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Illustrative photo. The number of stray patients increases.
Contact the regional office to find a general practitioner, contact the insurance company to find a specialist. 19. Jan 2023, at 11:24
A doctor demonstrates a model treatment of a broken arm during the opening ceremony of the new A&E department at the Prievidza Hospital located in Bojnice on October 3, 2022.
The Health Ministry claims it is seeking a solution. 10. Jan 2023, at 18:25
Illustrative photo.
Doctors have been waiting months to have their diplomas recognised. 9. Jan 2023, at 15:13
J. A. Reiman Faculty Hospital in Prešov.
Bratislava is the only city with hospitals in the top category. 3. Jan 2023, at 18:24
L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice photographed on December 15, 2022.
The worst teaching hospital in Košice, the latest INEKO ranking shows. 15. Dec 2022, at 21:36
More than 44,000 sick cases reported.
We will be back to normal, but not just yet, paediatrician says. 1. Dec 2022, at 12:27
PM Eduard Heger and Medical Trade Unions chair Peter Visolajský reached an agreement on November 26.
An agreement on salaries was reached on Saturday night, five days before mass departures of hospital doctors. 27. Nov 2022, at 8:32
Doctor Karel Koch
The fate of this famed doctor included a stellar medical career, but also political persecution. 25. Nov 2022, at 16:04
Hospital Doctors' Union Head Peter Visolajský during a press conference on November 22, 2022, in Bratislava.
Doctors have cut down on their wage demands, but they reject the government's final offer. 22. Nov 2022, at 17:48
The Univeristy Hospital in Bratislava.
The tumour posed a number of risks to the child. 25. Oct 2022, at 12:58
At the UNLP Košice 25 nurses filed their notices. 10. Oct 2022, at 11:30
Peter Visolajský, chairman of the Medical Trade Unions Association with notices of hospital doctors.
Almost 2,000 quit with more expected to hand in notice soon. 29. Sep 2022, at 16:45
Slovaks still tend to see liver cirrhosis exclusively as a disease of alcoholics. The expert, however, said it is a myth.
Free and painless liver screenings offered to people. 25. Aug 2022, at 12:15
But Finance Minister Matovič's "historic offer" is much less than they demanded. 19. Aug 2022, at 17:19
Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský.
The hospital reform, which was passed in 2021, divides hospitals into five categories. 20. Jun 2022, at 18:05
Illustrative stock photo
Hospital doctors have been on strike alert since April. 15. Jun 2022, at 11:25
Construction work at Bory hospital in March 2022.
Investor Penta denies that a lack of nurses is behind the delay. 20. Apr 2022, at 12:19
Illustrative stock photo
State-run health insurer and association representing outpatient departments say they will continue to seek a deal. 31. Mar 2022, at 11:41
Illustrative stock photo
At least 200 Ukrainian doctors work in hospitals in eastern Slovakia. 1. Mar 2022, at 11:42
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