Sustainable Tourism in Slovakia

Slovakia has been regonised as a destination with untapped potential for sustainable tourism. Discover the opportunities for sustainable and responsible travelling in Slovakia in The Slovak Spectator's stories focusing on many different areas of sustainable tourism, including ecotourism, sustainable lodging and more. 

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List of articles

Burčiak and wine are teh main articles on offer during grape harvest festivities.
Where to go to taste burčiak, slightly fermented grape juice. 2. Sep 2022, at 19:56
A restored firepit for barbecuing food at American Square, under Kamzík hill.
They are located in the the hills and meadows above the capital. 2. Sep 2022, at 15:30
The Koch Garden is open to the public after years of neglect.
The Koch Garden, the only one of its kind in Slovakia, awaits full renovation. 12. Aug 2022, at 14:11
The large-leaved linden in the park near the Calvary in Bratislava.
Ancient trees receive expert maintenance. The hidden treasures of historic gardens supporting green tourism. 7. Jul 2022, at 16:16
Weekend of Open Parks and Gardens is a popular event in Slovakia.
The message of this year's Weekend of Open Parks and Gardens is how the climate crisis changes the way we should look at parks. 30. May 2022, at 17:05
Cozy wooden stairs take visitors down to the water. 21. May 2022, at 6:54
The municipal vineyard in the area of Stredný Šínwegh in Bratislava’s Rača is just looking for its tenant.
The city has so far leased out three vineyards in Rača. 12. May 2022, at 15:12
Community gardens have become popular in Bratislava.
The shared plots of land provide space for people to grow fresh veggies, fruit or flowers. 22. Apr 2022, at 14:01
The Good market is a popular street festival in Bratislava.
The spring edition of the community festival will take place this Saturday. 20. Apr 2022, at 18:54
Tourists are on a trip to Tomášovský Výhľad in Slovak Paradise National Park on April 18, 2021. The Tatras are seen in the background.
The national park welcomes the new project in the Čingov tourist area. 17. Apr 2022, at 9:40
The Danube
Study proposes measures to better protect the river, and to make it more accessible. 31. Mar 2022, at 9:44
Nature reserve Vydrica
The highest degree of nature protection in the capital does not prevent people from enjoying nature. 10. Feb 2022, at 14:07
A floor tile with the shell marking the Way of St. James in Košice in front of the St Elisabeth Catedral.
If your backpack is too heavy, you must have packed all your fears in it. Jana Liptáková shares the story of her pilgrimage. 27. Aug 2021, at 9:28
Dutch farmers Arnold Sikking and Bernadette Kuijpers arrived in Slovakia 12 years ago to start a farm.
A Dutch couple arrived in Slovakia 12 years ago and founded a Lazy; farm and camping site. 20. Aug 2021, at 8:10
People want to go to places where supply can’t hope to shoulder demand. Jana Hambálková3. Jun 2021, at 11:16
Springtime in the Slovak countryside.
A change in the weather and – finally! – a lifting of restrictions prompts James Thomson to take his chances in the Slovak countryside. 29. May 2021, at 7:00
The new project wants to introduce the region to visitors. 8. May 2021, at 9:30
Iberian Chiffchaff
Birdwatchers in Bratislava have confirmed a new bird breed originally from Spain and Portugal flying around. 3. May 2021, at 11:07
Bees are no longer kept only in nature. They have found their way to urban areas, too.
Quality honey and award-winning meads is only a small fragment of what Slovakia’s bees and apiculturers can offer. 28. Apr 2021, at 16:30
How a new shelter will look like will be decided in architectonic competition.
However, trends in combination with social networks may be a double-edged sword, photographer of Slovak shelters opined. 12. Apr 2021, at 12:15
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