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Fico will not participate in Ukraine WWII commemoration

PRIME Minister Robert Fico will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II only in the Polish city of Gdansk, the Slovak city of Liptovský Mikuláš and Moscow. Compiled by Spectator staff, 7. May 2015, at 0:35

Ukraine prepares for WWII end celebration with a military parade, too.

WWII: History often blends with the present

“History always mingles with politics and the present,” Ivan Kamenec of the Institute of History at the Slovak Academy of Sciences said.Radka Minarechová, 5. May 2015, at 6:30

Ivan Kamenec

Debunking some of the SNP myths

HISTORICAL events of great importance are often connected with myths and the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) is no exception. Many seek to depict the uprising negatively as a communist coup that led to unnecessary…Roman Cuprik, 25. Aug 2014, at 0:00

The SNP Museum in Banská Bystrica offers some unusual exhibits

Events not for idealising nor demonising

PEOPLE should try to avoid both idealising and demonising the Slovak National Uprising (SNP), one of the most significant events of Slovakia’s history, says Ivan Kamenec, a historian with the Slovak Academy of…Beata Balogová, 25. Aug 2014, at 0:00

One of many monuments marking the Slovak National Uprising (SNP).

Wartime Slovak state still divides opinion

Read more about the Slovak state, Tiso and deportation of the thousands of Jews from Slovakia in an article retrieved from our archive.Roman Cuprik, 31. Mar 2014, at 0:00

Extremists used to meet at Jozef Tiso's grave (picture from 2007).
Discover Slovakia with Spectacular Slovakia

Rise up, Slovaks!

Kalište was one of the 102 villages torched by the Nazis during the Second World War, but the only one to which life has never returned.Lukáš Onderčanin4. Jul 2012, at 0:00

Milan Kaliský remembers the tragedy of Kalište.
A state to remember?

Myths surround the history of the first Slovak State

THE ANNIVERSARY of the founding of the Slovak wartime state is now seen by ultra-right extremist groups as an opportunity to present their beliefs in public. This year marked 70 years since the state was established…Michaela Terenzani, 23. Mar 2009, at 0:00

Jozef Tiso meeting Adolf Hitler on March 13, 1939
Prosecutor: Tiso a "fanatic"

From our archives: The Slovak state, 1939-1945

Few events in Slovak history remain as controversial as the decision of the Slovak provincial assembly on March 14, 1939 to declare independence from Nazi-dominated Czecho-Slovakia. 20. Mar 2000, at 0:00

Adolf Hitler and Jozef Tiso