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Authorities promise to boost highway investments. 15. Dec 2022, at 10:32
The D1/D4 highway intersection north of Bratislava, viewed from a drone.
Someone forgot to include the new highway's main junction. The costs and delays continue to mount. 5. Dec 2022, at 17:26
The Višňové tunnel in October 2021.
The constructor needs to solve several problems, and it is not clear how much the repairs will cost. 14. Dec 2021, at 11:38
The new stretch of the Hungarian M30 highway ends at the Slovak borders.
The missing stretch of the M30 highway was put to use on Tuesday. 27. Oct 2021, at 16:29
The 4.3-kilometre stretch of the D4 highway was open on September 26.
The transport minister met with representatives of affected city boroughs and villages. 7. Oct 2021, at 11:44
Highway construction by Váhostav.
The state was punished for a construction cartel agreement, the participants of which are doing quite well. 28. Jun 2021, at 11:53
A traffic jam on the D2 highway outside Bratislava.
Bridge repairs complicate traffic between the westernmost region of Slovakia and the capital, expected to last until the summer's end. 24. Jun 2021, at 16:49
The construction of the D1 highway stretch between Lietavská Lúčka and Dubná Skala in March 2019.
It violated rules while constructing four sections of the D1 and D3 highway. 30. Nov 2020, at 11:40
Interior of the warehouse in P3 park in Bruck an der Leitha.
Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, new tender for a highway toll system and the still incomplete cross-country highway are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus. 12. Oct 2020, at 11:20
The 30-kilometre stretch of the long-awaited Bratislava ring road was recently opened.
The previous management of the Transport Ministry failed to remedy many deficiencies. Observers hope the current one will fare better. 5. Oct 2020, at 6:30
Trucks have been paying for kilometres driven on selected roads across Slovakia for 10 years.
The controversial contract for the current system will terminate at the end of 2022. 28. Sep 2020, at 14:05
He praised farmers last year, but reprimands fitness trainers now. 26. May 2020, at 14:01
Take a look at the pictures from the site. 18. Feb 2020, at 13:59
The Tunnel operation
The previous constructor considers the operation pointless. 16. Dec 2019, at 14:06
The Transport Ministry will introduce a 365-day motorway vignette in February 2020
Drivers will be able to buy a 365-day e-sticker in 2020. 15. Oct 2019, at 21:41
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Widening lanes between Bratislava and Trnava solved the big onrush of vehicles, but there are doubts about safety. and 1 more5. Aug 2019, at 22:01
The D1 highway was closed for hours after the accident. and 1 more29. Jul 2019, at 21:22
Contaminated soil was allegedly used in the construction. 1. Apr 2019, at 22:27
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The prices of stickers have not changed, drivers can also buy them online. and 1 more31. Jan 2019, at 14:07
Western portal of the Višňové tunnel
Drivers wont be able to drive through it though until 2022. 18. Sep 2018, at 5:59
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