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A mixture of wishful thinking and ‘I’m-done-with-this’ attitudes could prove damaging. 24. Jan 2022, at 14:43
As the country braces for Omicron, experts warn of testing shortages. 17. Jan 2022, at 13:37
Maroš Žilinka
This week Žilinka will celebrate with a Russian prosecutor named on an EU sanctions list. 10. Jan 2022, at 14:16
Restaurants can open again as of January 3
Government seems to have given up or misunderstood - again. 3. Jan 2022, at 14:40
Illustrative stock photo
Going through the pandemic in a world where everything is politics. 27. Dec 2021, at 10:00
Finance Minister Igor Matovic (left) during the parliamentary session on his first state budget. Boris Kollar (bottom right) and his Sme Rodina did not support the reforms in parliament.
Matovič’s first state budget also clears parliament, but the finance minister keeps part of the money on hold. 20. Dec 2021, at 13:50
PM Eduard Heger assists with Covid vaccination in the northern-Slovak municipality of Ivachnová.
The vaccinated can now do more, but they can’t go to school. 13. Dec 2021, at 14:19
Igor Matovic
Finance minister proposes massive handout without consulting PM. 6. Dec 2021, at 14:38
President Zuzana Čaputová (front) and Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský (back) visiting Ružinov hospital.
Hospitals are on the verge of collapse. President tells people to stop blabbing about Covid and get vaccinated. 29. Nov 2021, at 14:16
PM Eduard Heger visited the hospital in Poprad on November 22.
Another lockdown Christmas looms as hospitals fill up. Slovakia shows how a nation that succumbs to irrationality copes with the pandemic. 22. Nov 2021, at 13:45
Employers can finally demand immunisation or tests from employees. 15. Nov 2021, at 13:56
Pictures of PM Eduard Heger (right) and his predecessor Igor Matovič, both OĽaNO.
The inaction of the prime minister and his government is Slovakia’s latest Covid curse. 8. Nov 2021, at 14:13
Robert Fico
The breathtaking extent of Fico’s cynicism is revealed in leaked tapes. 2. Nov 2021, at 8:50
Boris Kollar
The Recovery Plan has a problem - one of its own architects. 25. Oct 2021, at 14:27
Peter Kažimír
Central bank governor Kažimír shows no signs of resigning, despite corruption charges. 18. Oct 2021, at 14:27
Covid department in Galanta hospital
Most analysts have abandoned their most optimistic scenarios for the Delta variant in Slovakia. 11. Oct 2021, at 12:09
President Zuzana Čaputová delivers her second annual address to parliament on September 28, 2021.
Attempts to court dialogue with opposition leaders are spurned. 4. Oct 2021, at 14:34
Most Slovak believe that “we” should also include foreigners, although they are quick to point out that efforts to integrate should be undertaken mainly by the foreigners themselves.
Bratislava’s mayor is right that integration is a two-way street, but even the capital still has some way to go to see foreigners as residents rather than just visitors. 27. Sep 2021, at 14:26
Pope Francis and President Zuzana Čaputová at the airport.
It was nice while it lasted. Which wasn’t long. 20. Sep 2021, at 14:40
Pope Francis visits Slovakia for the first time.
The ongoing papal visit is expected to dominate the news, but last week brought some changes on the Slovak political scene. 13. Sep 2021, at 14:04
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