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Bratislava marks the 280th anniversary of Maria Theresa's coronation, what to do with unwanted books, and decommissioning a former nuclear plant might take longer than planned. 24. Jun 2022, at 15:21
How movie subtitles are translated and repairs finished at a mine that turned a river orange. Learn more in today's digest. 23. Jun 2022, at 18:04
Czechoslovak soldiers to be buried in the Netherlands, Justice Minister Kolíková poses with an ostrich, and where to avoid falling rocks. 22. Jun 2022, at 18:47
High inflation has forced the national bank to markedly change its prognosis. A hiking recommendation for the weekend. 21. Jun 2022, at 18:48
Interview with Justice Minister Mária Kolíková and unemployment in Slovakia is the lowest since Covid-19 hit Slovakia. 20. Jun 2022, at 18:57
Russia continues to cut natural gas supplies to Slovakia, the Defence Ministry has endured a large-scale cyber attack, and Medzilaborce's Andy Warhol Museum offers new exhibitions. 17. Jun 2022, at 15:04
Despite increased reports of encounters, data suggest no rise in bear attacks. Learn more in today's digest. 16. Jun 2022, at 17:47
Teachers protest, hiking trails reopen in the Tatras. 15. Jun 2022, at 19:02
Another disinformation spreader removed from a social media platform, a nice train ride for the weekend. 14. Jun 2022, at 18:45
Ex-judge cancelled by YouTube and storm warnings issued. 13. Jun 2022, at 17:58
Man confesses to Ukrainian student's killing in Bratislava. Chatam Sofer Memorial opened 20 years ago. And a 110-million-year-old reptile. 10. Jun 2022, at 17:52
Court tells extremist party chair to delete defamatory post. Slovak biathlon coach returns to Ukraine. Learn more in today's digest. 9. Jun 2022, at 18:09
Storm warnings issued for Thursday. Disney Plus coming to Slovakia next week. 8. Jun 2022, at 18:44
The coalition's latest argument is about teachers' salaries. Wages grew in the first quarter of 2022, but people may not have noticed. 7. Jun 2022, at 19:01
Slovak-US photographer mapping the war in Ukraine, a tragic car accident, and an opinion about the flawed Slovak education system and diligent students. 6. Jun 2022, at 18:40
Bratislava has new rules to reduce 'visual smog' in the city. There's a row over Slovakia's oil supplies. And would you jump off a 15-storey building protected only by your own invention? Find out in today's digest. 3. Jun 2022, at 16:56
Slovakia to send more military aid to Ukraine, how Slovaks see Russia at the moment. Learn more in today's digest. 2. Jun 2022, at 17:07
Slovak customs officers seized a hat from Texas. Employees no longer required to apply for sick pay. 1. Jun 2022, at 19:01
Free transport in Slovakia for Ukrainian refugees will end. Soaring prices of building materials causing problems. 31. May 2022, at 18:59
Finance Minister Igor Matovič considers rainbow flags on public buildings to be propaganda. Slovakia should invest in border crossings with Ukraine, PM Eduard Heger's adviser claims. 30. May 2022, at 18:41
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