Slovakia is an ethnically diverse country. In the last census in 2021, 83.82 percent of the participants claimed allegiance to Slovak nationality. The biggest national minority is the Hungarian one followed by the Roma and Rusyns.

  • Hungarian minority: 422,065 (7.75 percent)
  • Roma minority: 67,179 (1.23 percent)
  • Rusyn minority: 23,746 (0.44 percent)
  • Czech minority: 28,996 (0.53 percent)
  • Ukrainian minority: 9,451 (0.17 percent)
  • German minority: 3,318 (0.06 percent)
  • Moravian minority: 1,098 (0.02 percent)
  • Polish minority: 3,771 (0.07 percent)
  • Russian minority: 3,245 (0.06 percent)
  • Bulgarian minority: 1,106 (0.02 percent)
  • Croatian minority: 967 (0.02 percent)
  • Serbian minority: 1,084 (0.02 percent)
  • Vietnamese minority: 2,793 (0.05 percent)
  • Jewish: 596 (0.01 percent)

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