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The permanent crisis staff take control over the situation in Žehra (news digest)

Trnava-based Peugeot prepares for a gradual restoration of its operation, the government prolongs border controls. Read your overview of news from May 7.Compiled by Spectator staff, 8. May 2020, at 0:05

The crisis staff met in Žehra on May 7.

Inspectorate deals with police intervention against Roma children in Krompachy

The mother of the children from the quarantined settlement claims the police beat them.Matúš Burčík29. Apr 2020, at 20:57

NGOs criticised government for steps taken in Roma settlements

PM Matovič called on them to take their masks, gloves and backpacks and rush in to quarantined settlements.Nina Hrabovská Francelová, 16. Apr 2020, at 12:06


Black Hawks and daily plans. How testing is carried out in excluded communities

COVID-19 has so far been detected in 14 settlements, and there are more than a thousand such communities in Slovakia.Roman Cuprik, 16. Apr 2020, at 11:56


Ombudswoman stresses the need to protect the healthy inhabitants of quarantined settlements

Several inhabitants from the enclosed settlements have meanwhile asked for being moved to state quarantine.Compiled by Spectator staff, 13. Apr 2020, at 20:58

Roma settlement in Krompachy

Thousands of people quarantined in five Roma communities

Five communities in three municipalities in Slovakia were closed due to fear of the coronavirus spreading.Compiled by Spectator staff, 9. Apr 2020, at 7:54


Coronavirus puts spotlight on neglected Roma communities

Fears over intense spread in settlements.Nina Hrabovská Francelová, 3. Apr 2020, at 8:15


Coronavirus: State lacks a plan for at-risk Roma settlements

The infection could spread uncontrollably in Roma settlementsZuzana Kovačič Hanzelová16. Mar 2020, at 13:07

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UPDATED: 5 Mar 2020, at 11:14

A turning point in the Moldava raid case: Court stopped prosecuting one of the accused Roma

The prosecutor can appeal the decision.Compiled by Spectator staff, 5. Mar 2020, at 13:27

Budulovská settlement of Moldava nad Bodvou

2020 election sees unprecedented mobilisation of Roma

They want their voice to be heard against growing extremism.Nina Hrabovská Francelová, 14. Feb 2020, at 13:03

Roma protesting against ĽSNS in Levoča
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The untapped potential of marginalised communities

Michaela Mudroňová from People in Need, talks about specific programs aimed at helping the long-term unemployed find work and establishing successful cooperation with businesses.AmCham team9. Jan 2020, at 12:15

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Born in a settlement, awarded like Einstein

Doctor Ján Cibuľa received a high state award.Lucia Praus8. Jan 2020, at 18:12

Ján Cibuľa
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How to uncover the untapped potential of the poorest people

Pavel Hrica of Cesta von, offers a different way of looking at the poorest people - without prejudice, an overlooked burden changes into untapped potential.Pavel Hrica28. Dec 2019, at 12:30

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Brussels calls on Slovakia not to segregate Roma at schools

Despite adopting measures to eliminate segregation, the EC considers the steps insufficient.Compiled by Spectator staff, 14. Oct 2019, at 13:18

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Population growth in Roma communities slows down, living conditions remain pitiful

There are more shacks than six years ago, and 6 percent of citizens live without access to standard drinking water, the new Atlas of Roma Communities shows.Nina Hrabovská Francelová, 12. Sep 2019, at 8:16

Illegal Roma settlement Pri Bitúnku in Košice

Do you know any positive stories from the Roma community? Nominate them for an award

The bad news is not a true reflection of what is happening.Compiled by Spectator staff, 18. Jul 2019, at 22:53

Detail of the award

Roma parties have no chance of entering parliament in Slovakia yet

Roma politicians do not have to always promote Roma topics.Nina Hrabovská Francelová, 5. Jun 2019, at 22:31

Romani flag

First Roma to become MEP: Most of my votes came from the majority

The best answer to rising extremism is to do something concrete. My party chose to support me for MEP, says Peter Pollák.Nina Hrabovská Francelová, 30. May 2019, at 12:46

Peter Pollák

Family from Trnava deserves a deep apology

Church and State silently tolerate the separation of Roma children from the majority in schools and churches.Jarmila Lajčáková28. May 2019, at 14:00

Michal Lajcha serves a mass in a church in Kľak.
UPDATED: 28. May 2019, at 14:14

Parents did not want their children to sit next to Roma girl in a church

The National Criminal Agency launched an investigation into the case.Compiled by Spectator staff, 27. May 2019, at 23:09

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