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Jan Herak
Ján Herák faces a series of serious sexual abuse allegations, while a similar case hits a rising star of Czech politics. 14. Jun 2021, at 14:03
July 2020 protest against changes to abortions.
Instead of the human consequences of the pandemic, or high-level corruption, MPs will be asked to debate abortion yet again. 7. Jun 2021, at 14:29
A secret report is read out in parliament, MPs take an unprecedented step, the smallest party may disintegrate, and Matovič and Sulík scrap as fiercely as ever. It’s been an eventful week in Slovak politics. 31. May 2021, at 14:56
Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky
Summer travel should have been the main incentive, but Covid-pass problems reveal how yet anothear area was neglected. 24. May 2021, at 14:21
PM Heger announced the end of the national state of emergency on Friday.
National emergency ends after more than half a year. Crucial vaccination programme witnesses yet more changes. 17. May 2021, at 15:01
Justice Minister Mária Kolíková (Za Ľudí) and Finance Minister Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) during the opposition-initiated parliamentary session on ousting Kolíková as minister.
Heat but no light from Matovič over nebulous tax reform, Za Ľudí defends its justice minister. 10. May 2021, at 14:47
PM Eduard Heger was vaccinated in Bratislava during the first weekend of May. He received the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Know-how acquired by people working with excluded Roma communities could help to get the rest of the country immunised quicker. 3. May 2021, at 14:04
PM Heger, Defence Minister Naď and Foreign Minister Korčok (left to right) arrive to the press conference.
OĽaNO leader Igor Matovič had cast doubt on Slovakia’s loyalty to its allies, but the Heger cabinet uses an opportunity to do the right thing. 26. Apr 2021, at 14:11
As of Monday, hairdressers are among the businesses allowed to open for clients after a four-month-long lockdown.
What does the government need to do to make this post-lockdown opening Slovakia’s last? Sputnik, still at the centre of attention, is not the answer. 19. Apr 2021, at 13:42
Finance Minister Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) between his trips to Moscow and Budapest.
OĽaNO politicians seem to think they are applying the highest political virtue. Could they be more wrong? 12. Apr 2021, at 13:03
President Zuzana Čaputová appoints the cabinet of Eduard Heger.
The new prime minister could give Slovakia exactly what it needs right now. 5. Apr 2021, at 11:21
PM Igor Matovič and his potential successor, Finance Minister Eduard Heger.
Ordinary prime minister bestows forgiveness, Heger is to become prime minister, Sulik will cook for Matovič again. 29. Mar 2021, at 13:43
PM Igor Matovič said he was ready to step down, but only if his partners oblige to the conditions he laid out.
Matovič says he is willing to leave the top job. But a look back at his government's first year shows he wants to take some of the best ministers down with him. 22. Mar 2021, at 13:20
Marek Krajčí (left) and Igor Matovič leave the Presidential Palace after Krajčí officially handed his resignation to the president.
Health minister belatedly steps down, but it may not be enough to avoid reshuffle – or collapse. 15. Mar 2021, at 13:16
Health Minister Marek Krajčí (left) and PM Igor Matovič (both OĽaNO) welcome the first Sputnik vaccine doses in Slovakia.
Amid the mounting pressure to step down, the prime minister muffed the one thing his government has been fairly good at. 8. Mar 2021, at 13:04
PM Igor Matovič says lockdown is still in play.
Not everyone ‘grows into the job’. 1. Mar 2021, at 13:00
PM Igor Matovič and Health Minister Marek Krajčí
Also this week: The coalition loses an MP, Sputnik creates new splits in the coalition, and some good news about the economy. 22. Feb 2021, at 14:13
Vaccination of teachers under 55 using the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine in Žilina.
Government cites the new variants spreading in Europe as the reason. Hospitals still under strain, vaccination of teachers finally underway. 15. Feb 2021, at 11:58
French President Emmanuel Macron holds an umbrella as Slovakia's PM Igor Matovič speaks to the media before a working lunch at the Elysee Palace on February 3, 2021 in Paris.
Also this week: the floating Sputnik, Lipšic heads the office he founded, and employees can bid farewell to meal vouchers if they want to. 8. Feb 2021, at 13:09
Organised crime charges fly high during an eventful week for the police and judiciary. 1. Feb 2021, at 12:42