News on schools and education policy in Slovakia

Hygienist does not recommend opening schools. 11. feb11. Feb 2021, at 17:31
Spring schools will have voluntary attendance 9. feb9. Feb 2021, at 18:01
Municipalities say that they still do not have any guidance or ordinance concerning the opening of schools. 4. feb4. Feb 2021, at 17:57
The pandemic switched language learning into online environment.
Language schools plan to continue teaching partly online after the pandemic ends. 4. feb4. Feb 2021, at 10:53
Children have concerns about their future, too. 2. feb2. Feb 2021, at 17:03
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Five experts from the world of business and academia shared their opinions regarding the trends that are the most likely to have a transformative impact on education in the next decade. 2. feb2. Feb 2021, at 12:00
Test part of secondary school leaving exam will not take place. 5. jan5. Jan 2021, at 12:49
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The plan copies the COVID automat, and even proposes the testing of pupils. 17. dec17. Dec 2020, at 12:12
Results in natural sciences are comparable with other countries. 15. dec15. Dec 2020, at 11:09
Some children returned to schools after testing on December 7.
Slovakia is a rarity when it comes to closed schools, says director of the National Education Institute. 8. dec8. Dec 2020, at 19:18
PM Igor Matovič (front) and Education Minister Branislav Gröhling  (back)
Matovič pushed through testing at schools, government is launching a pilot project this weekend. 4. dec4. Dec 2020, at 18:07
Some have a hard time motivating their children, others do not understand the curriculum. 1. dec1. Dec 2020, at 11:40
Some university graduates work in lower positions.
This can have an negative impact on universities, science as well as the labour market. 30. nov30. Nov 2020, at 17:36
Minister would like to open schools as soon as possible, PM talks about return in 2021. 19. nov19. Nov 2020, at 17:33
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It was symbolically established on November 17. 18. nov18. Nov 2020, at 17:41
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The Education Ministry published rules and orders about returning to schools. 19. aug19. Aug 2020, at 15:44
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Academic year to start at Slovakia's universities in September. Universities are ready to be flexible and make changes if the coronavirus situation requires it. 12. aug12. Aug 2020, at 17:43
The summer school in Vlčkovce, near Trnava.
The situation of spring 2020, when all schools were closed for several months, should not repeat in the upcoming school year. 11. aug11. Aug 2020, at 16:17
The summer school in Vlčkovce, near Trnava.
The ministry has supported 244 projects. 10. aug10. Aug 2020, at 18:22
Comenius University in Bratislava
80 people from 22 countries have enrolled. 3. aug3. Aug 2020, at 11:15