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Local civilians walk past a tank destroyed during heavy fighting in an area controlled by Russian-backed separatist forces in Mariupol, Ukraine, on April 19, 2022.
Konštrukta-Defence, a state company, has signed a contract with Ukraine, Defence Ministry confirms. 3. May 2022, at 18:43
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The government approved a complex assessment of Slovakia's defence for 2021. 28. Apr 2022, at 11:21
Falcon 4G is a device for remote detection of chemical gases in the air.
SEC Technologies wants to focus on environmental protection. Jozef Andacký26. Apr 2022, at 17:34
Part of the S-300 air defence system.
Prime Minister Eduard Heger confirmed the move. 8. Apr 2022, at 13:01
Howitzer Zuzana
Unlike some other military technology, like S-300 or MiG jets, it would not need a replacement for the Zuzana howitzers. 7. Apr 2022, at 11:15
The launch of the S-300 system in Bulgaria.
Systems monitor the Slovak-Ukrainian border 24/7. 6. Apr 2022, at 12:57
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The Defence Ministry now has time to sign a contract until the end of September. 31. Mar 2022, at 11:44
For now, the Willing company is required to service the Russian MiG-19 jets until 2023. 29. Mar 2022, at 12:45
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Planes bought in 2018 Slovakia will come a year late 10. Mar 2022, at 17:51
Defence Ministry chose not to use alternative for its MiG jets. 25. Feb 2022, at 14:24
Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď (left) and Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok (right)
Defence minister says Slovakia is within the range of Russian military technology gathered at Ukrainian border. 25. Jan 2022, at 17:42
Left to right: Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď (OĽaNO), Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok (SaS nominee), Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Daniel Zmeko
The Foreign Affairs Minister added that Slovakia is the last of all countries in the so-called eastern wing of NATO that does not have such an agreement. 14. Dec 2021, at 17:14
Ivan Korčok
They have reassured Ukraine of Slovakia supporting its territorial sovereignty. 8. Apr 2021, at 11:36
Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď presenting conclusions of the investigation.
A MiG-29 crashed during training near Nitra in September 2019. 14. Jul 2020, at 10:20
Peter Gajdoš, Defence Minister
They defend the purchase by saying they only completed a years-long process. 11. Mar 2020, at 13:49
HMC Invest will invest €42 million in the production of armed military vehicles in Banská Bystrica.
HMC Invest plans to invest €42 million. 6. Mar 2020, at 0:07
Two new Black Hawk helicopters land at the Sliač airport, central Slovakia.
The contract with the US has been fulfilled. 13. Jan 2020, at 13:10
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They helped with two main areas in Iraq. Ján Krempaský9. Jan 2020, at 14:15
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The Defence Ministry has appealed. 11. Dec 2019, at 13:11
Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš (foreground) and PM Peter Pellegrini attend a ceremony together
The Defence Ministry wanted to buy military equipment worth more than €1.3 billion. 25. Sep 2019, at 13:38
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