Easter traditions and events in Slovakia

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A family celebrates Easter in Košice.
For some Easter means just four days holiday, for others it is the biggest religious festival of the year. 2. Apr 2021, at 13:02
Blue Church (St Elizabeth's Church)
The deep silence of Christ’s death night made me want to forget history, writes former Fulbright scholar and author Andrew Giarelli. Andrew Giarelli1. Apr 2021, at 17:43
A brother and his sister celebrated Easter in the village of Strečno (Žilina Region).
The government is not planning any significant changes to the restrictions, holidays perceived as a risky time for the virus spread. 26. Mar 2021, at 10:40
Check out where and when you can do your shopping during the upcoming holidays. 9. Apr 2020, at 13:49
An Easter lamb cake is placed in a wooden basket.
Spectacular Slovakia listeners will lick their fingers at Easter. and 1 more9. Apr 2020, at 7:00
Illustrative stock photo
Can I go shopping or refuel in another district? Can a driver not wearing a mask be fined? Find the answers. and 1 more8. Apr 2020, at 13:44
People in Slovakia are asked to not travel between regions during Easter, from April 8 to April 13, unless it is essential.
A new curfew-like measure is in place from April 8 until April 13. 7. Apr 2020, at 21:49
PM Igor Matovič announces new measures. He called on pensioners to stay home.
Questions about stricter limits on people's movement during Easter holidays answered. 7. Apr 2020, at 14:07
High Tatras
Saunas, šulance and a little bit of snow: springtime in the Tatras is glorious. 20. Apr 2019, at 10:12
Slovaks perceive Easter as a primarily religious holiday. 18. Apr 2019, at 21:24
Slovakia's philharmonic orchestras will pay tribute to the burned-down Notre Dame cathedral before Easter.
Two Easter holidays concerts will take place in Bratislava and Košice. 18. Apr 2019, at 5:42
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People will not be able to do their shopping on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. 17. Apr 2019, at 14:06
Easter market
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between April 19 and April 28, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year. 16. Apr 2019, at 19:35
Experiencing Slovakian Easter is a must. Whipping girls, splashing water over them and decorating Easter eggs are the most popular traditions at Easter. Celebrate it at the Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin on April 14.
Sleeping Beauty will turn into a guide at a castle, Trnava invites families to the Stroller Run, and Easter traditions play out in Martin. April offers something for everyone, including gardeners, arts lovers, and… 29. Mar 2019, at 12:49
Easter traditions in Slovakia.
Traditions, which differ from region to region, often reflect the way of life of our ancestors, says ethnologist. 29. Mar 2018, at 21:20
No shopping on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday in Slovakia 29. Mar 2018, at 13:30
Historical reenactment of a traditional duel at the Beckov Castle, illustrative stock photo.
On Easter weekend, Beckov will be open to the public, offering an Easter egg hunt, traditional crafts, and more. 28. Mar 2018, at 13:21
Easter in a Martin museum
The Slovak Village Museum (an SNM branch) in Martin offered an atmosphere of Easter customs in a daylong event on March 25. 27. Mar 2018, at 14:20
SF principal conductor James Judd
The end of March and beginning April – which includes Easter – is marked by concerts with the Slovak Philharmonic's chief conductor James Judd, with special seasonal treats. 23. Mar 2018, at 13:05
The giant Easter egg is decorated with Slovak motifs.
The Easter egg will decorate the city centre for about a month. 22. Mar 2018, at 22:58
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