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Nafta company plans to open an exploratory well. 1. Jun 2023, at 18:32
The signing ceremony, including Slovak Economy Minister Karel Hirman (seated on the far right).
That's more than Slovakia’s annual gas consumption. 5. May 2023, at 13:04
Bratislava has several locations the value of which will increase in the future.
Almost half of Slovaks cannot afford to pay €400 unexpectedly. Katarína Kozinková19. Apr 2023, at 12:00
The first re-fuelling of a hydrogen car in Vlčie Hrdlo, Bratislava.
The capital’s public transport operator plans to extend add hydrogen buses to its fleet. 11. Apr 2023, at 11:39
The site in Bratislava where a new LNG terminal could be built.
Bratislava could get a new LNG terminal. 6. Apr 2023, at 18:47
Cooling towers of the third reaction unit of the Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce
Slovak electricity production to become self-sufficient. 1. Feb 2023, at 17:02
Karel Hirman.
Entrepreneurs should expect corrected invoices from their providers. 16. Jan 2023, at 17:49
A doctor demonstrates a model treatment of a broken arm during the opening ceremony of the new A&E department at the Prievidza Hospital located in Bojnice on October 3, 2022.
The Health Ministry claims it is seeking a solution. 10. Jan 2023, at 18:25
Stock image.
What to do in regards to saving money. 16. Nov 2022, at 17:35
A gas pipeline station in Výrava, eastern Slovakia, near the Slovak-Polish border.
Slovakia has been diversifying gas imports following the war in Ukraine. 24. Oct 2022, at 11:41
The National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) in Bratislava.
Inflation is expected to continue increasing unless more measures are taken, the bank's analysts say. Jozef Tvardzík28. Sep 2022, at 15:42
If approved by parliament, it will enable the state to nationalise energy commodities. 22. Sep 2022, at 12:40
An average increase of 140 percent in heat prices should be expected. 12. Sep 2022, at 12:23
There are plenty of tips on how you can save energy and money.
Lighting, heating, cooking, and using hot water all affect our wallets. The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency has put together a list of recommendations to reduce both. 6. Sep 2022, at 18:48
The LNG terminal on the Croatian island of Krk.
LNG in focus as Slovakia reduces dependence on Russian gas. 29. Aug 2022, at 13:00
The reactor assembly of the third unit at the Mochovce nuclear power plant, pictured in June 2016.
It will finally open more than 10 years later than planned, and at well over twice the projected cost. 26. Aug 2022, at 8:53
The Univeristy Hospital in Bratislava.
Warnings children may have to spend winter at home, summer at school. 23. Aug 2022, at 11:41
Markus Kaune, CEO of ZSE and VSE Holding
CEO of Slovakia´s energy companies ZSE and VSEH: the conflict in Ukraine only added to energy market instability.
25. Jul 2022, at 8:25
The biogas station of the MP company near Jelšava.
First biomethane plant in Slovakia aims harnessing biodegradable municipal waste. 6. Jul 2022, at 19:35
Scientists want to harness the same process that fuels the Sun. A megaproject that should generate power from nuclear fusion is being built in France.
After ITER is completed, they say a working reactor could arrive in 2050. 31. May 2022, at 7:00
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