Pulitzer winners lecture series in Slovakia

Pulitzer Prize winning journalists visit Slovakia to meet young aspiring journalists and the Slovak public through the Best Media Traditions project. Read interviews with those who have visited Slovakia so far.

List of articles

Matt Apuzzo
Matt Apuzzo was awarded for his reporting on the surveillance of the Muslim community, Russia's impact on the US election and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. 19. Oct 2021, at 11:08
Matt Apuzzo
You can criticise journalists, but calling them enemies is going too far. 18. Oct 2021, at 21:51
Dana Priest
American journalist Dana Priest has been called a traitor for her revelations of secret “black site” prisons overseas. Tomáš Kušnír and 1 more7. May 2019, at 13:33
Ian Johnson
Watch the lecture of the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist delivered in Bratislava in early December. 27. Dec 2018, at 13:33
Ian Johnson
In a democracy, we need everybody to be well informed, but people are not necessarily willing to pay for quality, says Puitzer Prize-winning journalist Ian Johnson. 14. Nov 2018, at 13:42
A 'Golden Bridge of Silk Road' structure outside the National Convention Center, the venue which held the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, in Beijing.
Ian Johnson will talk in Slovakia about the ideas, faiths, and values that underpin China's rise. Register now for the lecture for free. 12. Nov 2018, at 11:07
Martha Mendoza
Every journalist and editor has the responsibility to take a story beyond their daily beat, says Martha Mendoza, one of the team of four women who won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for their “Seafood… 27. Mar 2017, at 16:40
Deborah Nelson received the Pulizer Prize in 1997.
Deborah Nelson, who won her Pulitzer Prize in 1997, has been reporting on environmental issues throughout her career. Her major report for Reuters, Water’s Edge, was published in 2014 and put a new perspective on… 17. Oct 2016, at 6:40
James B. Steele
Pulitzer-winning James Steele says newspapers need investigative reporters to stand back from the rush of daily news and catch things that go under the radar 23. Oct 2015, at 7:00
Walt Bogdanich
Deeply researched investigative reports of great importance cannot be replaced by tweets or blogs, says Walt Bogdanich, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner for his investigative reports published in major American… 14. Oct 2014, at 17:50
Abigail Goldman
GOOD journalism might make some people cancel their newspaper subscriptions, Pulitzer Prize winner Abigail Goldman said when admitting that journalists seem to have become overly worried about making people angry… 18. Nov 2013, at 0:00
Tim Weiner
THE WORLD of classified information is one of the main topics that Pulitzer Prize holder and National Book Award winner Tim Weiner has been devoted to for most of his career. 1. Nov 2012, at 0:00
Joshua Friedman
Everybody who wants to be a journalist can become one in the digital age, says Pulitzer-Prize-winning American journalist and academic Joshua Friedman. 14. Nov 2011, at 0:00
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