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There are several places In Bratislava where people can buy second-hand upcycled clothes.
Vintage and upcycled clothes on offer in Bratislava 17. Mar 2022, at 15:44
Municipal waste in Bratislava ends in the incineration plant. This is changing.
Kitchen waste collection system to help reduce the capital's CO2 footprint. 22. Feb 2022, at 18:01
Ján Mazúr
New strategy document to lay out path for “appropriate and attractive growth”. 14. Feb 2022, at 10:28
Nature reserve Vydrica
The highest degree of nature protection in the capital does not prevent people from enjoying nature. 10. Feb 2022, at 14:07
A 1943 petrol station in decline that once stood in Bratislava's Nové Mesto borough.
The Slovak capital's list of monuments protects almost 600 objects. 1. Feb 2022, at 11:35
At the beginning, illegally parking drives get only a yellow, warning, sticker.
Illegal parking may cost a driver €78. 18. Jan 2022, at 12:25
The Koch Garden
The neglected Koch Garden will become municipal property; city planning its complete revitalisation. 12. Jan 2022, at 13:43
The interior of the new buses is air-conditioned and equipped with 39 hygienic leatherette seats and stainless steel handles. 20. Dec 2021, at 17:27
Plenty of vineyards in Bratislava are abandoned.
Those interested can enrol in a competition for the long-term lease of the city’s abandoned vineyards. 10. Dec 2021, at 13:55
The new observatory between Marianka and Rača
The wooden structure is located between Marianka and Rača. 26. Nov 2021, at 13:51
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