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Historical reenactment of a traditional duel at the Beckov Castle, illustrative stock photo.
On Easter weekend, Beckov will be open to the public, offering an Easter egg hunt, traditional crafts, and more. 28. Mar 2018, at 13:21
Easter in a Martin museum
The Slovak Village Museum (an SNM branch) in Martin offered an atmosphere of Easter customs in a daylong event on March 25. 27. Mar 2018, at 14:20
SF principal conductor James Judd
The end of March and beginning April – which includes Easter – is marked by concerts with the Slovak Philharmonic's chief conductor James Judd, with special seasonal treats. 23. Mar 2018, at 13:05
The giant Easter egg is decorated with Slovak motifs.
The Easter egg will decorate the city centre for about a month. 22. Mar 2018, at 22:58
Easter traditions in Slovakia.
There will be Easter concerts, markets as well as workshops and birdwatching 21. Mar 2018, at 20:29
Traditional "vinobranie" event in Pezinok.
The year round, the calendar is filled to the brim with traditional habits, happenings that seem to go back centuries. Boudewijn Dekker26. Sep 2017, at 10:52
Live Way of the Cross in Prešov
The re-enactment of the Biblical story of the sentencing and crucifixion of Jesus Christ has become a tradition in the eastern Slovak city of Prešov. This time, it will be broadcast live on the internet. 13. Apr 2017, at 14:40
Easter traditions differ from region to region across Central Europe, involving water, whips, and lots of food. 13. Apr 2017, at 10:30
Easter traditions performed in Slovakia.
Five foreigners living in Slovakia share their opinions concerning the Easter traditions. Martina Štérová12. Apr 2017, at 23:22
Illustrative stock photo
Purchases are one-third higher than during an average week. 12. Apr 2017, at 5:51
Folklore ensemble (FS) Lysec showed traditions and habits in the Museum of Slovak Village (SNM) on Sunday before Easter.
Although I normally am the first to embrace and celebrate traditions, my first Easter in Slovakia was rather a shock. 28. Mar 2016, at 3:10
Museum of Slovak Village of the Slovak National Museum (SNM) in Martin offers for visitors demonstrations of old Slovak Easter traditions.
Slovak Easter traditions may survive, as well as awareness of where they stem from, but not on a mass scale, says ethnologist Katarína Nádaská. 24. Mar 2016, at 12:21
Easter traditions performed in Slovakia.
Despite more activities and travelling taking place during the Easter holidays, fewer accidents happen in Slovakia on Easter Monday than on any normal Monday. 24. Mar 2016, at 0:03
Easter rituals in Slovak National Museum in Martin.
IN  SLOVAKIA  old pagan seasonal rituals must have survived the country’s conversion to Christianity, and one need look no further than the Easter tradition of whipping girls and women with homemade switches. 23. Mar 2016, at 16:00
Easter traditions performed in Slovakia.
Easter traditions in Slovakia are about eggs, but also splashing and whipping. 7. Apr 2015, at 5:56
Record Easter egg in Bardejov
EASTER is quite a popular and well-observed holiday in Slovakia, but ways to stress its importance, or to share its message with others, can vary a great deal. 2. Apr 2015, at 6:58
Karol Ondreička's Easter stamp - the Head of Christ.
SLOVAK post already prepares for the celebration of Easter, preparing a special stamp, first-day cover (FDC) with an FDC stamp containing the festive motif. It will be enriched in the eucalyptus fragrance. The motif… 12. Mar 2015, at 7:08
The Kováč brothers with their monster korbáč.
SHORTLY before Easter, four brothers from Horovce broke the record for the longest korbáč, the whip woven from willow branches that is used by Slovak boys and men to ceremonially whip girls and women in their family… 23. Apr 2012, at 0:00
Events in ancient Jerusalem on Good Friday are re-enacted in Prešov.
THE MEANING of Easter is to commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus Christ and to celebrate his resurrection, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bratislava, Stanislav Zvolenský, told the TASR newswire on Good… 12. Apr 2010, at 0:00
IF THERE is a Slovak custom which is guaranteed to give a translator a headache, it’s the šibačka. What do you call it when a bunch of guys take their whips made of twigs (korbáče), and go door-to-door beating-up… 5. Apr 2010, at 0:00
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