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His health declined quickly, and he later died in a hospital. 14. feb14. Feb 2018, at 20:24
Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš (L) during the heated debate on military modernisation February 9.
The fact that the extraordinary session concerning the delayed modernisation of the Slovak military even took place implies dissatisfaction and disagreements in the ruling coalition. 12. feb12. Feb 2018, at 13:24
Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš
The tender launched under former defence minister Martin Glváč will be cancelled, allegedly due to procrastination. 5. feb5. Feb 2018, at 13:22
The Defence Ministry received a discount because of late delivery in the end of December and has already returned part of it to the state budget. 2. jan2. Jan 2018, at 21:39
Ammunition, illustrative stock photo
Weapons should be guarded by professionals but new security measures are only being implemented gradually. 11. dec11. Dec 2017, at 13:33
They were similar to the Finnish originals, observer pointed out. 7. dec7. Dec 2017, at 12:19
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€620,000 has been spent on the military training centre this year. 23. nov23. Nov 2017, at 21:47
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The Defence Ministry wants most of the new vehicles to be produced by Slovak companies. 16. nov16. Nov 2017, at 6:21
Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš (l) and President Andrej Kiska (r) discussed army purchases.
Andrej Kiska was critical of the non-disclosure of the information about the planned purchase of armoured vehicles. 15. nov15. Nov 2017, at 0:04
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The ministers first need to learn more about the proposal. 9. nov9. Nov 2017, at 13:41
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A German homeless man detained in Vienna claims he got the TNT from Slovakia; the case is not connected to terrorism. 6. nov6. Nov 2017, at 13:52
In total there will be 13 road convoys of foreign armed forces 30. okt30. Oct 2017, at 21:39
Ministry considers fine for delayed delivery of the new plane. 25. okt25. Oct 2017, at 21:29
The Defence Ministry considering a change of law. 19. okt19. Oct 2017, at 14:01
Patria AMV
The engineering plant from Krupina, which until recently has been controlled by the Slavia Capital financial group, may be involved in the trade. 18. okt18. Oct 2017, at 22:54
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The theft in the ammunition depot was not used for arming extremists or terrorism. 17. okt17. Oct 2017, at 14:57
The documents promise to increase spending and modernise the armed forces. 4. okt4. Oct 2017, at 23:03
Slovakia struggling with the decreasing number of active soldiers. 27. sep27. Sep 2017, at 14:09
But the defence minister denies any crisis. 20. sep20. Sep 2017, at 12:56
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The exercise will last until September 29. 19. sep19. Sep 2017, at 14:21