News on schools and education policy in Slovakia

Education Minister Branislav Gröhling (SaS)
The reform is made up of three main laws that have been already approved by parliament. 21. Oct 2021, at 17:36
PM Eduard Heger holds Slovakia's Recovery and Resilience Plan.
The ministries of health, justice and education to receive first package amounting to more than €800 million. 4. Oct 2021, at 17:53
Graduates struggled with finding job also due to the pandemic.
Students complain about insufficient traineeship and education that teaches them foreign language and transferable skills. 1. Oct 2021, at 9:10
Schools should remain open if the epidemic situation significantly deteriorates. 2. Sep 2021, at 12:05
Returning to school accompanied by joys as well as fears for adolescents. 25. Aug 2021, at 18:34
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Education minister pointed out districts where classrooms are likely to deal with infected children soon. 18. Aug 2021, at 12:09
Halls of universities remained empty after the Covid pandemic broke out in Slovakia.
Research shows traineeships and practical education suffered during Covid-19 crisis. 1. Aug 2021, at 17:10
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Schools often reinforce cultural stereotypes, researchers claim. 16. Jun 2021, at 15:19
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Recruiters say their clients take into account more than just one year of school when choosing suitable job candidates. 2. Jun 2021, at 7:00
Ministry promises more information on April 12, when it will announce how schools should operate from April 19. 8. Apr 2021, at 17:32
The Technical University of Košice held its graduation ceremony at an untraditional place - a stadium.
Online education, requirements for new skills, home schooling and language learning during the Covid-19 era are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus. 31. Mar 2021, at 11:34
Iveta Barková with her students.
Iveta Barková won the third edition of the Teacher of Slovakia competition. 30. Mar 2021, at 9:13
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Older primary school children will no longer have to enrol at Czech schools to keep learning at home. 30. Mar 2021, at 7:00
Students may no longer avoid the full ‘maturita’.
The final exam should reflect their four-year work, the Education Ministry suggested. 22. Mar 2021, at 17:44
The Technical University of Košice held its graduation ceremony at an untraditional place - a stadium.
The pandemic and anti-coronavirus measures inspire innovative education. 22. Mar 2021, at 9:32
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Economic analyst Tibor Lorincz explains why he thinks some statements concerning vocational education can be proved wrong. Tibor Lorincz16. Mar 2021, at 12:00
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About half of graduates do not work in the field they studied. 13. Mar 2021, at 9:00
Finance Minister Eduard Heger
The proposed plan will undergo interdepartmental review now. 9. Mar 2021, at 11:17
The Bratislava-based LEAF Academy had to stop in-person classes due to the pandemic.
Many had to adopt new ways of teaching due to pandemic. 4. Mar 2021, at 7:00
There is so much that can be done to support learners with additional needs. Pauline Mably2. Mar 2021, at 8:00
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