News on Slovakia's economy and employment

No final decision on scrapping the seasonal time change has been taken within the EU.
Slovakia has not taken a final decision on what time to keep yet. 8. apr8. Apr 2021, at 21:35
Cleaansing is one of frequent volunteering activities.
It provides transport cards by local transport companies for long-term volunteers, with a credit. 5. apr5. Apr 2021, at 9:00
Michal Kišša
More companies report on their social responsibility activities. 4. apr4. Apr 2021, at 8:58
Many restaurants struggle as they are affected by stringent measures.
Foreign trade and industrial production still on a positive wave. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 17:07
NBS Governor Peter Kažimír
The central bank published its prognosis, which is more optimistic than the Finance Ministry's prognosis. 31. mar31. Mar 2021, at 17:08
Efforts to make collecting fines for absent highway e-stickers have failed so far.
60 days is too short for a fine for drivers on highways without e-stickers. 31. mar31. Mar 2021, at 15:23
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After a significant deterioration in the last two months, it has thus returned to the level of December 2020. 30. mar30. Mar 2021, at 11:17
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Slovakia's GDP is expected to grow by 3.3 percent this year, according to Finance Ministry analysts. 25. mar25. Mar 2021, at 11:25
People in Slovakia were allowed to go shopping before Christmas lockdown.
One reason might be the more moderate pandemic in the country last spring. 18. mar18. Mar 2021, at 15:56
The automotive industry contributed to good industrial production numbers.
Take a look at what the February 2021 statistics show about the economic situation in Slovakia. 7. mar7. Mar 2021, at 11:30
The nuclear power plant V1 in Jaslovské Bohunice.
The Economy Ministry sees processing of radioactive waste as business opportunity Slovakia should not miss. 3. mar3. Mar 2021, at 11:40
Production of syringes in Chirana T.Injecta, Stará Turá
Chirana T. Injecta will supply 4 million syringes to Slovakia by March 19. 22. feb22. Feb 2021, at 11:36
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Economic recovery will be mainly influenced by the success of the vaccination strategy and the effectiveness of vaccines. 16. feb16. Feb 2021, at 17:39
Entrepreneurs are not happy with the state pandemic aid.
Only 5 percent of respondents consider the communication between the government and the business sector as positive. 12. feb12. Feb 2021, at 16:21
After Bratislava, Košice is the second centre of the business service sector in Slovakia.
Lay-offs, digitalisation, robotisation, business environment as well as the new home office legislation are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus. 12. feb12. Feb 2021, at 16:15
Business service centres have shown high flexibility and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The shared service industry as such has demonstrated a high level of resiliency towards negative external developments. 8. feb8. Feb 2021, at 9:30
After Bratislava, Košice is the second-most popular destination for business service centres in Slovakia.
Business centres will not return to state before the coronavirus outbreak. 4. feb4. Feb 2021, at 9:20
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What January 2021 stats show about the economic situation in Slovakia. Take a look at the monthly overview. 3. feb3. Feb 2021, at 15:58
Johnson Controls has announced mass layoffs.
Labour market watchers say the shared services sector in Slovakia is able to absorb ousted employees. 27. jan27. Jan 2021, at 17:06
Stricter lockdown rules were adopted in the second half of December.
Labour market remains stable, impact on household consumption should be minimal, according to the IFP analysts. 13. jan13. Jan 2021, at 17:38