It has been said that in Slovakia is everything but the sea. But as soon as you start to explore the country’s nature, you won’t miss the ocean at all. Within a few hours you can exchange vast lowlands for mountains more than 2,000 metres high. A few hours more and you can trade walking in the sky with plummeting into deep gorges with picturesque brooks.

If you become tired and hungry, traditional mountain chalets offer the chance to rest and recuperate. Just open a map and the adventure begins. Slovakia is not like a bunch of neatly arranged flowers; it is a wild meadow waiting to be explored.



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Between Veľký and Malý Kriváň in Malá Fatra mountain range
Take out your hiking shoes and backpack, these trips will enchant you. 24. Aug 2022, at 18:40
Illustrative stock photo
Separate incident chasing family caught on camera. Ľubica Stančíková21. Apr 2022, at 10:38
Hike to Baranec
Baranec is also called the father of the Liptov region, proudly protecting all its inhabitants. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more11. Apr 2022, at 12:00
On the way to the Šíp mountain.
The mountains are our teacher, they teach us endurance, patience, and humility. For some mountains we just should wait. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more28. Feb 2022, at 12:00
The mountain is different from the other Small Carpathians. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more31. Jan 2022, at 12:00
Veľký Choč
A difficult hike to the mountain is rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding nature. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more17. Jan 2022, at 12:00
Visit the peaks Geldek and Jelenec in the Small Carpathians.
It is a golden corner of the Small Carpathians, especially in autumn. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more13. Dec 2021, at 12:00
Konské hlavy
Visit a mountain in the Small Carpathians with the amazing views. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more22. Nov 2021, at 12:00
Poludnica offers amazing panoramic views of the High and Low Tatras. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more8. Nov 2021, at 12:00
Ferrata route to Martinské Hole, illustrative stock photo
Mountain rescue service has an app that can save lives. 27. Oct 2021, at 13:06
Dobrá Voda castle
Discover the ancient castle ruins breathing with history. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more25. Oct 2021, at 12:00
Ostrá Malenica
Discover the unknown beauty of the Strážovské vrchy mountains. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more11. Oct 2021, at 12:00
Trenčianske Teplice and its surroundings
Visit one of the oldest and most beautiful spas in Slovakia and discover the surrounding Strážovské vrchy mountains. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more27. Sep 2021, at 0:00
Veterný vrch
Visit one of the oldest spas in Slovakia or enjoy amazing panoramic views. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more6. Sep 2021, at 12:00
Chata pod Rysmi is a popular tourist destination.
If you're stuck on where to stay in the High Tatras, I would suggest choosing which hikes you want to try first. Mins Lukas Savela25. Aug 2021, at 7:25
Open-air museum under Stará Ľubovňa Castle.
Visit the place where Polish crown jewels were once stored. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more23. Aug 2021, at 12:00
Tourists walk to a mountain hut by the Green Mountain Lake (Zelené pleso) in Belianske Tatry.
Memorable and adventurous trails in the Slovak mountains. Mins Lukas Savela11. Aug 2021, at 13:14
Discover Červený Kláštor, Dunajec and the Polish side of the mountains. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more9. Aug 2021, at 12:00
Haligovské skaly
Discover the monastery once inhabited by Carthusian monks and the "flying" rocks in the Pieniny mountains. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more26. Jul 2021, at 12:00
Prielom Hornádu Valley
Visit Slovak Paradise, where you can climb rocks and ladders, spot animals, and get a taste of Slovak culture. 29. Jun 2021, at 7:00
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