EP election 2019

European Parliament election took place in Slovakia on Saturday, May 25.

Slovakia will have 14 MEPs in the EP (13 immediately, one will join after Brexit), all chosen from parties which gain more than 5 percent of the vote in the elections. The number of MEPs from each party depends on how large that party’s share of the vote is. Each party in Slovakia can field up to a maximum of 14 candidates and under a preferential voting system, voters can indicate which candidate they would like to see elected. 

Citizens of other EU countries living in Slovakia could vote too. Here is how. 

List of articles

A Roma woman in the settlement in the village of Petrovce nad Laborcom.
Committee says lack of prospects for minority is "absolute scandal". 14. Jul 2022, at 16:18
EU consumers will be able to use a single charger for all their portable electronics devices from autumn 2024.
New rules set to curb electronic waste and help consumers in the EU. 8. Jun 2022, at 17:55
Výroba elektrických vozidiel v montážnej a výrobnej hale v bratislavskom Volkswagene.
Krajiny by mali zákonom stanovenú minimálnu mzdu nastaviť tak, aby umožnila dôstojnú životnú úroveň. SITA7. Jun 2022, at 11:54
Európsky parlament.
Volič by mal dva hlasy - jeden pre kandidátov vo vnútroštátnom volebnom obvode a jeden v spoločnom volebnom obvode pre celú EÚ. SITA4. May 2022, at 9:25
Robert Fico
His own political camp is unconvinced. 26. Apr 2022, at 11:44
Zasadnutie Európskeho parlamentu.
Nariadenie by malo zaistiť domácnostiam a podnikom dostatok plynu. SITA7. Apr 2022, at 16:28
Zasadnutie Európskeho parlamentu.
Europarlament schválil nariadenie. SITA7. Apr 2022, at 16:21
Ilustračné foto.
Poslanci tiež uvádzajú, že online trhy by mali zaručiť bezpečné online produkty. SITA20. Jan 2022, at 19:45
Michal Šimečka
He is the first-ever Slovak to hold such a position. 19. Jan 2022, at 11:10
Michal Šimečka
Observers agree that he would handle the position well. 17. Jan 2022, at 11:24
Predseda Európskeho parlamentu David Sassoli.
Nepáči sa mu, že eurokomisia nepodmienila čerpanie prostriedkov dodržiavaním zásad právneho štátu. SITA20. Oct 2021, at 19:36
Sophie in 't Veld during a press conference in Bratislava.
The delegation spent two days in the country, and discussed a broad range of topics including the developments in the Kuciak murder case and reforms. 23. Sep 2021, at 11:19
OĽaNO MP Anna Záborská
The parliament passed a resolution that slams an EP report on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU. 17. Jun 2021, at 14:39
Mikuláš Galanda: Unavená Žena (Tired Woman)
A group of lawmakers says the European Parliament has over-reached. 20. May 2021, at 10:30
Unveiling of Immortal Truth
The EU authorities will do their utmost to see those responsible for the murders brought to justice. 19. Feb 2020, at 13:56
Take a look at what Slovakia has been through in the past 12 months. 30. Dec 2019, at 6:02
The European Parliament questions the right of the Council of the EU to locate the European Labour Authority in Bratislava without the EP's approval
EU institutions clash over a selection procedure of the ELA’s seat. 20. Nov 2019, at 22:21
Milan Uhrík
Former judge Miroslav Radačovský says he will not cooperate with the party following an argument over money. 15. Nov 2019, at 1:09
Maroš Šefčovič
Coordinators have unanimously approved Slovakia's nominee for the post. 1. Oct 2019, at 22:08
Illustrative stock photo
MEP from the far-right party will sit on the civil liberties committee. 18. Jul 2019, at 13:19
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