The authorities need to deal with segregation of Roma, use of minority languages in public, and online hate speech, the Council of Europe's committee advises. 15. Jun 2022, at 11:19
Moldava nad Bodvou, eastern Slovakia.
The incident happened nine years ago. 10. May 2022, at 11:49
The portrait of Roma mother Jitka Pištová will be displayed in an art gallery window in Bratislava until April 2022.
The photo is one of many depicting Roma people taken by photographer Šymon Kliman. 18. Feb 2022, at 20:55
Ďevjatkakere Čhave, a Roma children's choir from Košice, during a recording session at the Slovak Public Radio building in Bratislava in December 2021.
The choir Ďevjatkakere Čhave has put out its first music video. 15. Feb 2022, at 12:13
Illustrative stock photo
This is despite the fact that marginalised Roma communities are in general younger than the majority. 24. Jan 2022, at 11:26
An MEP also asked about child prostitution. Magda Haburová10. Nov 2021, at 11:55
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