The COVID-19 was first diagnosed in Slovakia on March 6. Read more about the reactions and the measures taken to counter the spread of the infection here. 

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About 3,000 people awaiting the recognition of Covid vaccination confirmation. 19. Oct 2021, at 18:00
Lotyšský premiér Krišjanis Karinš.
Od 21. októbra do 15. novembra bude zákaz vychádzania v čase od 20:00 do 5:00. SITA19. Oct 2021, at 13:46
Viac ako 71 percent z nových nakazených tvoria neočkovaní. SITA19. Oct 2021, at 11:13
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The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 439,700. 19. Oct 2021, at 10:05
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The study could help predict the course of the pandemic or set restrictions in districts according to regional hygienists. 18. Oct 2021, at 17:49
Let’s defeat it before it defeats us.
Apart from the new campaign, the Health Ministry continues in its informational activities to boost the vaccination rate. 18. Oct 2021, at 11:57
Očkovanie proti ochoreniu covid-19.
Minulý mesiac FDA schválil posilňujúcu dávku vakcíny od firmy Pfizer. SITA15. Oct 2021, at 21:16
Inflation is highest since November 2011. Slovak MFA plans to look into network of Slovak embassies and consulates, scrapping of some possible. 14. Oct 2021, at 17:38
Several factors are impacting the decision of hygienists to switch the district to a worse tier. 14. Oct 2021, at 11:47
Covid department in Galanta hospital
Most analysts have abandoned their most optimistic scenarios for the Delta variant in Slovakia. 11. Oct 2021, at 12:09
The airport in Bratislava reopened.
Check out which border crossings are open, and how bus, train and air transport works. 8. Oct 2021, at 13:46
Police patrols returned to the border crossings, but not everybody is happy.
Rules for entering Slovakia from abroad are changing again. 8. Oct 2021, at 13:19
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Scientists hope that the Science Helps initiative will continue after the pandemic. 8. Oct 2021, at 8:07
Districts already have to follow quite strict restrictions.
The majority of positive cases are reported among young people. 7. Oct 2021, at 16:56
People with immunity problems and at-risk groups will be given preference. 7. Oct 2021, at 16:15
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Verbal and physical attacks are aimed against their family members, too. 6. Oct 2021, at 17:15
Some vaccination centres require approval from the person's doctor. 6. Oct 2021, at 11:42
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The hospital in Žilina even summoned a crisis staff to discuss potential solutions. 5. Oct 2021, at 17:46
The worst colour Bratislava can be classified as in the Covid automat warning alert system is red. 5. Oct 2021, at 11:36
Linden has been chosen to memorialise Covid victims in Slovakia.
Slovak towns and regions have opted for linden trees. 2. Oct 2021, at 9:15
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